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Ecstatic Revolution in Textual Communication

rich text messaging

Awaited? Anticipated? No, a Boisterous Innovation

Didyou hear? We’ve changed it. Almost entirely. Because #WhoReadsTheCaptionAnyway. Texting is a flamboyant culture made gapingly vociferous through expressive tools like emojis. This was only the first evolution of this medium. Evolution in text message has not imagined itself surpass the existing boundaries since.

Until now. Ecstatic Revolution in Textual Communication


A Due Call For Rich Communication Service Standards In Direct Marketing

rich communication service

Vocalization of Rich Communication Service

Since the advent of text messaging on the digital communication segment, it has revealed to the users a number of its limitations. Despite of that today the traffic on text messaging platforms undergoes consistent increment daily. Global leaders in technology have taken upon themselves to overcome these limitations and determine a fluent user interface for texting population. “Give them what they need,” is the call of these giants, seeing a potential for development on this medium. This gave rise to the popularly recognized, Rich Communication Service.

A Due Call For Rich Communication Service Standards In Direct Marketing

Rich Text Messaging – Quick And Efficient Direct Marketing Strategy

ringless voicemaiHow would you like to Chat with your customers? LeadsRain provides (and recommends) just that. We introduce RTM in the wake of modernised premise of digital marketing. The realms of reaching out to your customers have expanded and so have we. If you are wondering what RTM really is, you’re at the right place. Rich Text Message service is LeadsRain’s optimised version of text message marketing; the predecessor that is gradually wearing off the marketing broadway.

Rich Text Messaging – Quick And Efficient Direct Marketing Strategy

How Bulk SMS Marketing Can Kickstart Your Ventures

Have you been wondering about a strategy that can assure fruitful results? What will effectively bolster your SMEs and most importantly, how will the market be informed through you?

bulk text messaging

While most ventures resort to call or communicate through mails, a large proportion of leads have drifted away primarily due to this constant hallowing. In the near past, the same functionalities were identified as outclassing agents of marketing. Experience and study has dawned upon us the revelation that this strategy is now recognized as a mere tormenting facility that more often than not, ends up disrupting the leads.

Featuring Minimalism

Investing Smart

Response Oriented

Information Sharing

Bulk Text Messaging

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