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How to Amplify Lead Generation with a blend of Voice Broadcasting and Ringless Voicemail?

I won’t be entirely wrong in saying that the current market is saturated with various kinds of tech and tools, making it nearly impossible to pick out the best method for lead generation.

How to Amplify Lead Generation with a blend of Voice Broadcasting and Ringless Voicemail

Today I’m sharing two technologies in the domain of direct marketing- Ringless Voicemail and Voice Broadcasting.

Ringless Voicemail and Voice broadcasting can really amp up your outreach efforts without spending much time and money.

They are two of the most plausible channels for marketing products and services and creating greater brand awareness.

Voice Broadcasts are recorded messages that help you keep your customer updated in real-time. They are pre-recorded messages with no actual agent on the line. Voice Broadcasting is also commonly referred to as the “press one” method. The voice broadcasting system calls the individual, plays a message, for example weather update in case of turbulent weather or an emergency alert for evacuation for the same. An example could be, “This is the California Weather Department. A storm is approaching the southern coast of California and is expected to make landfall at around 1700 hours. All residents and commuters are requested to find shelter immediately. For further updates press “1” or press “2” to connect with a live agent.”

This method for communication is very favoured. It saves you the trouble of dialling a long list of contacts.

Not having to make so many cold calls to all those people will save you and your employees a lot of time and money in the long run. And in case of emergency services such as the example given above, Voice Broadcasting can be a more quicker and effective way of getting the message across to a large number of people.

Now moving on to Ringless Voicemail. This service drops a voicemail directly into the consumer’s voicemail without ringing their phones. They can listen to the message whenever they get the time.

Talking about all those leads that never answer your phone. With Ringless Voicemail, your messages can reach them now. The high listen rate, ensures that your message is being heard. Not to mention that this technology is also fairly inexpensive, much more affordable than traditional and web advertising. This service also prevents you from being “that” harassing tele-caller which puts off consumers and the resultant irritation is one of the major reasons why so many leads go unproductive.

Imagine you have a healthy database of lists, leads that are just waiting to be reached. By using a blend of Voice broadcasting and Ringless Voicemail, you can reach out to more prospects and have greater chances of converting them to buyers. Both of these technologies are an excellent way to amplify your leads, get more callbacks, ultimately creating more value for your company and filling in your coffers.

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Good News for Salesforce users!

Get new leads added to your Salesforce account easily

Good news for businesses using Salesforce. You can now get your leads stored in Salesforce directly. So now after you attach your LinkedIn account to Salesforce and run lead generation ads in your lead gen campaign, it automatically adds leads to Salesforce from LinkedIn Lead Gen advertisements.
So when prospective customers fill out a form on your LinkedIn ad, that data is directly converted data as new Salesforce leads. This new feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

It is important to note that Salesforce allows you to add up to 500 leads from LinkedIn per day and if the number of leads extends beyond that Salesforce mails them to your default lead creator that you have designated in Setup.
So now how do you get started with this new source of leads?

1. From Setup, enter LinkedIn Lead Gen in the Quick Find box. Then click LinkedIn Account

2. Connect a LinkedIn account to your Salesforce org.

3. Salesforce connects the ad accounts associated with this member account to your org. All forms associated with these ad accounts generate leads in Salesforce. We recommend using a LinkedIn account that is associated with your company rather than an account that’s owned by a single employee.

4. Set up default values for leads to be gotten from LinkedIn. From Setup, enter LinkedIn Lead Gen in the Quick Find box. Then click Lead Gen Fields.
5. Under Set Lead Defaults, enter values for the Default Lead Creator, Record Type, and Lead Source for leads generated from LinkedIn.

Under Map Form Data, choose lead fields to receive the data from LinkedIn about the form each lead comes from. Under Map Lead Fields, choose lead fields to receive the data from LinkedIn about each lead.

6.LinkedIn Lead Gen forms let you ask up to 3 custom questions of your leads. For example, you might ask what their occupation is. When LinkedIn sends leads to Salesforce, it includes the text of each question and answer. Use a lead field to store each question and another field for the answer provided by the lead. That way you can report on questions and answers by filtering leads to questions asked, using the fields you choose for the questions.

The above information is taken from Salesforce Help documents.

Cloud based Bulk Text Messaging: A Power-laden, super-pack of 160 characters

The response rate of an average bulk SMS campaign is 63%, and that of email marketing is 23%. This makes Bulk Text Messaging services a targeting tool that is 2.73 times more efficient than Email marketing.

Cloud Based Bulk Text Messaging

Almost 99% of people have their mobile phones in close proximity this leads to an elevated rate of open rates of text messages as they do not come in masses as emails and clog up the notification bar nor does it require an internet connection to be delivered. According to one, open research rates of a median bulk text message campaign is as high as 90%.

No matter what type and size of your business maybe, Bulk SMS Text Messaging is one of the best targeting methods to reach out to new leads, prospects and old customers, for giving out information regarding daily promotional updates, essential reminders, confirmations, and alerts.

Our cloud-based Bulk Text Messaging services will provide your best message deliverance in the quickest of time.

Here are some of our valued customers’ text messaging templates that filtered out by our sales team with regards to the ones that gave better CRO and moved customers further across the funnel.


Important Reminder

Hello, your payment is overdue we would want you to contact us urgently at xxxx 123 1234. To review your policy go to our website or our office at Hudson street.


Due Date Reminder

Your bill payment is due by 2 days, please pay amount: $1000 before 4/5/17. You can pay the amount at our website. For more info call on xxx 123 1237.


Offer Updates

ABC Garage Offers you a free Car wash on purchase of only $11.99 automobile accessories. Offer applicable on all the branches.


[Name of the car a person has looked up for] is now exclusively available at PRF Showrooms near you and across New Jersey. Visit our website to see the variants available and call us xxxx 123 1234 to book a test drive today!

Fitness Industry

Inaugural Offer

ABC Gym has now opened a new space in your area. Located on 7th floor, we provide you class-apart equipment’s with all pouring natural light. Includes an outdoor cafe too. Introductory offer: 40% off on 6 months of membership. To know more call us on XXX 123 1234

Generic Alert

ABC Fitness: Hello dear customer, Gym would be open only in morning hours 5 am to 11 am from 24th – 31st of December. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018. Cheers!


Broadcasting Nationwide

Thank you for voting the Republican Party, we shall be the change we want to see.

Informative Civic Alert

Join president-elect at Town square, street 52 today to hear him talk about issues like women empowerment and civil rights from 5 PM.

Real Estate


Axy Green Meadows is ready with a sample fully furnished condo. Contact our person to answer all your questions on xxx 123 1234.


Offer updates

Get 1 day with 2 days free on this holiday season with ABC Tours and travels in lavish ABC Resort. Call xxx 123 1234 to know more.


We know you loved travelling with us across Alps last summer, this year we have included paragliding and scuba diving in our package with the same amount you paid last year. xxx 123 1234 to know more and visit our website to see full details and the itinerary.

How can icebreakers keep your prospects from hanging up your cold calls?

Cold Call

The problem…

Have you ever wondered that there’s something wrong with your telesales script or rather the way it is framed? That, even after revising and customizing it time and again, your prospects when cold-called wouldn’t move further the sales funnel, that is to say, they wouldn’t give you the desired response?

And we know that hitting a dead end as such could be frustrating.

Let me tell you, that first of all I understand you as I and my team have faced similar situations. Situations that are omnipresent in all sales and telemarketing cubicles and sectors.

The solution…

And how we got out of it, you ask? The first thing that you as a sales exec or rep should do is to stop–the incessant torrent of asking questions and deducing conclusions (good or bad) from what’s happening as you have already done that. Accept that there’s something wrong and that there is nothing wrong with being wrong.

With this, you will now be capable of acting productively. Do some research on sales enablement optimization and apply those to yourself and your team. I have posted a series of sales enablement blogs, and that will help you to redesign the operational functionality of your team as well as their core morals: Why sales enablement in the first placeKey benefits of sales enablement and How we at leadsrain do sales enablement?

The instant solution…

One of the proactive techniques I introduced and also refer to other salespeople is to use icebreakers vividly. You could use well though ice-breakers to make the first 15 to 30 seconds intriguing which would lead your prospects to be more attentive state of mind later on.

Use a little tongue-in-cheek benign humor, bringing a smile or a chuckle on the face of your customer is a big win too. Now let’s see some of the examples of cold calling wherein icebreakers are used by telemarketers of my customers.


The blatant truth is witty and funny (at times) but make sure not to overdo it.

“Hey Tiffany we take well care of our customers, we know they have a life to attend, so we only make calls on weekends, would you like to talk about the so and so product, it’s an upgrade to what you bought from us three months ago…”

A cold call is obviously unexpected and may cause general annoyance if not indifference. Also if you were to call for rebuttal of leads there might be more than just mere annoyance.

“Hey Jeff, I know you’re busy but before you hang up on me, just let me tell you the most important thing, and that is I hate when you hang up on me…”

Be human, act empathetically make them feel connected

“Ah it’s almost Thanksgiving, and this warm atmosphere makes us miss you so much, would you like to have a little chat about your experience with our service?”

Do some research about your prospect’s profile on social media accounts, and break the ice accordingly. E.g.,

“How are you Jeffries, I see you got promoted to Sr. Data Analyst on your social media account, would you like to see new condos in Georgetown, I have picked up three properties with your lovely landscape in proximity to your previously bought property with us. Would you like to know more about it?”

The takeaway points… 

– Find a context that is mutually (un)important to break the ice with – like weather, festival going on if any, time of the week, certain news, etc.

– Be involved, most importantly appear so.

– Speak truth bluntly as to make it funny and witty (Don’t overdo it.)

– Don’t sound like you’re a robot. Sound alive.

– Always greet them with their name.

– Stay updated with the information they share on their social media accounts.

We at LeadsRain focus on the efficiency of our customer support team just as me we do on our services. We are an all-inclusive cloud-based, contact service solution provider, proffering services like hosted cloud-based predictive dialer, hosted IVR, voice broadcasting and bulk text messaging.

To know more about us reach us out on 844-ON-CLOUD or drop us an email at support@leadsrain.com and we will take care of the rest.

How to make a Sale

There is a lot of buzz about how to sell effectively. Some have just one goal – to close a deal, others say something from the top of their heads and hope their charm, talent, and knowledge of the product or service they are backing will get them the sale. Not to mention, a few even call a prospect repeatedly until they get an answer.

cloud based auto dialer

All the approaches mentioned above are wrong.

Here is how it should be done.

Find the appropriate prospect
According to sales coach and author, Wendy Wiess, also popularly known as “the queen of cold calling” –
“Too many salespeople make basic mistakes early on. They need to dedicate more time to the process up front. Being fixated on the end result – closing the sale, they neglect the important initial steps. Focus on finding the fitting client for the product or service you are selling. If you are not talking to the qualified prospect, the chances of anyone turning into a customer, in the end, are very minimal. With the rise of Internet and all the resources the salesperson has now, they are expected to do all their homework before reaching out to a prospect. Look for a prospect whose profile matches that of your top 10 clients – those who buy a lot and do so more often.”

Reach out to the prospect
As stated by Paul Castian, VP of Jedi Mastery at Castian Training Systems –
” A lot of salesperson research a prospect only once during the process. As businesses are moving with a speed of light, things change constantly. When salespeople gather information, they need to review it over and over again before reaching out to the client. You have to understand your audience prior to calling them and continue learning about them as you go along. Once you make that first call, find out their preferred way of communication, and use that throughout the rest of the process. “

What is important is when you reach out to the prospect; not just how you do it.

Adding to what Weiss suggested, she said, “Approach them before they are in the buying mode. Doing this will make you their trusted advisor. When they are ready to buy, you will be the first person to cross their mind.”

Meet the prospect
Salespeople should call and ask for a face-to-face meeting, if possible. Schedule a phone call for in-depth discussion about how your product or service will help the prospect.

This is the part where most of the salesperson make mistake of focusing on making the sales. You can not rush from “Hello” to “Let’s close the deal.” There needs to be a discussion.

Use the time to build up a relationship and understand what a client wants or needs.

Make a Plan
“Get some agreement from the prospect of what will happen next, at the end of the meeting as a lot of salespeople leave things very open,” Weiss says.

You need to ask them about meeting again, when the plan to have a decision with you, and set follow-up call accordingly.

Castian suggests giving yourself and the client some homework between the time you speak again. That will keep you on their mind.

Wait for their decision
Don’t persistently hound your prospects, as they need some time to make the decision.

As per Castian, ” Don’t keep calling if they are not responding. Get creative. For example, send them a cookie saying ‘I want to take a bite out of your business.'”

After numerous failed attempt to get their response in various ways, just leave them a message.The message that you leave is very important. Leave it open. Many a times prospect call you back after you leave that message.

Be prepared for a “No”
Find out why the prospect said No. Ask what went wrong. You need to know, why the sale did not happen, It may be bad timing, in that case, you can reach out again in future. Turn rejection into a learning experience.

Castian says, “The really good ones don’t consider ‘no’ as a door slammed shut for eternity. They view it as a ‘not now,’ and they find out why now isn’t a good time. When you ask, don’t make them feel like they are being put on trial. You don’t want them to shut down and get defensive. Be gentle.”

How Ringless Voicemail Helps Medical Debt Collectors

ringless voicemailMedical debt collectors are tremendously influenced by the guidelines of Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) for the collections of medical debt from customers. However, it was considered as a tedious process for the medical financial management to collect the due debts because of the stern regulations of the CFPB and TCPA. The eternal goal of this system is to contact customers without violating any regulation.

The divine panacea to behold the collection process flawlessly, medical debt collectors are utilizing Ringless Voicemail Technology. This technology enables collectors to directly drop the pre-recorded complaint or reminder voicemail to thousands of customers without interrupting them.

Direct-to-voicemail for medical business helps the debt collectors to accomplish their goals by delivering voicemail straight to the customers, respectively. Debt collectors can communicate with customers through cell phones without ringing the cell, interrupting and charging the customers.

Let’s see how Ringless Voicemail Can Help Medical Debt Collectors-

  1. Go without noise– Ringless voicemail permits the medical debt collectors to proceed with their dire work, without breaching the lawsuits.
  2. The delivery system generates inbound callbacks from the customers who received the voicemail- This allows collectors to consume more time in financial activities like liquidating and ending the debts.
  3. Straight to cell- Voicemail directly approaches cell phones of the customers without coming in contact with wireless networks.
  4. Easy drops, fewer complaints- voicemails are delivered by drop methods which create less complaint than associate calls.
  5. It increases the efficiency and profitability- it is more cost-effective than the personal inbound calls as it contacts a large number of customers in less time.

Cell phones are becoming only means to contact the customers with the medical debts. But customers sparsely pick the phone of collectors. Hence, Ringless Voicemail helps the debt collectors to drop voice message to customers without disturbing them and intervening in the call lawsuits.