The Quickest and Smart Way to Deliver your Message: Text Messaging Service

The mobile occupies a great presence in our daily lives. From the moment we wake up in the morning to the time we go to sleep, our eyes are glued to the cell phone. With such a kind of presence, it is logical that marketers will leverage it to strengthen their marketing goals.

text messaging service

At the present time, majority people have mobile phones and use it to send or receive messages for various purposes. Many organizations are now hiring Bulk Text services to reach potential customers. With the high opening rate of text, the quick response from customers makes Bulk text strategies beneficial and effective.

Although the explosion of cell phones has increased digital trends, companies feel they should invest more in that. text message has been around for many years and it is here to stay with its fly high opening rate of almost 95% and the fact that Text Messages are read within 4 minutes of delivery.

Text Message marketing is opt-in channel. Businesses can only send messages to those people who have subscribed to be on their marketing list.

A brief text which contains all the necessary information and is to-the-point will always be preferred by customers than long and lengthy messages. Text Messaging is an affordable tool which provides marketers with a flexible platform to send messages to targeted customers.

Text Messaging is the only platform where you can perform hyper-local campaigns which focus on a small range of area.

These campaigns have benefited small business as they help to reach targeted audience with substantial cost cuts. Any organization, whether small, medium or large can find a considerate tool in Text messaging as they help to reach target audience in a focussed region.

Final thoughts

So that was a brief about Text messaging services and a few points from an array of possibilities on how you can use it.

Bulk text messaging marketing is ripe currently and you should leverage it to your advantage as much as possible. It provides high conversion as well as open rates, along with affordability.

We at LeadsRain offer Text Messaging services at cost-effective rates. To get free demos, or to know more about the what, why and how of us, visit our website here or shoot an email to


Though Mass texting services is one of the most sought after services to market and reach out to customers directly and create one to one relationships but it is to keep in mind that the audience that you upload to target with text messages should have opted in for the same. New CTIA, FTC and FCC guidelines has now made it compulsory for marketers to get written consent of the people. Marketers must check whether the data they have is opt-in data and thus compliant to all policies. The service providers will not be liable to any of the damages caused otherwise.


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