Month: January 2018

Which LeadsRain’s service is better for you to get heard–Ringless Voicemail or Voice Broadcasting?

Ringless Voicemail and Voice Broadcast Software are two of our esteemed services. Our customers rely highly on the efficiency of these marketing products and also the results they bring to their marketing endeavors. Our existing customers use them interchangeably in their marketing campaigns.

voice broadcasting

But with the new customers, there is often this query as to which service is the best for them to send their voice out to people around the world?

Here we discuss the key functionalities of both our services ringless voicemail and voice broadcasting.

Voice Broadcasting Software .

LeadsRain’s Straight-to-Voicemail


Well if the above text seems too long to read, we’ve itemised a list of key points that will help you compare the services and see for yourself which suits you better.

Ringless Voicemail or Straight-to-Voicemail
Doesn’t ring
TCPA FCC compliant
No annoyance
You can only record messages up to a minute
Limited CTA
Preferred for commercial use
5 cents per minute
Voice Broadcasting Software
Can record and broadcast lengthy messages
Longer CTA (forms, etc)
Elaborate feedback
Is not TCPA compliant
More personalized communication
Preferred for emergency situations
3 cents per minute

Which LeadsRain’s service is better for you to get heard–Ringless Voicemail or Voice Broadcasting?


Voice Broadcasting Mistakes to avoid in 2018

We at LeadsRain hope that you are having a wonderful start to the 2018 year. Well, we certainly are having an awesome time, our sister company Targeto Inc, that is now a year old got featured in, in a blog by James C Paine titled People-based Marketing: 9 start-ups to watch in 2018. Also LeadsRain is all pepped up to exhibit at LeadsCon 2018 and Dreamforce 2018, we hope to see you there!

voice broadcasting

So let us help you in whatever little way we can to make your 2018 awesome. Here are some of the mistakes that we have made also the ways you can not make them or even undo in your voice broadcasting marketing strategies. Hope that you find many things of value in this piece, cheers!

  • Wearing all the tags at the same time
  • Being fragmented
  • Shooting in the dark
  • Un-tailored opinion
  • Leaving them directionless
  • No Garnishing
  • Failure in choosing a right marketing carrier

Voice Broadcasting Mistakes to avoid in 2018.

What makes the Political Campaigns a Magnificent Success?

ringless voicemail

While the States is heading towards the show of the decade, each candidate has been on the toes to ensure the entry to the oval office. On that note, let’s get a ‘behind the scene’ look at those elements which are making the huge difference in this election.

Right tool at right time

Another tool is cloud based auto dialer that has been available since long, and optimized enormously across the verticals and for a political cause too.This tool helps a lot in knowing opinions of the voters and form inclination towards the candidate.

The sync of all these tools towards desired outcome

10 Ways to scale the unscalable for bagging in precious customers for life!

lead generation

  • Start off with this
  • Be the first one to give
  • Don’t just be a vendor
  • Improve your customer service
  • Make your customer demanding
  • Empathize your customers
  • Why should they be your customers anyway?
  • Aim for a second sale

You can find them here: What are the benefits of sales enablement optimization, How we at LeadsRain optimize sales enablement and Key benefits of Sales Enablement Optimization.

Ask for feedback

10 Ways to scale the unscalable for bagging in precious customers for life!

Helpful Bulk Text Messaging Strategies for your Food & Beverage business!

Dear, Food Entrepreneurs get an audience you deserve with our Mass Texting Service


With an incessant mushrooming of text messaging applications available online people especially the millennials have entirely forgotten the usage of an SMS, more particularly its importance and effectivity.

Have you seen the statistics SMS marketing campaigns produce? They are shockingly good yet understandable.

  • Respect your visitors
  • Nurture the relationship
  • Do not bunch and blast
  • Maintain their privacy
  • Time matters, as usual
  • Ask for feedback

We hope this would help you derive a lot of direction in your mass texting services campaign to grow your food and beverage business. Cheers!

Rolling On The Sales Laughing!

ringless voicemail

Nick is our veteran sales executive, and he’s been working with us for four years now. Nick is 26 he is kind, loves baseball, has a fairly good knowledge of stocks, cooks burgers in free time, and is infamous for cracking jokes where is no space for any, without making the scene awkward.

You must be knowing Nick and his impromptu humor if you have happened to talk to our support team. Continue Reading Rolling On The Sales Laughing!