Boost up your digital marketing with cloud-based voice broadcasting

cloud based voice broadcastingYesterday, I received a voice broadcast in my office voicemail box from one of the call center, it was promoting some IT products but eventually, it made me think about the voice mail broadcasting and that how it works.

Generally, we believe that voice broadcasting is all annoying and invasive technology. But sometimes it’s not as annoying as we think and you know what, it transfer information in a very appropriate way. Marketers target the customers of their interest and send voicemails to them so that they can easily promote their products in front of target customers.

Let us see it in little more details.

Cloud-based voice broadcasting is software which is specially designed for sales, marketing, and customer support department in order to manage, measure, and automate customer care conversations.

Marketing, sales and customer care departments are adapted to work with this software on a daily basis as it operates the marketing activities like calling, tracking, and monitoring, managing, routing, recording and reporting phone conversation. It also helps to analyze the sales reports with its big range of analytical tools.

Where does voice broadcasting is used?

  • Market research
  • Public announcement
  • Informational calls
  • Business marketing of the products or services
  • Conducting polls
  • Load testing phone system

Which are the widely used functions of the voice broadcasting?

  1. Hosted IVR-

Interactive voice response is a cloud-based technology that allows computers to communicate with humans with the help of DTMF tones and artificial voice. IVR auto-attends the answer, qualify and guide the callers towards the solution of their query.

  1. Voice- broadcasting-

It broadcasts the telephonic voice message to large number call recipients without an interference of the call agents. This system is generally used for promoting events, appointment reminders, delivery confirmations, order and reorder, reminders for receivable collections, and more.

  1. Integration of API-

It helps to integrate the protocols that intend to communicate with each other.

  1. Software analytics-

It helps the software practitioners to get analytical data for the completing different types of task.

Voicemail broadcasting is developing with rapidity and along with time it is establishing itself as a vast arena for the purpose of distinguished marketing. The voicemail listen rate is traced to be 96% that is more than any other tool used for broadcast marketing.

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