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Generate Enormous Leads with Appropriate Voice Broadcasting

cloud based auto dialerWhen you are using voice broadcasting as your expert marketing tools, you better get prepared outstanding business scenario.Usage of this exceptional technology can result in the super lead generation. There is a blot associated with Auto dialers, but smart marketer can attract customers with cloud based voice broadcasting.

Here, we are presenting some phenomenal outlines for creating an amazing voicemail broadcasting approach, right from the scratch. Ultimately, effective broadcasting strategy can simplify the process of leads generation and creates enormous leads but before that, you have to assure the following outlines-

  1. Create effectual voice broadcasting strategy.

Broadcasting strategy is similar to the conventional marketing strategy. Firstly, decide how you want to approach your customers and what kind of information you want to convey to them. Then, what are the features and value of your product and how it can affect the lives of the customers? Finally, come up with an appropriate plan clearly defining each step that has to be followed during the process.

  1. Select the relevant customer section you wish to cater to.

While preparing your broadcasting message the general perception of your target customers should be closely examined. For having a clear glance on customer behavior, you can have a general survey, where you can know about the things like timings when customers are more likely to answer your call and more. You can have research on what customers actually wants from your business. The process of message creation can be made easier by having a good amount of research.

  1. Prepare compact and informative message.

Your voicemail should be concise and easily understandable. For instance, it may include a three-tier strategy of the sales that is based on the problem, its effects and solutions. You need to represent your product as an ultimate solution to problems of your customers. So, voicemail should be designed in such manner that it covers all three points mentioned above. Further, the tone of voicemail should be pleasing, relaxed and friendly as it helps to get a positive response.

  1. Make sure that your business standards comply with FCC guidelines.

It is the most crucial approach to your voice broadcasting message. According to FCC guidelines, call recipients have an option to end corresponding calls and use Do Not Call (DNC) options. Even customers praise ethical and lawful businesses.

Hence, you are ready to launch your business to the new heights of recognition with the help of cloud based voice broadcasting. Find your voice broadcasting provider and start your digital marketing with this above-mentioned outlines. We want your business to shine, for more information contact us


Cloud Based Auto Dialer – Robust Companion of Your Digital Marketing Campaign

It’s already 2017 and probably you are planning your business and marketing strategy for the entire coming year. Don’t you?

But before you move further with your marketing plan don’t forget about including Digital marketing in your Plan. Digital marketing is the star of the marketing industry and it is far ample then your insight. Here, one outstanding marketing tactic evolves with the rise of Cloud-based Auto Dialers.

cloud based auto dialer

Auto Dialer’s cart comes along with various “Super Features”, which are very salutary for Digital Marketers and their team. Here, Super Features makes reference to assorted tools and aspects of Auto dialer system. These integrated features blaze a trail of productivity of sales team. Let’s count on some of the features of Auto Dialers-

  • The CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) consist of more automated features for the reliable use of auto dialers by sales reps. The CTI system connects the marketers or agents directly to the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and allows them to easily assess customer details.
  • Auto dialer modestly increases the number of calls that each sales rep can make per day. It triples the amount of contact made in a single day and in addition to that it also eliminates slow manual dialing practices.
  • Another hook up of auto dialers is Lead Nurturing Technology by enhancing the leads into customers. These options are customized in the interface of the auto-dialers system, involving crucial activities like email, fax, and voice messaging.
  • Further, it allows sales reps to conduct various activities at the same time. For instance, it is surveyed that 80% companies put their maximum efforts in selling and auto dialers elevate the sales activities by aroused multitasking.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that Cloud Based Auto Dialer is robust companions of the Digital marketing campaigns of the company. Marketers should note it as the most important course of action towards their target customers as it provides intelligent and time-sensitive solutions to the callers and sales agents.

For more information about how Cloud based Auto Dialer, Voice Broadcasting, Call Center Software, Cloud based Auto Dialer and Hosted IVR may work for your small business, visit the

How Predictive Dialers Accelerates Sales of the Contact Centers

cloud based predictive dialerIn this tech-gen world, companies are entailed to adopt every new technology to accelerate their sales. The Predictive Dialer Software is widely used in the business of contact centers. The predictive dialer is an automated system which filters the contact numbers and operates activities like automated dialing, CRM call recording, smart voicemail management, etc.

Basically, the predictive dialer is outbound call processing software designed to manage a high level of customer relationships and increase the working efficiency of the calling agents. It is estimated that predictive dialers increase the productivity of the contact centers automatically by 500% in the first year of its installation.

Let’s see how predictive dialers accelerates sales of the contact centers-

  1. Boost the efficiency of the Agents:

With the help of artificial intelligence, predictive dialer foretells the availability of the agent for handling the call and adjusts the dialing rate according to the availability.

  1. Leads Management:

It record, manage and track the prospective customers. Further, it also helps in the marketing campaign and customer inquiry. Important leads are contacted and saved for follow ups.

  1. Increase ROI:

SIP Predictive dialer system increases per day calling rate and this is how the efficiency of the agent is increased. It takes approximately 1 yr. for the business contact center to increase its ROI.

  1. Real-time management solutions:

It provides real-time call statistics, records and monitor performances for management usage. It helps to track agent’s performance and detect useless numbers.

These are few things of the big story, here; installation of predictive dialer software comes along with many other benefits which can help contact center business to increase its sales activities. Thus it can be said that predictive dialers not only increases the efficiency of the sales agent but also advances the working of distinctive marketing tactics for business.

Boost up your digital marketing with cloud-based voice broadcasting

cloud based voice broadcastingYesterday, I received a voice broadcast in my office voicemail box from one of the call center, it was promoting some IT products but eventually, it made me think about the voice mail broadcasting and that how it works.

Generally, we believe that voice broadcasting is all annoying and invasive technology. But sometimes it’s not as annoying as we think and you know what, it transfer information in a very appropriate way. Marketers target the customers of their interest and send voicemails to them so that they can easily promote their products in front of target customers.

Let us see it in little more details.

Cloud-based voice broadcasting is software which is specially designed for sales, marketing, and customer support department in order to manage, measure, and automate customer care conversations.

Marketing, sales and customer care departments are adapted to work with this software on a daily basis as it operates the marketing activities like calling, tracking, and monitoring, managing, routing, recording and reporting phone conversation. It also helps to analyze the sales reports with its big range of analytical tools.

Where does voice broadcasting is used?

  • Market research
  • Public announcement
  • Informational calls
  • Business marketing of the products or services
  • Conducting polls
  • Load testing phone system

Which are the widely used functions of the voice broadcasting?

  1. Hosted IVR-

Interactive voice response is a cloud-based technology that allows computers to communicate with humans with the help of DTMF tones and artificial voice. IVR auto-attends the answer, qualify and guide the callers towards the solution of their query.

  1. Voice- broadcasting-

It broadcasts the telephonic voice message to large number call recipients without an interference of the call agents. This system is generally used for promoting events, appointment reminders, delivery confirmations, order and reorder, reminders for receivable collections, and more.

  1. Integration of API-

It helps to integrate the protocols that intend to communicate with each other.

  1. Software analytics-

It helps the software practitioners to get analytical data for the completing different types of task.

Voicemail broadcasting is developing with rapidity and along with time it is establishing itself as a vast arena for the purpose of distinguished marketing. The voicemail listen rate is traced to be 96% that is more than any other tool used for broadcast marketing.

4 justifications why cloud-based auto dialer can escort the call center

cloud based auto dialerYou can’t avoid it, even if you want to!!
Yepp!! It’s technology on fire!

Even if you are operating your business from confined place, you’ll need help from technology as it becomes the vital part of people’s life.

And if you are having business in IT arena then I doesn’t need to tell you how important is it to remain updated with the latest technology.

One of such latest technology which is widely used in call centers is cloud-based auto dialers. A huge number of call centers have switched to this software based dialer as it heads them toward more profits and lead generation.

Here, we have top 4 robust justifications for why call centers entail cloud-based auto dialer services.

  1. It can adjust in your pockets-

Auto-dialers software is available at very cost-effective rates. The major reason behind this is that cloud-based services don’t require many physical attachments; software is solely required for its efficient operating.

No matter you are a small business or a big company, it will ensure the productivity increase in your business and create a scope of growth by retaining capital for the company.

  1. Flying communication without quality compromise-

Services from auto dialer provide convenient and high-speed communication. For call center agents, it becomes easy to handle a large number of clients in less time. Moreover, it directly dials the number of clients; no one has to look in the directory for phone numbers, so it’s very time-effective also.

  1. It helps to manage the performance-

It provides the reports about the projects and technologies which direct the managers toward better management of lead and campaigns. Leads are prioritized on the basis of this data and likewise more leads can be generated using auto-dialers.

  1. Highly flexible-

With your cloud-based auto dialer software, you can make your employees work from anywhere in the world it is not necessary to be in office for work. Your agents can operate following activities from wherever they are-

  • Receive and dial calls
  • Transfer calls
  • Make direct calls to any department of office
  • Make calls to automated attendants
  • Transfer calls

Hence, with the use of cloud-based auto dialer services, there would be no obstacles in inbound and outbound services. It holds the scary potentials to transform your call center into the amplified company.

Be innovative and cost effective with your telemarketing with ringless voicemail drops

Ringless Voicemail DropsExpansion of customer base is a crucial thing for both new and existing businesses. So, business entities devised innovative methods to propagate their messages to the clients. They are always looking for ways to talk about their products and services. In the contemporary times, cell phones are a great and lucrative marketing medium and here comes the ringless voicemail drop methodology.

In fact, it is a latest, innovative, less invasive, more accommodating technique to alert customers with personalized messages. With the ringless voicemail drops solution we can convey a customized message on any mobile voicemail without ringing the cell phone at all. With our ringless mechanism you receive instantaneous money making results with almost zero tangible work. The clients will confess that their contact rates have tripled in comparison to any other kind of communication technique that they have tried previously. This less intrusive process of generating contacts is shaping a fresh industry standard.

This technology acknowledges that often the businesses do not want to annoy their customers by ringing their phone and then parting with a voicemail when the client is inaccessible.  It is a fact that occasionally you can’t reach someone with only a single call. A Voicemail, an E-mail or a Fax and various other options are essential to access the customers. This is when the options of ringless voicemail drop can used to maximize the company’s performance. The voicemail drop solution lets one to drop a message precisely into the recipient’s mailbox without really having to dial the cell phones. Customers are seldom troubled, and choose their convenient time to listen to the messages.

So, provide a personal touch to your marketing requirements and also reap the benefit of this economical technology to the full extent.

Cloud Based Auto Dialer is a perfect investment for the call centres

leadsrain_callcenterWithout delving into the cloud dependent auto dialer straightaway, it better to talk about the importance of marketing necessities in this day and age of immense competition. In order to provide a competitive edge to your business aggressive marketing of your products and services in appropriately planned beforehand. Today’s technology savvy world has offered many options to take your business directly to your existing and potential clients without any hindrance. Marketing over the phones is one of the most favoured options and this is precisely where the new technology comes into play.

From the point of view of call centres, it is an all-inclusive infrastructure property that is indispensable for managing a call centre and its representatives more adeptly with minimalistic disbursement. If a contact centre requires a flourishing business, it should minus any delay include cloud based auto dialer to spontaneously dial calls. This dialer generates more than one dials to guarantee that almost all calls receive answer and keep track of the truly replied calls. Furthermore, this technology also trails the extent of every chat, to deliver a fresh call speedily after the previous one gets concluded.

cloud-predictive-dialer-slide2This technology helps the call centres hugely. The cloud based predictive dialer call centres do not need to invest into distinct server or hardware for the operations and acquire a great solution where it just has to connect and manoeuvre from everywhere. This particular tool empowers the establishment in producing a comprehensive record of numbers dialed; auto identified answering apparatuses and disposition reports. So, one can add any number of additional agents, all he/she require to do is to boost the hosted dialer service without spending any money on the infrastructure extension.

So, for the call centres it is not only a great infrastructure but also a huge financial relief in the long run.