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Ways to use Voice Broadcasting in your business

Voice broadcasting as a medium of mass communication began to be used extensively in the 1990s, and it broadcasts telephone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. This technology is limitless in its use and applications, and it can be used for both commercial and community purposes.


Let us take a look at some of the various ways in which you can incorporate this versatile technology to your business and reduce costs and increase revenue.


Voice broadcasting has become a valuable tool in the repertoire of businesses who want to send automated messages to existing customers to upsell their products and services and increase same customer sales.


For manufacturers Voice broadcasting offers an easy way to keep customers on the loop for important product details.

A scripted message with a personal touch leaves recipients with a certain sense of recall that further helps to build customer relationships that are more promising and meaningful.

Reminders and confirmations

Voice broadcasting can be an efficient tool to remind clients of appointments and even let them confirm them through your automated system. This will drastically reduce labor costs and avoid wasted time reserved for appointments that are a no-show.


Voice broadcasting can be an excellent way to get your message across whether you are fundraising for political purposes, charities or raising capital. It can spread the word out to a broad and targeted audience.

Dissemination of Information

Voice broadcasting is ideal for disseminating information within an organisation. It can be used to inform remote teams and employees about new product developments, policies and more.


Customer surveys are important not only for analysing how your business is doing, where your business is at now, but also to know what your audience feels about you, your products and services. It helps in constant improvement and catching trends before your competition.

Emergency warnings

Voice broadcasting is touted as one of the best ways to issue emergency warnings during a disaster situation. Governments, businesses, can incorporate it to issue important information to people in a swift and efficient manner.

In conclusion

Voice broadcasting is a very versatile method when it comes to reaching a large group of people effectively. Many renowned brands and businesses are using voice broadcasting for greater business success.

Use LeadsRain Voice Broadcasting services to turn your goals into real results and scale your business! Email us your queries at support@leadsrain.com and our customer satisfaction team will get back to you. You can also visit our website here to know about the services that we have to offer.


It is mandatory that businesses use opt-in data where they have consent from customers to send them broadcasts. If they send broadcasts to numbers without consent then any legal action will be businesses’ liability and not ours.



Rolling On The Sales Laughing!

ringless voicemail

Nick is our veteran sales executive, and he’s been working with us for four years now. Nick is 26 he is kind, loves baseball, has a fairly good knowledge of stocks, cooks burgers in free time, and is infamous for cracking jokes where is no space for any, without making the scene awkward.

You must be knowing Nick and his impromptu humor if you have happened to talk to our support team.

But Nick wasn’t like this when he joined LeadsRain in 2014, straight from university this was his first job, and he brought a lot of him along with himself, like his knack of saying jokes (that is what he thought qualified him to do stand-up, at that time)

A junior sales rep he was confident and did not shy away from using humor among customers all in good will, but the results didn’t turn out the way he expected, instead of getting the customers to clap with uncontrollable guffaw and closing deals at a lightening speed he got hung up on, he got pin-drop silence, in a nutshell–disengagement.

So what was happening here?

Nick simply did not know how to balance his humor as to not come off as a buffoon when he ought to appear wise, analyzing his conversations and with a couple of days of dedicated brainstorming we figured out what was going on, it was simple Nick’s humorous trait had to be just fine-tuned.

Here is what we learned all at your disposal.

It is not the jokes that make you funny

Do not build your humor armory with jokes that have been bestowed to you by your ancestors or you have googled up funny one-liners and not at all the inside jokes you use vernacularly.

Context, Time and Situational spontaneity are three major characteristics you need to master for an applicable sense of humor.

You can’t simply drop a Ringless Voicemail, impersonate a famous person and deliver messages about the insurance that you’re selling. You could try this out

Hey Jim, I’m Sal, and I’m from XYZ insurance company and we besides insuring the heck out of everything we also insure you that talking about insurance will not be boring. If you’re interested, call us on XXX XXXX 1234.

Don’t hit below the belt

This may seem an obvious point but I have seen otherwise happening too frequently, and most of the times it happens involuntarily without any realization. Do not make jokes (even if they sound non-demeaning to you) about a person’s relationships, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physicality. Make efforts to be politically correct. Be more creative, watch Impractical Jokers.

No sarcasm

It doesn’t matter if it is a Text Message, Voice Broadcast or a Ringless Voicemail, even the slightest of sarcasm is noticeable by people, and what makes their sarcastic radar so strong you ask? I don’t know, it could be the Chandler epidemic if anything.

On a serious note, you get sarcastic when your blood is ogling, but your social set up keeps your tongue all tied up, but what do you do when you can’t help it? You use sarcasm. I have mentioned earlier in my blogs that the best way to cater a prospect to the entire journey of sales funnel is by being tactfully truthful.

Say what is needed but make sure to mind your tone, tact, and diction. Also at the end of the day, there is always “ill connect you with my supervisor.”

Know where to use deprecating humor

Well, do you know what makes the best comedians and what constitutes the best jokes, the folks who can joke on themselves, self-deprecating jokes! Kevin Hart and Louis CK are some fine examples, and no I am not asking you to switch professions, the only point is to use humor on yourself more often, and as often as you can, that is what having a sense of humor means.

But there is a warning/condition that comes along. Only do this when your customer considers you an expert in your said field, otherwise you’ll just appear as a buffoon. This is also a psychologically backed fact.

Do not use humor here

And please last but not the least do not use any humor whilst explaining your companies key competencies, technical points, pricing and any other sincerely asked questions by the customer or prospect.

And now you’re all set to use humor wisely and efficiently in sales throughout any medium: outbound calling, voice broadcast, bulk text messaging or dropping a Ringless Voicemail to their phones without ringing.

5 amazing benefits of Cloud based predictive dialers

Nowadays, companies escort advanced and expensive telemarketing technology to their business in order to accomplish marketing and sales activities like cold-calling, customer support system and inside sales. But there are only a few organizations that implement this technology in a perfect manner. Most of the companies acquire manual dialing systems for their calling purpose. Under such system, representatives have to manually dial up each and every number from the customer contact directory. Among these calls, there are very fewer calls which responses properly, hence, a number of productive calls made every day is very less.

What if I tell you that there is one technology which can solve these problems along with increasing your agent’s the calling efficiency. Cloud Based Predictive Dialer invaded market a few years ago, so, handful businesses are settled with this new-gen technology for empowering their digital marketing technology.

cloud based predictive dialer

Let us now discuss some important benefits of using a cloud based predictive dialer for business organization-

  1. Predictive dialers are smart devices that use databases for organizing and managing the clients’ data in order to handle and record relevant calling data. It differentiates calling categories like previous calls, dialed calls, busy calls, DND numbers, etc.
  2. It can allocate calls to available agents. Thereby each agent is equally assigned with work and is competent to handle any call. The productivity of the calling representative is eventually increased.
  3. Contact centers are highly benefited by this technology; it helps to deal with inbound customer services and outbound sales call simultaneously by blending calls.
  4. The combined system of automated call distribution and predictive dialers can keep callers on waiting when all call executives are busy, further it can also send a voice message to callers.
  5. One of the major advantages of this auto-dialer is its cost- effectiveness. You can save the cost of PBX System and operator for maintaining the call logs manually or route calls to different agents.

Still wondering whether to install predictive dialer or not? Now it’s time for action, so, stop delaying and set up Cloud Based Predictive Dialer immediately. It would definitely ensure you high returns on your investments. Along with that it will also retain your customers and generate higher leads for sales. It is estimated that after investment in predictive dialers cost can be easily covered in the next three months of the investments.

How does cloud based auto dialer perk up your business?

Once upon a time, there was an era when hand written letters were sent to customers for communication purpose. Then telephone and handsets came into action, which had been proven as the most annoying and time-consuming means of marketing communication. But Smartphone altered the things like a wizard. Today, Smartphone sits at the apex of business marketing and highly utilized for business purpose. Probably in future, it would be really difficult to do any business without gizmos.

cloud based auto dialer

Apart from Gizmos, there is one more technology which boosts up the business and marketing activities. cloud based auto dialer turns the table of MarkTech with its robust and invincible functionalities. Nowadays various companies from distinct industries use an auto-dialing service that works through a customer contact list and reduce the efforts of the customers. So, calling agents are relieved from hand dialing each number. The potential users of the auto-dialer are increasing day by day with staggering activities of telemarketing and outbound sales calling.

There are lots of auto dialer systems available in the market, offering an extensive array of telemarketing solutions, hardware solutions, in-house VoIP, and different types of the auto dialer software. Here, the thing to be remarked is that which auto dialer services will go with your business.

The system you choose for your business should be completely reliable and cost effective. The system should consist of the following features-

  • The system should have potential to remain integrated with your existing system and API Technology.
  • It should elevate the productivity and profit margin of your business along with that it can guide you to promote your business with more effectiveness.
  • It should eliminate dead time using call drops with the help of hosted auto dialers.
  • Enhance b2b lead generation and capture maximum leads voice auto dialer.
  • It should comply with government regulations for auto phone calls while using auto dialer services.
  • It should be easy to understand and along with that, it should be cost-effective.

Not all cloud based auto dialer software is created similarly, but still, you can make the best choice for your business, simply by analyzing your requirements and getting help from the professional service providers.

Generate Enormous Leads with Appropriate Voice Broadcasting

cloud based auto dialerWhen you are using voice broadcasting as your expert marketing tools, you better get prepared outstanding business scenario.Usage of this exceptional technology can result in the super lead generation. There is a blot associated with Auto dialers, but smart marketer can attract customers with cloud based voice broadcasting.

Here, we are presenting some phenomenal outlines for creating an amazing voicemail broadcasting approach, right from the scratch. Ultimately, effective broadcasting strategy can simplify the process of leads generation and creates enormous leads but before that, you have to assure the following outlines-

  1. Create effectual voice broadcasting strategy.

Broadcasting strategy is similar to the conventional marketing strategy. Firstly, decide how you want to approach your customers and what kind of information you want to convey to them. Then, what are the features and value of your product and how it can affect the lives of the customers? Finally, come up with an appropriate plan clearly defining each step that has to be followed during the process.

  1. Select the relevant customer section you wish to cater to.

While preparing your broadcasting message the general perception of your target customers should be closely examined. For having a clear glance on customer behavior, you can have a general survey, where you can know about the things like timings when customers are more likely to answer your call and more. You can have research on what customers actually wants from your business. The process of message creation can be made easier by having a good amount of research.

  1. Prepare compact and informative message.

Your voicemail should be concise and easily understandable. For instance, it may include a three-tier strategy of the sales that is based on the problem, its effects and solutions. You need to represent your product as an ultimate solution to problems of your customers. So, voicemail should be designed in such manner that it covers all three points mentioned above. Further, the tone of voicemail should be pleasing, relaxed and friendly as it helps to get a positive response.

  1. Make sure that your business standards comply with FCC guidelines.

It is the most crucial approach to your voice broadcasting message. According to FCC guidelines, call recipients have an option to end corresponding calls and use Do Not Call (DNC) options. Even customers praise ethical and lawful businesses.

Hence, you are ready to launch your business to the new heights of recognition with the help of cloud based voice broadcasting. Find your voice broadcasting provider and start your digital marketing with this above-mentioned outlines. We want your business to shine, for more information contact us

Benefits of Cloud Based Predictive Dialers to Business

The cloud dialer system is an essence of both auto-dialers and predictive dialers. Cloud-dialers are considered as most efficient technology to handle various tasks of call-centers and digital marketing departments. When you move forward to install cloud-based predictive dialer technology in your firm, keep in mind that it is a cutting edge technology and you can make your business fly in the air with the help of this technology.

Cloud based predictive dialer

There are certain remarkable features of Predictive Dialers which are proved to be the biggest advantages for business –

  1. Outstanding tool for Announcements-

Many a times company wants to announce their news to the stakeholders. This activity is generally carried out with the help of conventional Email. ut as we all know, a maximum number of emails remains unread in the Inbox. All in one piece of solutions for this problem is set of predictive dialer technology that can send thousands of voice messages to recipients at once.

  1. Flexible and Scalable

Hosted predictive dialers are completely flexible as it can be operated from any location and its resources can be simply distributed among agents, precluding their whereabouts.  Calls, voicemails, and other features can be easily measured with the help of this Scalable Predictive Dialer Software.

  1. Authenticated business features

This advanced technology includes amazing features like Call Recording, IVR, Call Queue, Call Barging, Voicemail to Email, Music on Hold, and more.  Further, it is very user-friendly and easy to operate Interface through PC and Handset both.

  1. Perk-up customer relations and services

For any business reaching its target customers, is the most important task to be performed. For improving customer relations it is important to provide efficient customer support and maintain harmonious and spontaneous relation with them.

Predictive auto dialers contend predefined list of customers contacts information enabling the business to rapidly reach out potential customers in the most efficient manner. It directly boosts the sales of the company.

Leadsrain is the leading company providing the wide range of auto-dialer solutions for small as well as big enterprises. Hence if you really want to reform your calling and digital marketing processes then you should have tried on Auto Dialer Systems. Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer have potential to drive your business to new heights.

Cloud Based Auto Dialer – Robust Companion of Your Digital Marketing Campaign

It’s already 2017 and probably you are planning your business and marketing strategy for the entire coming year. Don’t you?

But before you move further with your marketing plan don’t forget about including Digital marketing in your Plan. Digital marketing is the star of the marketing industry and it is far ample then your insight. Here, one outstanding marketing tactic evolves with the rise of Cloud-based Auto Dialers.

cloud based auto dialer

Auto Dialer’s cart comes along with various “Super Features”, which are very salutary for Digital Marketers and their team. Here, Super Features makes reference to assorted tools and aspects of Auto dialer system. These integrated features blaze a trail of productivity of sales team. Let’s count on some of the features of Auto Dialers-

  • The CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) consist of more automated features for the reliable use of auto dialers by sales reps. The CTI system connects the marketers or agents directly to the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and allows them to easily assess customer details.
  • Auto dialer modestly increases the number of calls that each sales rep can make per day. It triples the amount of contact made in a single day and in addition to that it also eliminates slow manual dialing practices.
  • Another hook up of auto dialers is Lead Nurturing Technology by enhancing the leads into customers. These options are customized in the interface of the auto-dialers system, involving crucial activities like email, fax, and voice messaging.
  • Further, it allows sales reps to conduct various activities at the same time. For instance, it is surveyed that 80% companies put their maximum efforts in selling and auto dialers elevate the sales activities by aroused multitasking.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that Cloud Based Auto Dialer is robust companions of the Digital marketing campaigns of the company. Marketers should note it as the most important course of action towards their target customers as it provides intelligent and time-sensitive solutions to the callers and sales agents.

For more information about how Cloud based Auto Dialer, Voice Broadcasting, Call Center Software, Cloud based Auto Dialer and Hosted IVR may work for your small business, visit the LeadsRain.com