Month: November 2016

5 intact reasons to use a Cloud Based Predictive Dialers for call-centers

cloud based predictive dialerCloud-based predictive dialers are outbound calling system that is installed in call-centers in order to assure a high level of accuracy and efficiency in the process of auto dialing. Similar to other auto-dialers, Cloud based predictive dialer also automatically dials 1000 of phone numbers and connects the live call with agents. This computer based auto dialer works as answering machine, determining busy signals and connecting agents waiting for the customers.

The importance of hosted auto-dialers is increasing day by day as it helps to save a great amount of agent’s time. It also sends automated messages.

Here, we have collected 5 intact reasons that show the benefits of cloud-based predictive – dialers, used for supporting calling process in call-centers.

  1. Cost-effective maintenance

When you have premises based calling system then you would need IT team to handle the hardware and software of the system. But when you approach to cloud based dialing system then you don’t have to worry about the hardware maintenance cost and you can just focus on the calling process. Predictive-dialer providers also give all maintenance service to call centers along with their hosted auto dialers.

  1. it’s easy-going for agents

Predictive auto-dialers are very easy to understand and use and you can reach its dashboard from web-browser from where ever you are just by assessing to the internet connection.  For agents, it is very easy to learn about the utilization of the software.

  1. Cloud-based predictive dialer software is kept on auto-update mode

Predictive dialer software is generally kept on auto-update mood so it is apparent that it shows the latest features that are upgraded to the software by the auto dialer software providers. It would help to save your time and efficiency and let you focus on lead generation.

  1. It can be easily integrated with the different system like ERP, CRM, and APIs

The auto dialer system is designed in such a way that it can be compiled with other Management Information Systems like ERP, CRM, and APIs. This can be considered as the major benefit of the cloud based auto dialers and this is the reason why auto dialers are efficiently serving the vast industries like marketing, banking, call centers, etc.

  1. Increases the productivity of calling representatives

Agents using auto dialers for processing a call, spends their 45 minutes of their hour, talking to the customers while agents at centers without dialer software spends only 20 minutes talking to the customers. So it is clear that cloud-based predictive dialers increase the productivity of employees.

Hence, these were some of the intact reason why predictive auto dialers are used in the maximum number of call centers and marketing companies.