WOW! I Found the Best Way to Contact my Customer: Ringless voicemail

Nobody likes to be interrupted. Being interrupted by constant telemarketing calls can be one of the worst things to happen in a person’s day. And continuous calling can hike up the irritation level of customers to such an extent that they might even choose to forget about you altogether.

ringless voicemail

In this age where consumers need advertising that is not only relevant but also according to their convenience, methods like ringless voicemail come to the rescue.They do not disrupt consumers since they don’t ring their phones and recipients have the option of listening to it whenever they have time.

Ringless Voicemail is a service drops a voicemail directly into the consumer’s voicemail without ringing their phones. They can listen to the message whenever they get the time.

RVM has a staggeringly high open rate. So what gives RVM an edge over other marketing services?

  • No charge to recipient
  • Fewer opt-in requirements
  • Begins a human conversation

While many communication channels offer an automated experience, it is also true that a fair share of prospects still want human interaction throughout the sales process. RVM starts that interaction because of its high listen and response rates.

Talking about all those leads that never answer your phone. With Ringless Voicemail, your messages can reach them now. The high listen rate, ensures that your message is being heard. Not to mention that this technology is also fairly inexpensive, much more affordable than traditional and web advertising. This service also prevents you from being “that” harassing tele-caller which puts off consumers and the resultant irritation is one of the major reasons why so many leads go unproductive.

An average marketer spends a good chunk each day of their week on repetitive tasks that boost low converting marketing channels like email, web pages, and social media. Implementing a ringless voicemail strategy into a traditional marketing strategy will save resources, time, and increase ROI.

We at LeadsRain offer seamless Ringless voicemail services to help you connect with your audience. To get free demos and know more about the how, why and what of us write to us at


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