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Cloud based VoIP for Business

In the past, the amount of money spent by companies on their communication costs was so important that the costs were one of the major contributors to the operating budgets of some companies.

Fixed line rental, service and technical fees, mobile phones and costs of the calls were and are still an incredible expense, especially if the company celebrated international clients that require long distance communication. Today, however, companies have other options to keep your communication needs.

The introduction of voice and data systems hosted VoIP (voice over internet protocol), and has revolutionized the communication to a level where companies are able to operate with lower costs but still maintain superior functionality at a time.

How to hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP uses a carrier IP (Internet Protocol) to carry voice and data over a broadband connection. This method makes calls and sending data faster service and more reliable than previous fixed-line services. Hosted VoIP system allows global communication solutions enabling businesses and corporations to extend their potential market to every corner of the globe.

Companies using hosted VoIP can save an incredible amount of money on call costs. Because hosted VoIP is run from a centralized system, the calls between the branches of this system are free. Because hosted VoIP works through a broadband connection, the branches are not fixed in one place. Employees may have phones with them when they leave the office and make calls between branches and all users free of charge. Because broadband connection using a voice compression technology, call quality is high and the connection speed is very fast.

Many companies consider their current Hosted PBX phone system are such control of your calls and functionality of the system that are not willing to switch to a phone replacement system such as hosted VoIP PBX, which is provided by an external service provider allows . However, the use of a hosted VoIP system lets subscribers much, if not more control over their telephony systems.

Hosted VoIP Features

Hosted VoIP is controlled by the easy to use online tools that allow users to enable and disable features as they please. Users have control over who receive calls as well as when and where due to easy online tools. The phones are fully programmable to follow users to switch places. The systems are completely scalable for businesses can add and subtract lines as you want without support. IT administrators are able to operate the systems over the Internet to control user functions through systems management tools. The receptionists are able to manage all incoming and outgoing calls through a single interface.

Businesses can also benefit from voice mail and fax available with hosted VoIP services. An employee can access your voicemail via phone or Internet connection.

Voice messages can be heard in the inbox or be seen as an email. Faxes can be sent to the mailbox of a user, allowing the management of top fax and faxes can be stored as digital files that can be transmitted to other users.

Besides these features, VoIP hosted services allow call forwarding, call blocking, conference calling, the incoming call management, call detail online, tracking, billing and reporting, soft-phone accessories and function keys.