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Why Ringless Voicemail works best for Insurance Agencies?

The relation between an insurance company and its customers are meant to be closely-knit. These mutually grooming relationships are not short-lived and most of the times span across generations. One can only imagine the kind of customer relationship management this core functionality of insurance companies necessitate.

Why is Ringless Voicemail best for Insurance Agencies

Insurance telemarketers need to notify their existing customers and prospects about their proactive deals, updates about policies, etc. to a vast number of people. And one could use many retargeting methods for the same.

One could send Emails, ring them on their landline phones, use robocalls, use TV and Print Advertising, etc. But not all of these are viable regarding cost, time and results.

For, eg, An insurance company telemarketer rings a particular prospect on his/her landline number to give new updates. Now, if the later hasn’t signed in with their phone numbers online or given any offline consensual input as such, this delivered message would go to spam directly. That would be the best case scenario and the worst case: law-suits being filed against the company. Furthermore, Print and TV media do work moderately but are plain expensive. And robocalls are simply not FCC and TCPA compliant.

So here what we are looking for is the most cost-effective, long-term approach giving the maximum number of conversion rates.

Insurance agents across the world have found Ringless Voicemail Services the most effective cloud-based tool to enhance their business with an increase in customer loyalty and conversion rates.

Ringless Voicemails are not expensive and time-consuming as one can send as many voicemails as they desire in a matter of a minutes. More than anything they are non-intrusive as they do not ring the phones of the customers and surprise or annoy them at any given time. They silently drop the message straight-to-voicemail of the customer. Another advantage of that is, a customer can listen to the sent message when they choose to, and thus the desired message gets assigned to them in the most profound way possible.

Ringless Voicemail comes under the tag of information services hence it is completely in compliance with the rules and regulation of TCPA, FCC, and DNC.

LeadsRain has by far served with their Ringless Voicemails to many leading Insurance companies globally. We also at request provide guidance regarding sample RVM scripts as per need. To see some of our hand-picked RVM examples continue reading here.


How to make a Sale

There is a lot of buzz about how to sell effectively. Some have just one goal – to close a deal, others say something from the top of their heads and hope their charm, talent, and knowledge of the product or service they are backing will get them the sale. Not to mention, a few even call a prospect repeatedly until they get an answer.

cloud based auto dialer

All the approaches mentioned above are wrong.

Here is how it should be done.

Find the appropriate prospect
According to sales coach and author, Wendy Wiess, also popularly known as “the queen of cold calling” –
“Too many salespeople make basic mistakes early on. They need to dedicate more time to the process up front. Being fixated on the end result – closing the sale, they neglect the important initial steps. Focus on finding the fitting client for the product or service you are selling. If you are not talking to the qualified prospect, the chances of anyone turning into a customer, in the end, are very minimal. With the rise of Internet and all the resources the salesperson has now, they are expected to do all their homework before reaching out to a prospect. Look for a prospect whose profile matches that of your top 10 clients – those who buy a lot and do so more often.”

Reach out to the prospect
As stated by Paul Castian, VP of Jedi Mastery at Castian Training Systems –
” A lot of salesperson research a prospect only once during the process. As businesses are moving with a speed of light, things change constantly. When salespeople gather information, they need to review it over and over again before reaching out to the client. You have to understand your audience prior to calling them and continue learning about them as you go along. Once you make that first call, find out their preferred way of communication, and use that throughout the rest of the process. “

What is important is when you reach out to the prospect; not just how you do it.

Adding to what Weiss suggested, she said, “Approach them before they are in the buying mode. Doing this will make you their trusted advisor. When they are ready to buy, you will be the first person to cross their mind.”

Meet the prospect
Salespeople should call and ask for a face-to-face meeting, if possible. Schedule a phone call for in-depth discussion about how your product or service will help the prospect.

This is the part where most of the salesperson make mistake of focusing on making the sales. You can not rush from “Hello” to “Let’s close the deal.” There needs to be a discussion.

Use the time to build up a relationship and understand what a client wants or needs.

Make a Plan
“Get some agreement from the prospect of what will happen next, at the end of the meeting as a lot of salespeople leave things very open,” Weiss says.

You need to ask them about meeting again, when the plan to have a decision with you, and set follow-up call accordingly.

Castian suggests giving yourself and the client some homework between the time you speak again. That will keep you on their mind.

Wait for their decision
Don’t persistently hound your prospects, as they need some time to make the decision.

As per Castian, ” Don’t keep calling if they are not responding. Get creative. For example, send them a cookie saying ‘I want to take a bite out of your business.'”

After numerous failed attempt to get their response in various ways, just leave them a message.The message that you leave is very important. Leave it open. Many a times prospect call you back after you leave that message.

Be prepared for a “No”
Find out why the prospect said No. Ask what went wrong. You need to know, why the sale did not happen, It may be bad timing, in that case, you can reach out again in future. Turn rejection into a learning experience.

Castian says, “The really good ones don’t consider ‘no’ as a door slammed shut for eternity. They view it as a ‘not now,’ and they find out why now isn’t a good time. When you ask, don’t make them feel like they are being put on trial. You don’t want them to shut down and get defensive. Be gentle.”

Smart Agents are your Real Assets

Up-to-date customer service agent who is well informed and has knowledge about the product and company structure is the real asset for your Contact Centre.

You are under constant risk of losing business if your agents don’t know the ins and outs of your product. If they are aware of the points mentioned below about your business, then they are awesome, and you should know it!

cloud based auto dialer

  1. Company hierarchy

    It is not possible for a contact centre agent to have answers to every question they get asked on the tip of their tongue, and those who take the initiative may not have the required authority to close the deal over the phone.
    Thus, they should know the company hierarchy and contact the person with the desired credentials for handling such tight situations.

  2. Sufficient information regarding the product

    Your agent may not be a technical genius but should have knowledge about the working of your products. You should provide your agents a list of FAQs for answering fundamental questions related to your products.
    This practice enables them to make a good first impression in front of your customers, and ultimately it makes your company look good.

  3. Latest offers and sales

    Agents should have prior knowledge of any promotional offer or sale provided by the company. If they are unable to provide the verification of that promotion to the customer, it will make them less likely to trust your business.
    Hence, they should know how to maintain proper communication between the marketing and sales departments.

  4. Keeping tabs on product pricing

    As agents talk to your customers directly, they should be the first one to know about any changes in the pricing of the product. Make it a habit of providing your sales team a dynamic price list and update that list whenever the price of the product changes.
    Agents who check the list every time a customer asks for the price of the product are the deciding factor in the growth of your business.

  5. Fostering a relationship with the customer

    Agents can save a lot of time if they transfer a long-time client to a representative who has information regarding the customer’s buying history.
    It will facilitate the representative to bond better with the customer and provide the exact solution they are looking for quickly and more efficiently as the representative will know how the customer prefers to communicate and how they react to various situations.
    Agents with the ability to make quick decisions can help your company cultivate long-term, friendly and profitable relationship with your clients.

7 Important Guidelines for Ringless Voicemail Campaign (Part-1)

Ringless voicemail is up to the minute technology that allows you to directly send a voicemail message to a mobile phone server without ringing and charging any cost to the customer. This technology is spreading with the rage since last 3 years and it has successfully delivered results to distinct industries. It has been estimated that ringless voicemail technology is enough efficient to create around 11% inbound callbacks from consumers.

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail campaign is the something that your business requires. Direct-To-Voicemail is generally used in the Financial Institutions, Debt Collectors, Students Loan Services, etc. Voicemails are not used for cold-calling as it may bother to the customers and cause complaints.

We are happy to help with your brand new ringless direct-to-voicemail campaign with these easy to follow guidelines. Or, if you have already used this technology in past then we assure you that these guidelines would help you to leverage this competent technology with more efficiency. So, let’s discuss further-

  1. Acquire Ringless Voicemail Technology-

Buy voicemail service package according to the requirement of your business. Ringless voicemails credits are purchased for making each single voicemail. The number of Voicemail credits required depends on your marketing goals, business needs, and volume of target customers you want to reach. Credits are available on different pricing scales and packages. You can buy credits according to your marketing needs and it doesn’t forget that credits never expire.

  1. Approach your Audience-

Ringless voicemail can be delivered to authentic people with the help of recipients cities, states, ZIP Codes, area codes, and locational information. Here, you have to think about your target customers, where they live, their locations and other information. It may be possible that some of the recipients have an interest in your product or services. Generally, the voicemail delivering process is accomplished on the basis of ZIP codes.

  1. Obtain your Call-back number-

It is important to include your call-back number along with your Voicemail. It will help your customers to approach you with the help of that number. You can either have your own phone number or you can leverage Google voice number. You can even use IVR number that is associated with a telemarketing firm.

Hence once you are all set and done with the above three steps, you will be ready for moving ahead to the upcoming part-2 of this series. Our next blog would describe next 4 guidelines for setting up Ringless voicemail marketing campaign for your business.

5 amazing benefits of Cloud based predictive dialers

Nowadays, companies escort advanced and expensive telemarketing technology to their business in order to accomplish marketing and sales activities like cold-calling, customer support system and inside sales. But there are only a few organizations that implement this technology in a perfect manner. Most of the companies acquire manual dialing systems for their calling purpose. Under such system, representatives have to manually dial up each and every number from the customer contact directory. Among these calls, there are very fewer calls which responses properly, hence, a number of productive calls made every day is very less.

What if I tell you that there is one technology which can solve these problems along with increasing your agent’s the calling efficiency. Cloud Based Predictive Dialer invaded market a few years ago, so, handful businesses are settled with this new-gen technology for empowering their digital marketing technology.

cloud based predictive dialer

Let us now discuss some important benefits of using a cloud based predictive dialer for business organization-

  1. Predictive dialers are smart devices that use databases for organizing and managing the clients’ data in order to handle and record relevant calling data. It differentiates calling categories like previous calls, dialed calls, busy calls, DND numbers, etc.
  2. It can allocate calls to available agents. Thereby each agent is equally assigned with work and is competent to handle any call. The productivity of the calling representative is eventually increased.
  3. Contact centers are highly benefited by this technology; it helps to deal with inbound customer services and outbound sales call simultaneously by blending calls.
  4. The combined system of automated call distribution and predictive dialers can keep callers on waiting when all call executives are busy, further it can also send a voice message to callers.
  5. One of the major advantages of this auto-dialer is its cost- effectiveness. You can save the cost of PBX System and operator for maintaining the call logs manually or route calls to different agents.

Still wondering whether to install predictive dialer or not? Now it’s time for action, so, stop delaying and set up Cloud Based Predictive Dialer immediately. It would definitely ensure you high returns on your investments. Along with that it will also retain your customers and generate higher leads for sales. It is estimated that after investment in predictive dialers cost can be easily covered in the next three months of the investments.

How does cloud based auto dialer perk up your business?

Once upon a time, there was an era when hand written letters were sent to customers for communication purpose. Then telephone and handsets came into action, which had been proven as the most annoying and time-consuming means of marketing communication. But Smartphone altered the things like a wizard. Today, Smartphone sits at the apex of business marketing and highly utilized for business purpose. Probably in future, it would be really difficult to do any business without gizmos.

cloud based auto dialer

Apart from Gizmos, there is one more technology which boosts up the business and marketing activities. cloud based auto dialer turns the table of MarkTech with its robust and invincible functionalities. Nowadays various companies from distinct industries use an auto-dialing service that works through a customer contact list and reduce the efforts of the customers. So, calling agents are relieved from hand dialing each number. The potential users of the auto-dialer are increasing day by day with staggering activities of telemarketing and outbound sales calling.

There are lots of auto dialer systems available in the market, offering an extensive array of telemarketing solutions, hardware solutions, in-house VoIP, and different types of the auto dialer software. Here, the thing to be remarked is that which auto dialer services will go with your business.

The system you choose for your business should be completely reliable and cost effective. The system should consist of the following features-

  • The system should have potential to remain integrated with your existing system and API Technology.
  • It should elevate the productivity and profit margin of your business along with that it can guide you to promote your business with more effectiveness.
  • It should eliminate dead time using call drops with the help of hosted auto dialers.
  • Enhance b2b lead generation and capture maximum leads voice auto dialer.
  • It should comply with government regulations for auto phone calls while using auto dialer services.
  • It should be easy to understand and along with that, it should be cost-effective.

Not all cloud based auto dialer software is created similarly, but still, you can make the best choice for your business, simply by analyzing your requirements and getting help from the professional service providers.