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Traditional Telephone Vs Cloud PBX for Telecommunication

Telephone communication of business today is a constant battle between traditional telephony platform and cloud PBX. Companies are torn between the two options, go the traditional platform established or go for the profitable and PBX office phone latest cloud. To help you decide below are some important points of comparison between the two solutions.

Cost – savings as it is obvious that the VoIP office phone systems have the advantage by a mile. On average companies can save 50% on their phone bills as opposed to using traditional telecommunications solutions. Savings are often generated by cheaper line rental, the cost rates cheap calls and no monthly fees of basic features like caller and the like. Apart from that set -up is also much cheaper because it does not need to buy any hardware other than current phones.

Maintenance and time up – Maintenance VoIP phone system clearly leaves office behind traditional phones. Since you are using a lower cost of hardware and maintenance work will also be reduced. Everything happens in a level of remote server so that the cost will not be a problem on your end. As for the time of traditional telecommunications solution reliability cannot be questioned. You can always pick up the phone and wait for their phones will be running smoothly. However, VoIP is no slouch, either if you are able to select a good supplier. It is advisable to go ahead with a provider that has a backup server and backup network so if the primary fails there is a failover instead.

Features – Both solutions are manipulated with tons of features, has a menu system in place, IVR and so on.

However, the advantage has to be with VoIP. Since claiming the servers and the Internet, it is more flexible and features like multi-location are possible. This means that you can find any phone anywhere in the world as long as the Internet is in place to operate as if you were in the office.

Quality – The traditional analog phones or PBX have been used by the quality offered and no one can doubt it. But VoIP can really offer the same level of call quality or perhaps even better, if you can acquire a good internet connection. A stable Internet is the key and if you are able to ensure then you can expect that the quality of business degree each time the phone is picked up otherwise the solution may not be for you.

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