Month: May 2017

Smart Agents are your Real Assets

Up-to-date customer service agent who is well informed and has knowledge about the product and company structure is the real asset for your Contact Centre.

You are under constant risk of losing business if your agents don’t know the ins and outs of your product. If they are aware of the points mentioned below about your business, then they are awesome, and you should know it!

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  1. Company hierarchy

    It is not possible for a contact centre agent to have answers to every question they get asked on the tip of their tongue, and those who take the initiative may not have the required authority to close the deal over the phone.
    Thus, they should know the company hierarchy and contact the person with the desired credentials for handling such tight situations.

  2. Sufficient information regarding the product

    Your agent may not be a technical genius but should have knowledge about the working of your products. You should provide your agents a list of FAQs for answering fundamental questions related to your products.
    This practice enables them to make a good first impression in front of your customers, and ultimately it makes your company look good.

  3. Latest offers and sales

    Agents should have prior knowledge of any promotional offer or sale provided by the company. If they are unable to provide the verification of that promotion to the customer, it will make them less likely to trust your business.
    Hence, they should know how to maintain proper communication between the marketing and sales departments.

  4. Keeping tabs on product pricing

    As agents talk to your customers directly, they should be the first one to know about any changes in the pricing of the product. Make it a habit of providing your sales team a dynamic price list and update that list whenever the price of the product changes.
    Agents who check the list every time a customer asks for the price of the product are the deciding factor in the growth of your business.

  5. Fostering a relationship with the customer

    Agents can save a lot of time if they transfer a long-time client to a representative who has information regarding the customer’s buying history.
    It will facilitate the representative to bond better with the customer and provide the exact solution they are looking for quickly and more efficiently as the representative will know how the customer prefers to communicate and how they react to various situations.
    Agents with the ability to make quick decisions can help your company cultivate long-term, friendly and profitable relationship with your clients.


How Ringless Voicemail Helps Medical Debt Collectors

ringless voicemailMedical debt collectors are tremendously influenced by the guidelines of Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) for the collections of medical debt from customers. However, it was considered as a tedious process for the medical financial management to collect the due debts because of the stern regulations of the CFPB and TCPA. The eternal goal of this system is to contact customers without violating any regulation.

The divine panacea to behold the collection process flawlessly, medical debt collectors are utilizing Ringless Voicemail Technology. This technology enables collectors to directly drop the pre-recorded complaint or reminder voicemail to thousands of customers without interrupting them.

Direct-to-voicemail for medical business helps the debt collectors to accomplish their goals by delivering voicemail straight to the customers, respectively. Debt collectors can communicate with customers through cell phones without ringing the cell, interrupting and charging the customers.

Let’s see how Ringless Voicemail Can Help Medical Debt Collectors-

  1. Go without noise– Ringless voicemail permits the medical debt collectors to proceed with their dire work, without breaching the lawsuits.
  2. The delivery system generates inbound callbacks from the customers who received the voicemail- This allows collectors to consume more time in financial activities like liquidating and ending the debts.
  3. Straight to cell- Voicemail directly approaches cell phones of the customers without coming in contact with wireless networks.
  4. Easy drops, fewer complaints- voicemails are delivered by drop methods which create less complaint than associate calls.
  5. It increases the efficiency and profitability- it is more cost-effective than the personal inbound calls as it contacts a large number of customers in less time.

Cell phones are becoming only means to contact the customers with the medical debts. But customers sparsely pick the phone of collectors. Hence, Ringless Voicemail helps the debt collectors to drop voice message to customers without disturbing them and intervening in the call lawsuits.