Month: March 2018

Why choose a cloud-based predictive dialer?


Owing to the huge number of data involved, a seemingly insignificant amount of inefficiency by a sales rep could result in enormous losses for a contact center. So it is important to get your workforce regulated in terms of technical adequacy and soft-skilled efficiency, for the latter we have written a series of blogs for which you can check out our workforce enablement series here.

Why choose a cloud-based predictive dialer?



How to Amplify Lead Generation with a blend of Voice Broadcasting and Ringless Voicemail?

I won’t be entirely wrong in saying that the current market is saturated with various kinds of tech and tools, making it nearly impossible to pick out the best method for lead generation.

How to Amplify Lead Generation with a blend of Voice Broadcasting and Ringless Voicemail

Today I’m sharing two technologies in the domain of direct marketing- Ringless Voicemail and Voice Broadcasting.

Ringless Voicemail and Voice broadcasting can really amp up your outreach efforts without spending much time and money.

How to Amplify Lead Generation with a blend of Voice Broadcasting and Ringless Voicemail?


Good News for Salesforce users!

Get new leads added to your Salesforce account easily

Good news for businesses using Salesforce. You can now get your leads stored in Salesforce directly. So now after you attach your LinkedIn account to Salesforce and run lead generation ads in your lead gen campaign, it automatically adds leads to Salesforce from LinkedIn Lead Gen advertisements.
So when prospective customers fill out a form on your LinkedIn ad, that data is directly converted data as new Salesforce leads.

This new feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

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RevShare is the buzzword at LeadsCon 2018!

Hey folks, we are coming to LeadsCon March of 2018, and we couldn’t be more excited to be in Las Vegas for it. We’ve been attending LeadsCon for three years now, and it never fails to enlighten us with inspiring path-breaking ideas.

ringless voicemail

Every LeadsCon has been a milestone for us, we have attended it to showcase serious developments in our cloud-based marketing suite, in the year 2017 of LeadsCon we showcased our newly made cookieless retargeting platform: Targeto for the first time.

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How to be TCPA Compliant and still reach out to all your Audience!

ringless voicemail

Do you know that you need written consent of customers to send them commercial text messages or a call? In a nutshell anything that rings and notifies the person it is sent to comes under TCPA Compliance. But Ringless Voicemail is an information service that doesn’t ring so and is thus exempted from TCPA.

The CTIA’s Best Practices Guide for SMS Marketing and Communications, released on January 19, 2017, emphasizes more on TCPA compliance and consensually obtained data or opt-in data.

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