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5 follow-up tips to get more customers and grow up your sales

Making a sale is not just about fancy presentations and calling prospects. For becoming an effective salesperson, you have to see beyond the initial needs through strategic follow-up and constant communication with customers.

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You can fulfil your duties as a salesperson by doing just the bare minimum, but where is the fun in that. Give your sales career a boost by stepping out of your comfort zone and learning the art of follow-up.

So how strategic follow-ups can land you more customers and skyrocket your sales?

  1. Take Action

As a salesperson, you need to overcome the fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of jumping the gun. Fear of rejection. The best remedy to overcome this fear is taking action in a positive way. You need to write that email, pick up the phone, put some effort and follow up your prospects. Doing this will put you in the right position to make that next big sale.

  1. Listen actively

Develop active listening skills as it will not only help you in providing a solution, but you will also be able to understand correctly what the person on the other end is trying to say. Between conversations, you may discover that the customer needs help in another area and this can kick-start a potential long term relationship if you can foster this in every follow-up call you make.

  1. Always clarify

During communication, people hear bits and pieces of information which then again is filtered out by the brain, opening up the conversation to countless different interpretations. Thus, while following up with every person by phone, make sure you write things down and later email that follow-up list to the client to confirm. Make it a habit so that you can cover yourself in cases where the client has an entirely different idea.

  1. Generate anticipation

Creating a level of excitement and anticipation with your contacts is one of the best ways to encourage sales. If the person is willing to accept a follow-up call, newsletter or an email in a specified time period, make sure you mention an “exclusive” offer or information that sparks curiosity. The idea here is to create something that speaks to the interest level of the targeted audience and follow through as promised.

  1. Use business etiquette

Being a salesperson, knowing when to follow-up with a customer is critical for making a sale. The general business rule is to follow-up by phone on the same business day. If following up by email, do so within 24 hours. Don’t wait up for more than 15 minutes to respond with a text. You can impress the other person with your speedy response and have a better chance of making a sale.

During your follow-ups, it is a good thing if you under promise and over deliver on your word.

Get past your fears onto a path of success by doing consistent follow-ups. Use LeadsRain’s Cloud-based predictive dialer service to increase the efficiency of your agents and decrease your contact center operational cost.


Benefits of Cloud Based Predictive Dialers to Business

The cloud dialer system is an essence of both auto-dialers and predictive dialers. Cloud-dialers are considered as most efficient technology to handle various tasks of call-centers and digital marketing departments. When you move forward to install cloud-based predictive dialer technology in your firm, keep in mind that it is a cutting edge technology and you can make your business fly in the air with the help of this technology.

Cloud based predictive dialer

There are certain remarkable features of Predictive Dialers which are proved to be the biggest advantages for business –

  1. Outstanding tool for Announcements-

Many a times company wants to announce their news to the stakeholders. This activity is generally carried out with the help of conventional Email. ut as we all know, a maximum number of emails remains unread in the Inbox. All in one piece of solutions for this problem is set of predictive dialer technology that can send thousands of voice messages to recipients at once.

  1. Flexible and Scalable

Hosted predictive dialers are completely flexible as it can be operated from any location and its resources can be simply distributed among agents, precluding their whereabouts.  Calls, voicemails, and other features can be easily measured with the help of this Scalable Predictive Dialer Software.

  1. Authenticated business features

This advanced technology includes amazing features like Call Recording, IVR, Call Queue, Call Barging, Voicemail to Email, Music on Hold, and more.  Further, it is very user-friendly and easy to operate Interface through PC and Handset both.

  1. Perk-up customer relations and services

For any business reaching its target customers, is the most important task to be performed. For improving customer relations it is important to provide efficient customer support and maintain harmonious and spontaneous relation with them.

Predictive auto dialers contend predefined list of customers contacts information enabling the business to rapidly reach out potential customers in the most efficient manner. It directly boosts the sales of the company.

Leadsrain is the leading company providing the wide range of auto-dialer solutions for small as well as big enterprises. Hence if you really want to reform your calling and digital marketing processes then you should have tried on Auto Dialer Systems. Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer have potential to drive your business to new heights.

How Predictive Dialers Accelerates Sales of the Contact Centers

cloud based predictive dialerIn this tech-gen world, companies are entailed to adopt every new technology to accelerate their sales. The Predictive Dialer Software is widely used in the business of contact centers. The predictive dialer is an automated system which filters the contact numbers and operates activities like automated dialing, CRM call recording, smart voicemail management, etc.

Basically, the predictive dialer is outbound call processing software designed to manage a high level of customer relationships and increase the working efficiency of the calling agents. It is estimated that predictive dialers increase the productivity of the contact centers automatically by 500% in the first year of its installation.

Let’s see how predictive dialers accelerates sales of the contact centers-

  1. Boost the efficiency of the Agents:

With the help of artificial intelligence, predictive dialer foretells the availability of the agent for handling the call and adjusts the dialing rate according to the availability.

  1. Leads Management:

It record, manage and track the prospective customers. Further, it also helps in the marketing campaign and customer inquiry. Important leads are contacted and saved for follow ups.

  1. Increase ROI:

SIP Predictive dialer system increases per day calling rate and this is how the efficiency of the agent is increased. It takes approximately 1 yr. for the business contact center to increase its ROI.

  1. Real-time management solutions:

It provides real-time call statistics, records and monitor performances for management usage. It helps to track agent’s performance and detect useless numbers.

These are few things of the big story, here; installation of predictive dialer software comes along with many other benefits which can help contact center business to increase its sales activities. Thus it can be said that predictive dialers not only increases the efficiency of the sales agent but also advances the working of distinctive marketing tactics for business.

5 intact reasons to use a Cloud Based Predictive Dialers for call-centers

cloud based predictive dialerCloud-based predictive dialers are outbound calling system that is installed in call-centers in order to assure a high level of accuracy and efficiency in the process of auto dialing. Similar to other auto-dialers, Cloud based predictive dialer also automatically dials 1000 of phone numbers and connects the live call with agents. This computer based auto dialer works as answering machine, determining busy signals and connecting agents waiting for the customers.

The importance of hosted auto-dialers is increasing day by day as it helps to save a great amount of agent’s time. It also sends automated messages.

Here, we have collected 5 intact reasons that show the benefits of cloud-based predictive – dialers, used for supporting calling process in call-centers.

  1. Cost-effective maintenance

When you have premises based calling system then you would need IT team to handle the hardware and software of the system. But when you approach to cloud based dialing system then you don’t have to worry about the hardware maintenance cost and you can just focus on the calling process. Predictive-dialer providers also give all maintenance service to call centers along with their hosted auto dialers.

  1. it’s easy-going for agents

Predictive auto-dialers are very easy to understand and use and you can reach its dashboard from web-browser from where ever you are just by assessing to the internet connection.  For agents, it is very easy to learn about the utilization of the software.

  1. Cloud-based predictive dialer software is kept on auto-update mode

Predictive dialer software is generally kept on auto-update mood so it is apparent that it shows the latest features that are upgraded to the software by the auto dialer software providers. It would help to save your time and efficiency and let you focus on lead generation.

  1. It can be easily integrated with the different system like ERP, CRM, and APIs

The auto dialer system is designed in such a way that it can be compiled with other Management Information Systems like ERP, CRM, and APIs. This can be considered as the major benefit of the cloud based auto dialers and this is the reason why auto dialers are efficiently serving the vast industries like marketing, banking, call centers, etc.

  1. Increases the productivity of calling representatives

Agents using auto dialers for processing a call, spends their 45 minutes of their hour, talking to the customers while agents at centers without dialer software spends only 20 minutes talking to the customers. So it is clear that cloud-based predictive dialers increase the productivity of employees.

Hence, these were some of the intact reason why predictive auto dialers are used in the maximum number of call centers and marketing companies.

Cloud Based Auto Dialer is a perfect investment for the call centres

leadsrain_callcenterWithout delving into the cloud dependent auto dialer straightaway, it better to talk about the importance of marketing necessities in this day and age of immense competition. In order to provide a competitive edge to your business aggressive marketing of your products and services in appropriately planned beforehand. Today’s technology savvy world has offered many options to take your business directly to your existing and potential clients without any hindrance. Marketing over the phones is one of the most favoured options and this is precisely where the new technology comes into play.

From the point of view of call centres, it is an all-inclusive infrastructure property that is indispensable for managing a call centre and its representatives more adeptly with minimalistic disbursement. If a contact centre requires a flourishing business, it should minus any delay include cloud based auto dialer to spontaneously dial calls. This dialer generates more than one dials to guarantee that almost all calls receive answer and keep track of the truly replied calls. Furthermore, this technology also trails the extent of every chat, to deliver a fresh call speedily after the previous one gets concluded.

cloud-predictive-dialer-slide2This technology helps the call centres hugely. The cloud based predictive dialer call centres do not need to invest into distinct server or hardware for the operations and acquire a great solution where it just has to connect and manoeuvre from everywhere. This particular tool empowers the establishment in producing a comprehensive record of numbers dialed; auto identified answering apparatuses and disposition reports. So, one can add any number of additional agents, all he/she require to do is to boost the hosted dialer service without spending any money on the infrastructure extension.

So, for the call centres it is not only a great infrastructure but also a huge financial relief in the long run.

Predictive Dialer for Telesales Agency

Predictive dialer software is usually in the B2C ( business to consumer ) involved call telemarketing companies used because distributors require more customer contact time. Market Overview and collection agencies need to contact and personally speak out to people over the phone can also use predictive dialers . Predictive dialers are as a quick and easy method to use with customers for service callbacks , or welcome to communicate calls for new customers.

The main feature of a predictive dialer is the automatic call distribution (ACD ) , interactive voice response (IVR ) and call recording , which added a new dimension to the predictive dialer and auto dialer capabilities of this system. The prediction part of this dialer is when the system is idle literally predicted means . If an agent is not busy, it is a complete waste of time. The dialer maximizes human resources and great influence on the final result of your call center . With a forward-looking system calls are automatically delivered to agents at any time idle in this way each agent actively dealing with the next available customer . Since the system in place in time it is better to predict the usage times of the agents and their rest periods . With the increasing effectiveness of the predictive dialer is a better use of your time agents . This choice software plays an important role in making this a reality. With the software , there is a control how the agent interacts with the predictive dialer to increase customer satisfaction and their experience with your call agent.

A major advantage of this dialer is hosted dialer that is virtually hosted on a server . Hosted Predictive Dialer to go through a series of computer statistical algorithms to make calls, predicts the possibility of agents and called party answers . The hosted software adjusts the calling process in parallel with the number of agents available when the calls are placed expected to answer. It monitors and forecasts the calls it makes , to calculate the number of calls , the number of available agents , actual time interval between each answered calls and how long it takes to answer the call. It eliminates the calls that are not answered, busy numbers or answering machines , fax machines and disconnected numbers. In short, it is only the answered calls to agents , calls. This saves definitely a lot of time for call centers , such as the agents do not have to select the phone manually and need not wait for unanswered calls ringing or answering machine.

Above are some of the key benefits that will surely get a business if it is installed this dialer system and works. Another thing to keep in mind is that it can be integrated with the latest technology . Consider all needs and then buy the best software that suits your calling needs. With the increased communication effectiveness and impact to your bottom line predictive dialer can often be a great technology option for large and small businesses. As customer satisfaction increases , so will the reputation of your business and your bottom line.

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Why Hosted Dialer System is more advantages than other?

Usually referred to as the student hosted automatic communication technology which is used widely in various business operations and call centers? The primary purpose of the use of this system is to request multiple telephone numbers at a given time. It uses this incredible situation of the communication system by the companies to enhance the prospects for sales and employee productivity. System helps students also hosted to save a lot of time and energy during the operation of the business. System helps to communicate also occur at a faster pace.

Come equipped with hosted student with many great features. Here is an overview of some of the best features to take advantage of:

– Automatic Call Distribution:

This is one of the most important features because it allows the owners of telemarketing and call center to increase efficiency and performance levels of its employees and reduce wastage of time. Feature helps to use the system time efficient manner. Automatic distribution is efficient at the request of several phone numbers at one time. This helps staff to focus on their work more than anything else.

– Voice mail and Internet chat:

This is the demand of modern organizations. Allows the student system for voice mail and online chat. Helps you stay in touch with your employees at any time and you want to control the level of performance.

– Audio monitoring / recording:

This feature is extremely useful for your company because it lets you know how your employees are performing and the success rate with convincing potential customers.

Other great features of the software are hosted on a student to take advantage of:

– Intelligent Routing

– Voice over IP (VoIP)

– Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

– A lot more

With the help of the great features of the software hosted student mentioned above, you can use it to make your business a great success. It would not be wrong to say that the student is hosted need the current market. It provides you with wide-ranging benefits. It is easy to use. That does not require being a wizard program to extract benefits from it. The best thing about this program is that the system is highly flexible and can be molded according to the specific requirements of your business. Everything will be taken care of by your service provider. You can expect information in real-time through the use of a software system. Software hosted a student is undoubtedly a boon for your business. However, you do need special care when choosing a provider. You need to get on one of the reputed provider operating in your area or online.

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