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Traditional Telephone Vs Cloud PBX for Telecommunication

Telephone communication of business today is a constant battle between traditional telephony platform and cloud PBX. Companies are torn between the two options, go the traditional platform established or go for the profitable and PBX office phone latest cloud. To help you decide below are some important points of comparison between the two solutions.

Cost – savings as it is obvious that the VoIP office phone systems have the advantage by a mile. On average companies can save 50% on their phone bills as opposed to using traditional telecommunications solutions. Savings are often generated by cheaper line rental, the cost rates cheap calls and no monthly fees of basic features like caller and the like. Apart from that set -up is also much cheaper because it does not need to buy any hardware other than current phones.

Maintenance and time up – Maintenance VoIP phone system clearly leaves office behind traditional phones. Since you are using a lower cost of hardware and maintenance work will also be reduced. Everything happens in a level of remote server so that the cost will not be a problem on your end. As for the time of traditional telecommunications solution reliability cannot be questioned. You can always pick up the phone and wait for their phones will be running smoothly. However, VoIP is no slouch, either if you are able to select a good supplier. It is advisable to go ahead with a provider that has a backup server and backup network so if the primary fails there is a failover instead.

Features – Both solutions are manipulated with tons of features, has a menu system in place, IVR and so on.

However, the advantage has to be with VoIP. Since claiming the servers and the Internet, it is more flexible and features like multi-location are possible. This means that you can find any phone anywhere in the world as long as the Internet is in place to operate as if you were in the office.

Quality – The traditional analog phones or PBX have been used by the quality offered and no one can doubt it. But VoIP can really offer the same level of call quality or perhaps even better, if you can acquire a good internet connection. A stable Internet is the key and if you are able to ensure then you can expect that the quality of business degree each time the phone is picked up otherwise the solution may not be for you.

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Complete information about Hosted PBX VOIP

For companies want to switch communication solutions that have a modern edge , adapt or migrate to hosted VoIP PBX is a very promising way . But what exactly is VoIP Hosted PBX? What are the benefits? Are there any risks?

Technical terms

The specific definitions of hosted PBX can vary from provider to provider. Specialized vendors have added their own unique twists and definitions of basic, technical meaning of Hosted PBX as a means of branding and marketing. The bottom line does not change, but I, Hosted PBX This is just that : That’s Hosted PBX .

The attendant hardware known as Private Branch exchange (PBX) is located in the premises of the user control. The difference between Hosted PBX is that this piece of hardware is, or “host” in all other countries, usually together with the platform. Typically Consumers simply connect to the host (and the hardware platform and PBX) over IP.

Benefits of Hosted VoIP PBX

The inherent advantages of hosting service for a Hosted PBX VoIP spillover, and then there are a few benefits of the technology and related:

Lower maintenance costs – When the call Hosted PBX platform and elsewhere, the maintenance costs are transferred with these in-house and is connected, is connected to the host. This means that you only pay the host maintenance under a service package – which essentially lowers your cost of maintenance, since all other clients host ‘ s to pay for the maintenance of the same resources.

Better infrastructure – probably because your host PBX is dedicated to your services, you can rest assured your facilities and infrastructure are probably better than you. This means to greater efficiency and productivity compared to when you have decided to maintain an in-house VoIP phone system for your needs.

Scalable technology – VoIP Phone System is a highly versatile technology can be used for multiple business functions, queer That is, if you give me it’s your own VoIP platform best how to make it for new business start-ups or expansions scalable as possible. Through hosted PBX can to secure your host, this important facet for you.

Risks of VoIP Hosted PBX

As much as there are advantages, there are also risks associated with going for a host :

Uncontrolled, unexpected downtime – except for certain times and maintenance announced that all the problems are on your host’s page to perform unexpected downtime on your side.

Indirect control over certain settings – Since PBX is not a hardware and software solution if it is not in the house, you cannot change directly and immediately all the specific settings that you need. Everything has to go through your hosts.

Problems with transparency – Provides handles If you are not sure what kind of service your hosts and how they go about it , there might be some problems with transparency where are not quite sure how your PBX and call your host his platform.

Of course, is the choice reputable and reliable hosts, que would mean that your host is of great importance, can minimize most of these and other risks. The point is , make a careful decision – not only with regard to the possibility of choosing a hosted service through in-house in the selection of guest use but also.

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Reduce your Phone Bills with Hosted PBX

Despite the many features and advantages of VoIP over traditional PSTN telephone system is an important factor as the driving force behind its adoption by businesses around the world. And that costs. Of course, when it comes to international calls, VoIP blows the alternatives from the water. It is several orders of magnitude cheaper than old copper wire technology. But what is sometimes overlooked, the ability to phone bills for businesses, whose offices are distributed in a wide geographical area to be reduced.

A lot of communication takes place between a company’s own employees. This is hardly surprising . Interaction and the free flow of information within the organization is crucial for it to run smoothly. As long as everyone is in the same building that is not a problem because the regular telephone system , the concept of extensions were simply select the last digits of the person’s phone number and it will automatically connect without any charges. This is problematic; however, if there are separate buildings with different phone services. It is not always easy to ensure that all your branches are on the same network. And sometimes there is no service availability in this area.

Large companies often have remote offices throughout the world. In such cases it is simply impossible to use the same telecom provider for all of them. The communication between the branches is difficult and expensive, which . Thousands of dollars in phone bills

And here is where VoIP comes in. The Internet spans all countries and exceeds all boundaries seamlessly. Therefore, one is able to e-mail and chat are with anyone, no matter where they are free. With a hosted PBX system , can use the same VoIP provider free to use them under employee communications regardless of where all your branches . Although it is difficult to talk about physical VoIP phones to send these offices , someone can just download a client as smart phone application and use it with Wi -Fi for the call.

A hosted PBX setup makes it easy to configure the settings as compared to an in-house VoIP solution. All without manual intervention – You can also phones that will automatically configure itself to the selected VoIP provider , download patches and upgrade to buy the security software. When it comes to the integration of all of your employees under the same communication has screen , nothing is better than VoIP services. Find out how it works by a service provider today.

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What Is IVR? And how it is helpful to increase your business?

An interactive voice response is a technology which allows communicating with customers in a form of keypad or voice commands. It is an automated telephony technology that is used for interacting to clients. Most IVR is used for BPO, KPO, and banks; however, you can now use IVR systems for in-house and offices which can let you save a lot of money and resources.

Hosted IVR is particularly useful when customers ask for frequently asked questions like, for example, when a customer checks for bank balances, checks for store hours, locations, or ordering an item. Imagine saving a lot of money from salaries. Funds and other perks call center agents need that IVR system can do in a faster and more efficient manner than talking to humans.

The IVR systems work in a voice form when the customers asks about something this system will then reply in a simple “yes” or “no” plus other information customers might need, this is all done by a human-recorded voice. It also asks questions relating to the customer’s query and the customer can give a reply by pressing a number on their phone’s keypad like 1, 2, or 3.

Some IVR systems can now reply to a human voice when the customer says “yes”, “no” or “return”. Usually IVR hosting is available in-house, but now it has been used by outsourcing solutions providers. In terms with the cost, an IVR hosting system will be a sizable investment for your company. This is why you need to take considerations before you buy such systems. The good thing is some IVR systems are available to try for free.

IVR systems lets you save up to 95% with your expenses as your agents are taking calls to customers that actually need it. Moreover, if you have a hosted IVR service, this will generally lessen the amount you need to pay for an IVR system. With IVR hosting, you will just pay for the professional services, not buy an entire IVR system.

When your company has significant calls that don’t want to get routed to the IVR, consider an IVR system that offers specialized telephone routing. These are personalized call redirecting in which the system automatically knows where to direct the call.

Other features, which should be considered, are call path diagrams and auto call distribution. No need for an IT staff because if the IVR system is in excellent quality, the system has fault management system in occasions when systems fail. Other than that, the IVR hosting provider should have device analysis along with full-time assistance and fixes. In this way, the system will work without complications and can function even without the interaction of a person therefore; you will no longer need an IT department to deal with it.

When it comes to the try-before-you buy program, IVR hosting providers have the installation free of charge. In that way, you can test how the system works without you needing to pay for anything first. IVR has a several functions you can use to provide better IVR system for your company, some of the recommended functions are automated call distribution, analog level support, call data transfer, data store entry, voice customization, and text to speech.

How to Use Hosted IVR Efficiently?

Effectively use managed IVR service is to obtain better results in the case of the unnecessary energy as an entrepreneur, the key to success for your business. So, how do you do it?
The first step in learning to effectively use voice technology is the understanding of the relationship you have with your consumers. When your consumers are satisfied, then you will consolidate your business life.
However, as we all know the consumer satisfaction out of what they want.
You must connive at them, and make them feel valued.
To do so without applying extra effort can only occur, if you establish the appropriate communication channels to listen to and meet their needs.
Now is a good tradition and hosted the IVR use of time to compare and contrast.
The traditional IVR solution, designed to automatically talk to the telephone system. The hosted IVR On the other hand can be said to be more effective, because the “extra effort” is passed to a third party.
Here are some strategies that can help you make more efficient use of your call automation tools:
  • Training your employees
  • Do not pay overtime wages
  • Yes /No answer to the question.
  • Automate dial-up services.
  • Inside Into the caller’s head
IVR with your web hosting service providers to integrate their systems, but they maintain their housing equipment. Such an arrangement is most suitable for you, if you do not have a staff familiar with the IVR management. In addition, you can also not install infrastructure related cost savings. Over time, you can decide hosted IVR services to the scene IVR service, if you want to.
Your call center software tool effectively means recognizing that some client requests your help, in the dead of night. If you decide to agents of the site is all you need, you will have to pay additional fees, these people of their overtime. Of course, there are a lot of channels; you can use it to connect with consumer comfort.
However, only with the IVR, you can save a lot of cost and customer service personnel employment.
However, the conversation, the automation saves on the cost of your business accumulation.
Because of its automated nature, you and your customers will be satisfied. They came to recording, the simple answer is, or whether the problem can easily be embedded.
Whether you choose internal or hosted IVR, you still benefit from a lot of consumer services, in an instant. Now, contrast a case, you rely on people to reach your customers. In this case, you need a lot of staff to answer questions or take the opinion of many consumers. This means that you have to pay these people a fact, and that is more cost.
Hosted IVR also can help you to carry out market research. Under normal circumstances, this exercise involves printed questionnaires and site visits. It can be understood by all in a bid to find your consumers that your product or service. However, the system is a great help in this regard. The system usually your sample population outgoing calls, get their response. Thereafter, their answers recorded on the keyboard, which requires the shortest time. Instead, take field trips and surveys, covering a lot of time and money.
Consumer welfare, for every business organization is a key concern. After all, their loyalty is what makes your presence. However, the interactive channels should not eat your profits. Therefore, the need for the traditional means of communication is very important. Hosted solutions such as IVR interactive voice response your customers satisfaction the perfect way to achieve balance. is a leading cloud based auto dialer company offers call center software offers Only 1.5¢ per minute & Unlimited users.