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How Bulk SMS Marketing Can Kickstart Your Ventures

Have you been wondering about a strategy that can assure fruitful results? What will effectively bolster your SMEs and most importantly, how will the market be informed through you?

bulk text messaging

While most ventures resort to call or communicate through mails, a large proportion of leads have drifted away primarily due to this constant hallowing. In the near past, the same functionalities were identified as outclassing agents of marketing. Experience and study has dawned upon us the revelation that this strategy is now recognized as a mere tormenting facility that more often than not, ends up disrupting the leads.

Cloud based text messaging is the next best form of marketing that your SMEs can use. It is given that the cell phones are the cornerstone of the millennial lifestyle. When a corporate influences one to turn towards their phones, they’re halfway through their goals. Text Message Marketing enables a variety of benefits both through the ease of conveying relevant information and their instant accessibility. But the most magnificent feature that bulk SMS marketing enables you to do is reach a wide range of leads with just one click.

In the line of SMEs, irrespective of the business, the thumb rule for turning leads into clients is, “when only 4 count, shortlist 40.” Bulk messaging has more boons than banes, and can prove a precious companion during your ventures.

Featuring Minimalism

The mass is constantly on the go, and to find some space in this anxious environment is tedious to say the least. To adapt to the time, corporates have taken to minimalist trends. Representing your message in a crisp, precise manner can bear you the desired results. For this reason, the nagging phone calls, and lengthy emails are outrightly discarded by the value-adding leads. A simple 2-3 liner text message enveloping the attractive information is proven to have a higher impact than previously prominent marketing apparatus.

Investing Smart 

Bulk text messaging involves low investment and assures quick returns. There perhaps exists no marketing agent as cost effective as text messaging which leads to a definite profit to the respective activity being marketed. For the SMEs you desire to perform, text message marketing will efficiently spread the message to the mass (with a bonus if the ventures inculcates an activity owing to the trends in the popular culture) and simultaneously make your staff emphasize only on the necessities. A well crafted text message will engage with the desired audience and prompt them to connect to your platforms instantly. This convenience is formulated to adhere to the existing mentality of reading text messages over answering calls. 

Response Oriented

The most pervasive association of a marketing scheme is response generation. While marketing through calls are attended, their conversion rates are much lower at 30% to text messages landing over 200-280% conversion of leads in some industries. Text message marketing has been identified as a prefered mode of communication by 75% of the customers, a recent study has proved. A large segment of the consumer population have a positive impression towards the company featuring text message mode of marketing. The emphasis here is also on the relationship you will develop with the clients through the two-way communication channel.

(Harris Poll)

Information Sharing

Bulk Text Messaging with a two-way channel has a huge scope of gathering relevant information, but most importantly, it aids in the future plans. While this may sound new, it is as true as the Sun. Text-Message marketing, when done right, has the capability to pull your SMEs to the next level. This engaging medium is widely acclaimed and is driven several projects to a healthy start. Not only this, the bulk messaging services attribute a long-term information gathering premise to the facility. Some uses of bulk text messages on this tangent are practiced by bars and clubs to manifest a long-term regime to their programs. What better way to plan the next step for your industry, than the one indicated by the market forces itself.

Bulk Text Messaging facility has proved its worth in this age and time with its outstanding results. The statistics have repeatedly favoured the text marketing strategy over email and call or even social media advertising. The galvanizing forces of text messages draw remarkable benefits for SMEs at initial stages. It is popularly advised to undertake this form of marketing owing to their ardent responsive character.

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Interesting Bulk SMS Marketing tricks to help your business

Interesting Bulk SMS Marketing tricks to help your business

The mobile occupies a huge presence in our daily lives. Right from the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep, our eyes are glued to the cell phone screen. With such a kind of omnipresence, it is only logical that marketers and advertisers will leverage it to augment their marketing goals.

At the present time, majority people have mobile phones and use it to send or receive messages for various purposes. Many organisations are now hiring Bulk SMS services to reach potential customers. Such service providers are helpful in enhancing the marketing avenues of the company.

With the high opening rate of SMS, the quick response from customers makes Bulk SMS strategies beneficial and effective.

There are some tactics which you can employ to increase the response from your customers. Let’s take a look at what they are-

Develop precise, clustered customer profile groups

Most organisations fail to deliver on their promise when it comes to SMS marketing because they build a highly promising audience profile, but only in their imagination. They target any audience , without taking into account whether they are suited for that message or not, their social background or economic stability.

This leads to a wide gap in communication. The more detailed and accurate data they have about their audience, and the better they know about their preferences, the better they can develop their consumer profile groups.

Once you learn whom to send your messages to, you need to know how to maintain a long-standing relationship with them. For example, whenever a transaction is made always send a thank you note. This shows that you are in the know of their activities and appreciate them

Refer your prospects to your websites

Having a website and putting all necessary information on it which will be helpful to your users can greatly assist you in improving your income.

Also when you promote your website on search engines like Google you can gain more traffic organically.

Take an example. If you send text messages to your customers, then you require them to come to a place where they can actually make a purchase for a product or service. This is where your website comes into play. Even if you don’t have a website, your consumers can still purchase your product (offline) but a website gives positive vibes to your customers about your brand.

Keep a flexible approach

In such a disciplined world, everyone is running after something with a specific deadline or at a particular time. This has created high competition and as a result people are searching for alternative ways to relieve their stress. This is where you can come in by modifying the language, tone and format of your text messages. You can bring a fresh vibe of rejuvenation, break away from the conventional text message jargon and try to connect with your audience informally. You should try to reach out to them the way they want.

Title your campaign cleverly

Clearly make sure you define your terms

Try to add the word ‘free’ as uniquely and as liberally as you can

Refer to the benefits available solely to the subscribers

Give great giveaways for enterprise customers

Ask people to talk about you and thereby make you more known.

SMS marketing is fast gaining ground as one of the most lucrative method for marketing and advertising. It provides consumers the ease of reading it in their own time as well as the benefit of getting content that is clear, short and to-the-point.

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