Month: March 2017

Cloud based Voicemail Broadcasting Big Bang for Your Business

voice broadcasting“Don’t you think that your message needs to be heard?”

Yes, of course, if you want to sell your products then you have to let the information flow among people. Generally, advertisements and emails are adopted as the most conventional method of the marketing among marketers. But, isn’t it too expensive for medium scale businesses and start-ups. It may be…!!

So, is there any other marketing tactic which can work effectively? Yes, there is. Let’s have a glance at it.

Consequently, strong marketing matters a lot for business success. In this digitalized era, it is very necessary to approach target audience with a medium that is widely used.

Today, we are going to discuss one such technology that can make your brand fly in the air. It is cloud-based voice broadcast that enables businesses to reach their target customers up to varied ranges.

Voicemail broadcasting is the most remarkable technology that works for almost all dimensions of businesses. Voicemail empowers you to send real-time updates to your customers and thereby reduces your efforts to call every single customer for updating them.

It allows sending the same message to multiple audiences in just a few minutes. Generally, it influences people to interact via voice message and thus achieves customer engagement. There are endless benefits of this technology that can be easily implemented to your arena of business. It can be used in call centers to generate leads, in NGO to raise donation, or in a marketing campaign for new product or services.

Voicemail broadcasting is an extreme example of versatile technology for modern mark tech operations. Here, we have some exceptional boons of Voicemail broadcasting-

  • It communicates with a large number of customers by means of pre-recorded voicemail
  • Promote discounts and sales on daily or weekly bases
  • Invite people to your events and marketing campaigns
  • You can send emergency alerts via voicemails
  • Send alerts to people about EMI dates and payment due dates
  • You can conduct polls and surveys
  • Stay in constant touch with your customers to win their trust

While summing up this I would suggest you to keep enroll your business with this technology in order reach target audience at most personalized level. Hike up your marketing levels with cloud-based voicemail broadcasting and achieve a competitive edge in the market.


7 Important Guidelines for Ringless Voicemail Campaign (Part-2)

Ringless VoicemailWelcome to Part-2 of our blogging series- 7 Important Guidelines for creating successful Ringless Voicemail broadcasting Campaign. In the first part of this series, we gave you a glimpse of three guidelines that comprises of acquiring Ringless voicemail technology, targeting audience and obtaining your call-back number. In this blog, we’ll guide you to choose appropriate callbacks, plan your Call-to-Action and more. Let’s start here…

  1. Outline your Call-to-Action plan-

A well designed Call-to-Action can help to differentiate genuine call- backs and spam visits. Once you focus on the target audience, start contemplating the matters that recipient faces in that area. CTA should be invincible and easy-to-understand and complete. Beside this CTA should be cost effective too.

  1. Prepare your personalized Script-

Now it is time to move ahead and prepare and practice your personalized script. It should be noted that your message is less than 60 seconds. Among which most effective messages are estimated to be between 33 to 45 seconds. You have to practice it and keep it refining up to the mark of perfection. You can even take feedbacks from your colleagues.

The message should be merely informative and helpful to the customers. The main aim of Ringless Voicemail is that customers should feel that they are directly hearing from you.

  1. High-quality Audio record of your scripted message-

Use high-quality audio recording software on your computer. You can even do this with appropriate audio recording applications available on varied app stores. Record your message in the most generalized format so that it can be acceptable by ringless voicemail technology and you don’t have top waste your time in converting the format of your audio file.

  1. Complete you purchase documents-

Submit your order details and documents to voice broadcasting service provider and don’t forget to take receipts and transaction details of your order. Have bulk credits for generating more leads and call backs from the target audience.

That’s it!! You have victoriously completed your preparations for launching your voicemail marketing campaign by following these 7 simple guidelines.

7 Important Guidelines for Ringless Voicemail Campaign (Part-1)

Ringless voicemail is up to the minute technology that allows you to directly send a voicemail message to a mobile phone server without ringing and charging any cost to the customer. This technology is spreading with the rage since last 3 years and it has successfully delivered results to distinct industries. It has been estimated that ringless voicemail technology is enough efficient to create around 11% inbound callbacks from consumers.

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail campaign is the something that your business requires. Direct-To-Voicemail is generally used in the Financial Institutions, Debt Collectors, Students Loan Services, etc. Voicemails are not used for cold-calling as it may bother to the customers and cause complaints.

We are happy to help with your brand new ringless direct-to-voicemail campaign with these easy to follow guidelines. Or, if you have already used this technology in past then we assure you that these guidelines would help you to leverage this competent technology with more efficiency. So, let’s discuss further-

  1. Acquire Ringless Voicemail Technology-

Buy voicemail service package according to the requirement of your business. Ringless voicemails credits are purchased for making each single voicemail. The number of Voicemail credits required depends on your marketing goals, business needs, and volume of target customers you want to reach. Credits are available on different pricing scales and packages. You can buy credits according to your marketing needs and it doesn’t forget that credits never expire.

  1. Approach your Audience-

Ringless voicemail can be delivered to authentic people with the help of recipients cities, states, ZIP Codes, area codes, and locational information. Here, you have to think about your target customers, where they live, their locations and other information. It may be possible that some of the recipients have an interest in your product or services. Generally, the voicemail delivering process is accomplished on the basis of ZIP codes.

  1. Obtain your Call-back number-

It is important to include your call-back number along with your Voicemail. It will help your customers to approach you with the help of that number. You can either have your own phone number or you can leverage Google voice number. You can even use IVR number that is associated with a telemarketing firm.

Hence once you are all set and done with the above three steps, you will be ready for moving ahead to the upcoming part-2 of this series. Our next blog would describe next 4 guidelines for setting up Ringless voicemail marketing campaign for your business.