Month: September 2016

Make each telemarketing call a grand success with ringless voicemail services

make-each-telemarketing-call-a-grand-success-with-ringless-voicemail-serviceMarketing is an integral part of any business strategy and it is impossible to avoid it. In fact, for a business to proper and flourish and also for exploring various other customers base marketing is required. So, telemarketing is one such tool widely used by the call centres. But on the part of the customers these automated outbound calls can be an annoying experience since the phones keep on ringing incessantly. So, to provide relief to the consumers government made some rules and regulations and for this rules of the games needed to be changed. This is when ringless voicemail broadcasting came into the scene and revolutionized the entire telemarketing process.

There are abundant reasons why one would prefer ringless voicemail broadcasting in place of other forms of outbound telemarketing:

  • No irritating disruptions.
  • The receiver attends to the message when it is suitable.
  • Maximum number of time the message is through to the person you want it to reach.
  • Several people might hear the message.
  • Customary messaging procedures are followed so no human inaccuracy is available in the message.
  • Professionally fashioned messages are accessible.
  • Delivers manifold frequencies when attached with text message marketing and other methods of outbound marketing.
  • Eradicates emotionless calls.
  • As a phone call is not made, it doesn’t utilize any of the receiver’s minutes plan.

Ringless voicemail is not an old-fashioned phone call.  It actually conveys your message via the interface of the local phone company software and its voice mail system. Meanwhile it’s not a conventional phone call; it might be exempted from telemarketing laws. The success percentage of reaching mobile phones with ringless voicemail is above 85%.

Ringless voicemail is a sales personnel’s close confidant. As maximum sales calls end up on voicemail nonetheless, ringless voicemail is a method of leaving a message for your client or potential client minus the tedium and hard work of dialling them all independently. Additionally, as your message is recorded, you can be at your optimum productivity level on all messages you deliver.


Be innovative and cost effective with your telemarketing with ringless voicemail drops

Ringless Voicemail DropsExpansion of customer base is a crucial thing for both new and existing businesses. So, business entities devised innovative methods to propagate their messages to the clients. They are always looking for ways to talk about their products and services. In the contemporary times, cell phones are a great and lucrative marketing medium and here comes the ringless voicemail drop methodology.

In fact, it is a latest, innovative, less invasive, more accommodating technique to alert customers with personalized messages. With the ringless voicemail drops solution we can convey a customized message on any mobile voicemail without ringing the cell phone at all. With our ringless mechanism you receive instantaneous money making results with almost zero tangible work. The clients will confess that their contact rates have tripled in comparison to any other kind of communication technique that they have tried previously. This less intrusive process of generating contacts is shaping a fresh industry standard.

This technology acknowledges that often the businesses do not want to annoy their customers by ringing their phone and then parting with a voicemail when the client is inaccessible.  It is a fact that occasionally you can’t reach someone with only a single call. A Voicemail, an E-mail or a Fax and various other options are essential to access the customers. This is when the options of ringless voicemail drop can used to maximize the company’s performance. The voicemail drop solution lets one to drop a message precisely into the recipient’s mailbox without really having to dial the cell phones. Customers are seldom troubled, and choose their convenient time to listen to the messages.

So, provide a personal touch to your marketing requirements and also reap the benefit of this economical technology to the full extent.

Cloud Based Auto Dialer is a perfect investment for the call centres

leadsrain_callcenterWithout delving into the cloud dependent auto dialer straightaway, it better to talk about the importance of marketing necessities in this day and age of immense competition. In order to provide a competitive edge to your business aggressive marketing of your products and services in appropriately planned beforehand. Today’s technology savvy world has offered many options to take your business directly to your existing and potential clients without any hindrance. Marketing over the phones is one of the most favoured options and this is precisely where the new technology comes into play.

From the point of view of call centres, it is an all-inclusive infrastructure property that is indispensable for managing a call centre and its representatives more adeptly with minimalistic disbursement. If a contact centre requires a flourishing business, it should minus any delay include cloud based auto dialer to spontaneously dial calls. This dialer generates more than one dials to guarantee that almost all calls receive answer and keep track of the truly replied calls. Furthermore, this technology also trails the extent of every chat, to deliver a fresh call speedily after the previous one gets concluded.

cloud-predictive-dialer-slide2This technology helps the call centres hugely. The cloud based predictive dialer call centres do not need to invest into distinct server or hardware for the operations and acquire a great solution where it just has to connect and manoeuvre from everywhere. This particular tool empowers the establishment in producing a comprehensive record of numbers dialed; auto identified answering apparatuses and disposition reports. So, one can add any number of additional agents, all he/she require to do is to boost the hosted dialer service without spending any money on the infrastructure extension.

So, for the call centres it is not only a great infrastructure but also a huge financial relief in the long run.