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Which LeadsRain’s service is better for you to get heard–Ringless Voicemail or Voice Broadcasting?

Ringless Voicemail and Voice Broadcast Software are two of our esteemed services. Our customers rely highly on the efficiency of these marketing products and also the results they bring to their marketing endeavors. Our existing customers use them interchangeably in their marketing campaigns.

voice broadcasting

But with the new customers, there is often this query as to which service is the best for them to send their voice out to people around the world?

Here we discuss the key functionalities of both our services ringless voicemail and voice broadcasting.

Voice Broadcasting Software is our finest voice transmission system, it is hassle-free, easy to use and can execute complicated tasks that would otherwise require a call center set up. LeadsRain’s Voice Broadcast Software allows you to broadcast your recorded to voice to your desired customer database. You do not have any time duration limit as to how long do you want your recorded voice message to be, it is completely up to you. Though we suggest it to be wrapped up in a minute in general cases. As a marketer you need to have gotten hold of their attention by a minute, and if that’s not the case your customers are not going to listen to anything after that.

Voice broadcast service allows you to record the audio responses of your customers. You can thus create questionnaire with closed questions for your customers to get insights on their thoughts about your product, service, valuable feedbacks, or requirements, etc. For e.g., Would you consider recommending our services to your friends and family? Please answer in Yes or No.

Voice Broadcasting works best in Emergency situations and not as much as in commercial ventures. The reason being, voice broadcast notification comes with a ring. Also sending commercial updates, alerts to the people not opted or failing to provide a facility to unsubscribe can make this voice broadcasting activity of yours illegal. But on a positive note you can send thousands of voice messages to the people in during the state of emergency, on their phones and desktop screens, while ringless voicemail would do no good there.

LeadsRain’s Straight-to-Voicemail is classified as an information service. All information services are TCPA complaint. Ringless Voicemail as the name suggests doesn’t ring and causes no unwanted annoyance to the customers. This is best possible method to reach out people in whom lays your commercial interest. Anyone on the receiving end of the voicemail would not be disturbed by your message, nor would it sound to them as abrupt instead they would listen to it in the peace of the moment intending to pay attention, this increases the message deliverance drastically. Unlike Voice Broadcast, Ringless Voicemail cannot give you elaborate feedback answers through forms.


Well if the above text seems too long to read, we’ve itemised a list of key points that will help you compare the services and see for yourself which suits you better.

Ringless Voicemail or Straight-to-Voicemail
Doesn’t ring
TCPA FCC compliant
No annoyance
You can only record messages up to a minute
Limited CTA
Preferred for commercial use
5 cents per minute
Voice Broadcasting Software
Can record and broadcast lengthy messages
Longer CTA (forms, etc)
Elaborate feedback
Is not TCPA compliant
More personalized communication
Preferred for emergency situations
3 cents per minute

It is to be kept in mind that although they both do the same thing of sending out your voice to the masses, they’re features make them quite distinct, allowing them to be of need in specific fields for specific industries.


Voice Broadcasting Mistakes to avoid in 2018

We at LeadsRain hope that you are having a wonderful start to the 2018 year. Well, we certainly are having an awesome time, our sister company Targeto Inc, that is now a year old got featured in, in a blog by James C Paine titled People-based Marketing: 9 start-ups to watch in 2018. Also LeadsRain is all pepped up to exhibit at LeadsCon 2018 and Dreamforce 2018, we hope to see you there!

voice broadcasting

So let us help you in whatever little way we can to make your 2018 awesome. Here are some of the mistakes that we have made also the ways you can not make them or even undo in your voice broadcasting marketing strategies. Hope that you find many things of value in this piece, cheers!

Wearing all the tags at the same time
In voice broadcasting, it all starts with the content: write up a script, verify and re-verify keeping in mind points that will give your customers the brand message deliverance. Do not be the Shakespeare of marketing; unnecessary jargons are a big put off. Do not brim with the keywords and synonyms of your services, that just doesn’t make sense. Cultivate a message, a pass by the need of people and draft your content accordingly.

Being fragmented
Make sure your marketing team the one that is creating your voice broadcasting campaign, your sales team which knows your customers best, research persons with knowledge of all things statistics be together while creating a voice broadcast message. You can’t expect a newly hired copy writing intern to write you a message that will showcase your brand in the most effective way to all your customers. Also make sure what you say in the voice broadcast message is congruent to your content in the website, yet not completely similar.

Shooting in the dark
What’s in it for me that is what every customer looks for. So keep in mind that in all your marketing endeavors you have considered this point. Do not keep selling your product and its features, but sell the experience the customers can get from it. Make sure you know what your customers need and try to deliver that in your voice broadcast message as this is the only thing that will give you the attention of your customers.

Un-tailored opinion
Your message should be in accordance with the audience you are targeting, certainly as your tone with youngsters and the elderly group of people. The tone and design of your voice broadcast message also depend on whether you are talking to a new lead, referral or an existing customer. Decide according to the audience type that you are targeting whether you want to keep a friendly, personal, professional, quirky, humorous or to the point tone just so to avoid brand aversion.

Leaving them directionless
Do not forget to provide them with a call to action. Do not leave them directionless, ask them to give you a call on any said number or better yet give out your website name and other social media addresses to like twitter handle, etc. to inform them more about your company and product with an added benefit of increased online traffic.

Also as you can record long voice broadcast messages you can ask them to fill up forms and asked questions with closure, For, eg, would you suggest us to your friends and family, please answer in Yes or No.

These functionalities of Voice Broadcasting Software can help you create more personal relationships with your customers.

And then there is the standard CTA like Press 1 in order to directly speak with them and press 2 to opt-out of receiving future voice broadcasts.

Bad Timing
Would you send out messages to endorse your buffet meals at 9:30 in the night? Anyone with a sane mind would not. Reason why? Because who likes to think of food after they’ve eaten, now you can only imagine the effect on brand this kind of marketing would give. Stay relevant and communicate as if in real time.

No Garnishing
When all is done, you need to refine your speech. Make sure that your pauses are not too brief and not dramatically long, check your diction, cadence, tact, and pitch of speaking. Hire a voice-over artist if anything.

Failure in choosing a right marketing carrier
Now that you have done almost everything to execute a perfect voice broadcasting campaign you might need an ideal voice broadcasting carrier. Our user-centric voice transmission system meets all your marketing needs in the most efficient manner. To know the intricacies go here.

What makes the Political Campaigns a Magnificent Success?

ringless voicemail

While the States is heading towards the show of the decade, each candidate has been on the toes to ensure the entry to the oval office. On that note, let’s get a ‘behind the scene’ look at those elements which are making the huge difference in this election.

Right tool at right time

Surveys being the most effective tool to know the thought-process of voters, however it often remains underutilized. The survey can be used as a refined way of ‘canvassing’ if it is undertaken with appropriate tools and strategies. Adding to that, there is ringless voicemail which comes quite handy while initiating the political campaigns.

The purpose of ringless voicemail is to simply create awareness in the beginning of the campaign especially when there is such little information available about the candidate. Another tool is cloud based auto dialer that has been available since long, and optimized enormously across the verticals and for a political cause too.This tool helps a lot in knowing opinions of the voters and form inclination towards the candidate.

The sync of all these tools towards desired outcome

The aforementioned tools are undoubtedly effective; however they extend outstanding outcomes when they are systematically coordinated.

  • It all starts with the first impression that plays pivotal role in positioning candidates’ image in voters mind. Hence, along with Ringless Voicemail and other print media campaigns, the call routing and tracking should be clubbed to evaluate the effectiveness of a political campaign.
  • Go for the political broadcast which rapidly calls the potential voters, record the message in the voice of the candidate and keep ‘press one’ alternative at the end for feedback and query of the voters. Answer them using personalized email or text message.

The essence of a successful political campaign lies in the engagement of probable voters toward candidate’s activities. The more they involve the more they likely to form faith towards the candidate and that is the center point of all efforts.

10 Ways to scale the unscalable for bagging in precious customers for life!

lead generation

Start off with this

Always keep in mind to build a healthy, long-lasting relationship with all your leads, without any other agenda in head. Commit to making a relationship, and bring that commitment into execution daily, regardless of how less promising you think the visitor or lead is. Be authentic, tactful and transparent. This will pave a way to very fruitful and easy relationship with the lead in the future to come.

Be the first one to give

Initiate good deeds to your customer when unasked and unexpected. Provide guidance and information that your customer wouldn’t get otherwise. This is a great way to leverage yourself from other competitors, most importantly with this, your customers will let go of little missteps here and there.

Don’t just be a vendor

Be a part of their journey, accompany them on their journey with your service and attitude. Be their partner and not just providers of service. Realise that you grow with the growth of your customer and act like that. When along with providing the best of your services, you make your customer feel at home, they will let pass instances of dissatisfaction many times. What more would one need?

Improve your customer service

It all comes down to this, sales executives and representatives are the ones that collide head-on with the customers, the ones who actually sell the idea and product to the target audience and move them further along the sales funnel. I have written a series of blogs that will help you understand how can you enrich your customer support team to help bag customers for life.

You can find them here: What are the benefits of sales enablement optimization, How we at LeadsRain optimize sales enablement and Key benefits of Sales Enablement Optimization.

Make your customer demanding

Make your customers accustomed to good service, discounts, schemes tailored for them, exceptional customer service. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you go against your budget planning. And fulfill demands that will only bug you, in the long run, think of this as stock investments, and you aren’t supposed to be myopic here. This will keep your customers from going to your competitors as they may not entertain the thing those customers are accustomed to asking.

Empathize your customers

Again, very important, this point may sound cliched and overrated, but the truth in this fact wouldn’t go anywhere, no matter what you do or what you are dealing with it is the human psyche that you’re dealing with. Make your customers be heard and tell them the things they want to hear, assure them of the services your products produce to give and the support after the deal is made. Treat them like you would want yourself to be treated.

Why should they be your customers anyway?

Sell your USP after knowing what could be sold as one for eg.,

We are Dairy Bell Bakers; we use the finest of wheat bought all the way from the dense fields of Australia that are harvested to perfection with love, to give just the right texture and taste. We bring to bread baked golden daily, at just $2 a loaf also get a free cup of coffee on takeaways on weekdays!

Aim for a second sale

According to Brian Tracy, it is ten times easier to sell to existing customer, excluding cross-selling and upselling it save the time and resources that go into convincing/converting new leads. To equip yourself with the most correct of mindset, set a goal to make this lead make a second sale. This will make you give them the service that is targeted to retain them and this first impression in the customer’s head will go a long way.

Ask for feedback

This comes after the deal is sealed, ask them this question – “would you like to shop with this again?” and “would you recommend us to your family and friends?” So, you are getting acknowledgment for the second sale and also getting referrals. Referrals from a satisfied customer make your chances of converting them 15 times easier than that of a cold call.

I hope this blog brings value to your selling and marketing strategies, just like how it had to our and begotten us precious customers for life!

Helpful Bulk Text Messaging Strategies for your Food & Beverage business!

Dear, Food Entrepreneurs get an audience you deserve with our Mass Texting Service


With an incessant mushrooming of text messaging applications available online people especially the millennials have entirely forgotten the usage of an SMS, more particularly its importance and effectivity. Have you seen the statistics SMS marketing campaigns produce? They are shockingly good yet understandable.

18.7 bn texts are sent worldwide every day, exclusive of app-to-app messages. (Statistic Brain, 2017)

15,220,700 SMSes are sent every 60 seconds of a day worldwide, excluding app-to-app messages. (Domo, 2017)

913,242,000 SMSes are sent every hour, every day around the globe not including app-to-app messaging. (Domo, 2017)

Text Messages have a 99% open rate. (SinglePoint)

Within 3 minutes of an SMS campaign being run, 95% of them are read. (Forbes)

Almost half of the sent texts responded to on average. (Velocify)

Retailers, Start-ups, and business of all sorts that require to reach out to people on a regular basis use and need Bulk Text Messaging Services. LeadsRain has been a consistent choice of companies and business across genres that use SMS marketing for their marketing campaigns, retargeting and customer relationship management. You can read more about our Cloud-based Bulk Text Messaging here. Below are some of the efficient mass texting service strategies to get the most out of your campaign, for your food and beverage business.

Respect your visitors

And trust me that’s all they want, they may let go even if their pizza comes out bland or coffee lukewarm at times if you make them feel at home. Also, to make them feel at home is not entirely the responsibility of your interior designer that means to say how you’ve set up your cafe, restaurant or food van. How you treat them, matters most.

Guide your customer’s entire home delivery journey through text messages. Acknowledgement through text messages is a thing that would give closure to your customers while their food is on the way. Your order has been accepted; Your order is on the way, We are just 5 minutes away! Are some of the examples you could put to use.

A message to deliver gratitude after the payment has been done is an added cherry on the cake.

Nurture the relationship

The best use you can put your begotten cloud-based Bulk Text Messaging Service is that you can send promotional text messages and offer messages to your users. Festival discounts, discounts on days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc., will for sure pour you in a lot of customers back.

You may also ask them to share promo code for your restaurant to share any number of people and get incentives accordingly.

Text them updates on new arrivals, create texts that describe some of your very loved dishes, scrumptiously and give a link to order the same.

Do not bunch and blast

Segment your audience to serve them better. Make a little effort to see their background and what institute or organization they belong to. Send them offers and updates according to their requirement and also previous choices.

Maintain their privacy

Make sure your customers have consensually given your restaurant or cafe their phone numbers. If you send them messages when they haven’t opted for the same, could be illegal and only do you harm.

Do not annoy them with text messages haphazardly fix to time, as to not invade their personal space.

Time matters, as usual

Send them text messages during prime time or peak hours before people are expected to have their meals, this increases the efficiency of your delivered text message but obviously. Do not send them early in the morning and any other time when it is not needed.

Unexpected messages cause a general spurt of annoyance and can cause aversion from your brand, making a dent that wouldn’t be easy to fix.

Keep the interval between two of your text messages enough, so as to not appear clingy and annoying, keep them sparse, it only makes sense.

Ask for feedback

LeadsRain’s Bulk Text Message Service allows you a two-way text messaging. Get valuable response from your customers whether they liked your food and services. Also, you can ask close-ended questions that customer has only to choose from two options, e.g., Would you like to visit us again? Reply ‘Y’ for yes and ‘N’ for no to 56658.

We hope this would help you derive a lot of direction in your mass texting services campaign to grow your food and beverage business. Cheers!

Rolling On The Sales Laughing!

ringless voicemail

Nick is our veteran sales executive, and he’s been working with us for four years now. Nick is 26 he is kind, loves baseball, has a fairly good knowledge of stocks, cooks burgers in free time, and is infamous for cracking jokes where is no space for any, without making the scene awkward.

You must be knowing Nick and his impromptu humor if you have happened to talk to our support team.

But Nick wasn’t like this when he joined LeadsRain in 2014, straight from university this was his first job, and he brought a lot of him along with himself, like his knack of saying jokes (that is what he thought qualified him to do stand-up, at that time)

A junior sales rep he was confident and did not shy away from using humor among customers all in good will, but the results didn’t turn out the way he expected, instead of getting the customers to clap with uncontrollable guffaw and closing deals at a lightening speed he got hung up on, he got pin-drop silence, in a nutshell–disengagement.

So what was happening here?

Nick simply did not know how to balance his humor as to not come off as a buffoon when he ought to appear wise, analyzing his conversations and with a couple of days of dedicated brainstorming we figured out what was going on, it was simple Nick’s humorous trait had to be just fine-tuned.

Here is what we learned all at your disposal.

It is not the jokes that make you funny

Do not build your humor armory with jokes that have been bestowed to you by your ancestors or you have googled up funny one-liners and not at all the inside jokes you use vernacularly.

Context, Time and Situational spontaneity are three major characteristics you need to master for an applicable sense of humor.

You can’t simply drop a Ringless Voicemail, impersonate a famous person and deliver messages about the insurance that you’re selling. You could try this out

Hey Jim, I’m Sal, and I’m from XYZ insurance company and we besides insuring the heck out of everything we also insure you that talking about insurance will not be boring. If you’re interested, call us on XXX XXXX 1234.

Don’t hit below the belt

This may seem an obvious point but I have seen otherwise happening too frequently, and most of the times it happens involuntarily without any realization. Do not make jokes (even if they sound non-demeaning to you) about a person’s relationships, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physicality. Make efforts to be politically correct. Be more creative, watch Impractical Jokers.

No sarcasm

It doesn’t matter if it is a Text Message, Voice Broadcast or a Ringless Voicemail, even the slightest of sarcasm is noticeable by people, and what makes their sarcastic radar so strong you ask? I don’t know, it could be the Chandler epidemic if anything.

On a serious note, you get sarcastic when your blood is ogling, but your social set up keeps your tongue all tied up, but what do you do when you can’t help it? You use sarcasm. I have mentioned earlier in my blogs that the best way to cater a prospect to the entire journey of sales funnel is by being tactfully truthful.

Say what is needed but make sure to mind your tone, tact, and diction. Also at the end of the day, there is always “ill connect you with my supervisor.”

Know where to use deprecating humor

Well, do you know what makes the best comedians and what constitutes the best jokes, the folks who can joke on themselves, self-deprecating jokes! Kevin Hart and Louis CK are some fine examples, and no I am not asking you to switch professions, the only point is to use humor on yourself more often, and as often as you can, that is what having a sense of humor means.

But there is a warning/condition that comes along. Only do this when your customer considers you an expert in your said field, otherwise you’ll just appear as a buffoon. This is also a psychologically backed fact.

Do not use humor here

And please last but not the least do not use any humor whilst explaining your companies key competencies, technical points, pricing and any other sincerely asked questions by the customer or prospect.

And now you’re all set to use humor wisely and efficiently in sales throughout any medium: outbound calling, voice broadcast, bulk text messaging or dropping a Ringless Voicemail to their phones without ringing.