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Ecstatic Revolution in Textual Communication

rich text messaging

Awaited? Anticipated? No, a Boisterous Innovation

Didyou hear? We’ve changed it. Almost entirely. Because #WhoReadsTheCaptionAnyway. Texting is a flamboyant culture made gapingly vociferous through expressive tools like emojis. This was only the first evolution of this medium. Evolution in text message has not imagined itself surpass the existing boundaries since. Until now.

With Rich Text Message in the picture, branding enterprises just can’t get enough of it, and for the leads, it’s a hell of a ride. The numerous Rider content (this is what we have come to call the embedded features) have captivated audiences of all stature into the spiral of advertisement marvels. Take a look:


Visual representation is the key to digital marketing excellence. When an image is riding with the text message, the textual information, more often than not, dissolves into the void of ignorance. With the gargantuan of a replica to your campaign, Rich Text Message shows what needs to be seen. This provision is perhaps the most used Rider content among all.

Use Case

Simply put, image is a complementing addition to your text message campaign and can be used creatively to pursue your leads. Aspirants have figured the use of memes or humour to work wonders. Commodity industry can have a go at it with expectations greater than Dickens.

  1. Comic
  2. Illustrations
  3. Temptations
  4. Presentations

These are only the few ideas of plenty more, that you can device in your message.


Substitute the text entirely with a high definition video in your Rider when talking about your services. Videos and clips now ride your message to the leads with this innovation. The unfamiliar identity of the Rich Text Message is sure to excite the leads with a video incorporation to the text message campaign.

Use Case

Mostly to surprise, the videos land as a single image, click on which, plays the videos. This is more like a “boo-ya!” expression with motives of surfacing a delight towards the modern marvels and your brand of course. One of the greatest uses of this facility is for the NGOs and donation based corporates that function for the welfare of the society.

  1. Advertises
  2. Campaign shoutouts
  3. Documentation

These justify only a selective needs of the market. One can put the video facility to several other uses.

QR Codes

QR code is perhaps the best Riders that promotes endless facilities from quick payment options to ticket maneuvering as its current functions. Possibilities need to be explored, however, this provision has seen its utility in the airline industry prominently. With Rich communication services the essence of both direct and digital marketing amalgam is served effectively.

Use Case

Airline industry has programmed an ideal use for the QR facility in their ticketing provision. Clubbed with prompt action, Rich SMS marketing has become an instant hit among such industries.

  1. Ticketing
  2. Link targeting
  3. Instant payments

Get creative when it comes to this, it has endless possibilities.

Prompt Response

With a two-way communication, strengthen your data accuracy through prompt response feature. Rich communication focuses on a truly rich experience, empowering your customers to respond to your message so you may understand their requirements better. With RTM, build a rapport like nothing you’ve imagined. Best part? This finds its essence in every industrial sphere.

Use Case

A one-on-one communication is made possible here giving your customers a say in your marketing strategy. What could be more beneficial for you than this? This facility finds its place anywhere you feel your customer’s say can optimize your brand.

  1. DNC instantization
  2. Active communication
  3. Database accuracy

Short URL

Short URL facility is one of the most essential features of RTM. Rich text message service is made rich through this provision. LeadsRain provides a short substitute URL for the link you opt to add to the text message. They are made readable and save up more room for other “fancy” Rider content.

Use Case

Short URL provision finds its key purpose in tracking the source through which the leads are being generated. Each campaign can use a different URL linked to the relevant webpage, helping you identify the targets appropriately. One may also practice their creativity here. For instance,

  2. cup.cake
  3. hang.over.kyor

Usurper At Large

RTM is most definitely a usurper, out there to conquer the digital space. The only illegal aspect of its conquest is that it is going to make texting a thing of the past, and with it, the employment it supports. Rich texting will probably take over sooner than anticipated because again, #WhoReadsTheCaptionAnyway. There are endless possibilities to Rich Text provision in the marketing campaigns and mentioned above will turn up into the generic segment not more than a year from now. The technological advancements envisioned through this innovation has the potential to change the way people use devices. Not only is this the right time to adopt this medium owing to its innovative techniques, the platform is sure to entice the leads, helping you stand out quite instantly.

Rich Text Message has already started its conquest. The question is, are you ready to be conquered? Let us know about your decision at Kudos to the new age of communication, Rich Text Message.


A Due Call For Rich Communication Service Standards In Direct Marketing

rich communication service

Vocalization of Rich Communication Service

Since the advent of text messaging on the digital communication segment, it has revealed to the users a number of its limitations. Despite of that today the traffic on text messaging platforms undergoes consistent increment daily. Global leaders in technology have taken upon themselves to overcome these limitations and determine a fluent user interface for texting population. “Give them what they need,” is the call of these giants, seeing a potential for development on this medium. This gave rise to the popularly recognized, Rich Communication Service.


The facility did face initial setbacks, though backed by GSMA. It was only about a decade later from its generation in 2007 that it received the popularity it deserved. In 2016, GSMA propagated a Universal Profile for software providers, operators and mobile manufacturers in RCS, furthermore popularizing the interface. Thus started the viralization of this technology.

Welcoming The New Hunk

Though it took longer than expected, RCS has been welcomed wholeheartedly by giants worldwide. RCS’s inception in the popular culture was advanced by T-Mobile first in 2015, following which, now we see Google launching their own chatting platform called “Chat.” The limitations of mere text messaging are made overtly visible by this service. With provision to image, location, gif sharing, not only the scope of text messaging is raised, but simultaneously the aging Android message can now compete with iMessage as well. Perhaps why we see Google’s active role in the same. GSMA has now collaborated with providers and operators worldwide and at present, RCS facility is adopted by 55 mobile operators, 11 OEMs and 2 OS providers.

RCS has opened wide ranging avenues for the prevalent extensive use of text message. In the next dimension of text messaging (as it is already being addressed as) the direct marketing industry is sure to flourish. With the statistics suggesting a massive use of RCS technology (30 million users transcribing 250 million messages daily says T-Mobile) is a highly favourable ground for direct marketing service. Moreover the statistics points to the positive attitude of users towards the facility. Indeed it is the new hunk in town and iMessage better beware.

Digital Standards Optimized

Online sources describing RCS have continually portrayed flawed knowledge in representing the facility. While many address RCS as a service or an app, for instance, in its actual sense, RCS is none of these. The role of GSMA in the propagation of RCS could not suggest any clearly, the nature of it being a set of standards in the mobile operating interface. Renowned agencies have mistaken it to be an app, or a service in itself whereas it is a number of characteristics recommended for inclusion in the upcoming cell phone features.

T-Mobile’s name for the RCS standards in their latest models is Advanced Messaging while Vodafone Spain and Telefónic released Joyn service after the announcement of RCS. Recent perplexity amassed upon Google’s Chat is yet another example for the same where Google is formulating a platform for providing their own version of features classified as RCS.

LeadsRain enables its own set of services in Rich Text Message (RTM) alongside its other services towards direct marketing enterprise. Embarking upon the age of technology, direct marketing agencies have joined hands with this facility to explore the new avenues it has to provide. On the direct marketing front this new service has a high potential for diverting the leads in your direction through its interactive interface.

Comments To Stand By

“We expect it (RCS) will be a standard feature on new smartphones sold.” Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer, T-Mobile.

“We like to call it the next evolution of SMS. It’s richer messaging content with features like read receipts that are great to have.” Andy Shirley, Senior Product Manager, Open Market.

“Today marks an important step forward in bringing a better messaging experience for Android users everywhere, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with our partners across the industry to make this happen.” Nick Fox, Vice President of Communications Products, Google.

“This initiative will greatly simplify and accelerate adoption of the technology, and points to the future of how mobile users will communicate with one another. This is an incredibly positive development for the industry.” Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer, GSMA.

RCS has been the call for major companies today, to emphasise on the next generation messaging platform. Companies are turning towards this facility and directing their marketing agendas considering its features in mind. LeadsRain provides Direct Marketing facility on this platform today, acknowledging the current trends in text messaging culture. For details about this service for your business, kindly forward your queries at and visit the website here.

Rich Text Messaging – Quick And Efficient Direct Marketing Strategy

ringless voicemaiHow would you like to Chat with your customers? LeadsRain provides (and recommends) just that. We introduce RTM in the wake of modernised premise of digital marketing. The realms of reaching out to your customers have expanded and so have we. If you are wondering what RTM really is, you’re at the right place. Rich Text Message service is LeadsRain’s optimised version of text message marketing; the predecessor that is gradually wearing off the marketing broadway.
It is new, it is welcomed, it is approved by your customers, and it is sure to engage them to take the next step you want them to. In its simplicity, RTM is an embedded text message that glorifies your services and is staunchly visible to your leads. While this may be a generalist description of the service, there is a deep-seated functioning that enables the leads to authenticate your position in their daily activities.
How Does It Work?
Rich Text Message services are currently used with images, videos, graphical designs, QR codes but the possibilities are vast, to say the least.The RTMs are embedded with any digital file you can think of that can probably persuade your leads. Howdo they work? I, as a customer, am just infuriated by the constant texts buzzing my cell phone, often about a product I hardly seem to care about.To me, when Dominos sends its coupons, I would hardly care to copy the text, then go to the link provided, place an order,only to redeem a 20% discount.It doesn’t cut it for me. With RTM,
I will be provided with a link with an image of their pizza that is assured to make me drool at 12 in the afternoon, when I am nearing my lunch time. I will, purely with the intentions of trying it out, go to the link provided. With RTM, the link will take the customer (me), directly to the cart with his favourite order, and the discount coupon already applied. Assuming there are only 2% of leads that share my mentality, it is already about a 1000% increment in conversion for Dominos (assuming the standard 0.2% text message conversion applies to Dominos).
I’m sure I have your attention now, with an assured 1000% increment in your conversion. RTM reduces the customers’ efforts to reach you, and correspondingly delightfully allures them to you. In other words, RTM is the bagpiper, without the long walk of course.
The real question however, is which platforms can support this form of texting. The answer is simple. Stay updated, stay current, stay classy, because to house this technology in your phones, it MUST be the latest update of Android or iOS.

What’s Left Behind?

By moving forward we have discarded some of the concretions accumulating over time. Say goodbye to:

  • Mundane texts formed over intense brainstorming. Here you can easily subscribe a link, nay, SHORT link to draw your customers directly.
  • Narrow possibilities drawn towards engaging your audience through text, assuming they will read it. Assign  an image, clip, or whatever file you wish to share through RTM.
  • Slow buffering of your pages dependent on internet connectivity. Through RTM your customers can access  the    pages even when offline. Worrying about the file size that can raise your investment costs. RTM with its small-  size character will never  raise this concern again.

Align To The Market Demands, Proceed With Rich Text Messaging

What’s New?
Align To The Market Demands, Proceed With Rich Text Messaging
As mentioned, your message will support personalized links, desired images and videos, QR codes, and so you must not be surprised the next time you receive your airline tickets via RTM. You can send a PDF file through this facility directly into their phones at marginal tariffs. Furthermore, RTM services are enabled with a group text facility creative stickers, interactive message to multiple recipients to and fro. How is it different from iMessage and other popularly used mediums of texting? Well it isn’t. We understand that the popular text messaging platforms provide more than mere texting. Here, LeadsRain propagates its services to adhere to those demands.

Proceed With RTM

RTM is backed by an intense study and is initiated keeping the trending methodical practices in mind. Boring and cliche as it may sound, the assurance LeadsRain persists on is backed by this statistical analysis drawn by leading agents. If you aim for instant growth parameters for your business and align your philosophy to retain optimized returns on your investments, RTM will deliver exactly that. We synchronize your needs with our renowned service and support, you are assured to lead the market with outstanding results.

If your business requires other corresponding services, we also provide Ringless Voicemail services, Voice Broadcasting services among others. For more information on our services you can visit our website here or email us at

How Bulk SMS Marketing Can Kickstart Your Ventures

Have you been wondering about a strategy that can assure fruitful results? What will effectively bolster your SMEs and most importantly, how will the market be informed through you?

bulk text messaging

While most ventures resort to call or communicate through mails, a large proportion of leads have drifted away primarily due to this constant hallowing. In the near past, the same functionalities were identified as outclassing agents of marketing. Experience and study has dawned upon us the revelation that this strategy is now recognized as a mere tormenting facility that more often than not, ends up disrupting the leads.

Cloud based text messaging is the next best form of marketing that your SMEs can use. It is given that the cell phones are the cornerstone of the millennial lifestyle. When a corporate influences one to turn towards their phones, they’re halfway through their goals. Text Message Marketing enables a variety of benefits both through the ease of conveying relevant information and their instant accessibility. But the most magnificent feature that bulk SMS marketing enables you to do is reach a wide range of leads with just one click.

In the line of SMEs, irrespective of the business, the thumb rule for turning leads into clients is, “when only 4 count, shortlist 40.” Bulk messaging has more boons than banes, and can prove a precious companion during your ventures.

Featuring Minimalism

The mass is constantly on the go, and to find some space in this anxious environment is tedious to say the least. To adapt to the time, corporates have taken to minimalist trends. Representing your message in a crisp, precise manner can bear you the desired results. For this reason, the nagging phone calls, and lengthy emails are outrightly discarded by the value-adding leads. A simple 2-3 liner text message enveloping the attractive information is proven to have a higher impact than previously prominent marketing apparatus.

Investing Smart 

Bulk text messaging involves low investment and assures quick returns. There perhaps exists no marketing agent as cost effective as text messaging which leads to a definite profit to the respective activity being marketed. For the SMEs you desire to perform, text message marketing will efficiently spread the message to the mass (with a bonus if the ventures inculcates an activity owing to the trends in the popular culture) and simultaneously make your staff emphasize only on the necessities. A well crafted text message will engage with the desired audience and prompt them to connect to your platforms instantly. This convenience is formulated to adhere to the existing mentality of reading text messages over answering calls. 

Response Oriented

The most pervasive association of a marketing scheme is response generation. While marketing through calls are attended, their conversion rates are much lower at 30% to text messages landing over 200-280% conversion of leads in some industries. Text message marketing has been identified as a prefered mode of communication by 75% of the customers, a recent study has proved. A large segment of the consumer population have a positive impression towards the company featuring text message mode of marketing. The emphasis here is also on the relationship you will develop with the clients through the two-way communication channel.

(Harris Poll)

Information Sharing

Bulk Text Messaging with a two-way channel has a huge scope of gathering relevant information, but most importantly, it aids in the future plans. While this may sound new, it is as true as the Sun. Text-Message marketing, when done right, has the capability to pull your SMEs to the next level. This engaging medium is widely acclaimed and is driven several projects to a healthy start. Not only this, the bulk messaging services attribute a long-term information gathering premise to the facility. Some uses of bulk text messages on this tangent are practiced by bars and clubs to manifest a long-term regime to their programs. What better way to plan the next step for your industry, than the one indicated by the market forces itself.

Bulk Text Messaging facility has proved its worth in this age and time with its outstanding results. The statistics have repeatedly favoured the text marketing strategy over email and call or even social media advertising. The galvanizing forces of text messages draw remarkable benefits for SMEs at initial stages. It is popularly advised to undertake this form of marketing owing to their ardent responsive character.

For a provocative design, LeadsRain indulges an enhanced Text messaging service that outranks its competition with its state-of-the-art technology and personalization features. LeadsRain also corresponds this facility with other monitoring services that you can gain a detailed information about at our website or reach us at

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