Month: June 2015

Hit the bulls eye with Cloud Based Dialer and Tracking Services

In the era of cutting edge technology, it has become ineluctable to be equipped with the advanced systems. These systems are not only accounted for making things easier for you, but also have enhanced the every old school process tremendously. Customer satisfaction has witnessed revolution driven by cloud based technologies.

Cloud Based Predictive Dialer, broadcasting, call tracking etc. are those cloud based services which are credited to bring this much needed automation and accuracy in mass communication industry.

Gone are the days when companies used to call random person to sell their product or services which consequently kept conversion ratio at the bottom. Predictive dialer has made the marvel for telesales, the ancillary service which is deep rooted into success of incalculable industries. Predictive dialer is cloud based automatic system which is capable of calling multiple numbers simultaneously. This enables call centres to save time and increase productivity. Prediction comes handy when person asked to call at convenient time or don’t want to be called again. All it does is exquisitely organize the calling & disposition and utilized the contact list optimally by decreasing idle time.

You don’t have to be scavenger anymore, to extract information regarding customer’s action as intelligent call tracking is just round the corner.  Call tracking is the service which provides accurate information regarding customer’s action meticulously. Tracking is done on diverse levels depending on the company’s requirement.This service does not only allow user to track their customer but it provide the analysis of site visited by customers.

Basic level call tracking traces the call from various sources which is useful for small businesses where day to day reporting is not required. Campaign level call tracking is an addition to the basic tracking with the facility of optimizing so many phone numbers. It is required when numerous campaigns are running to get inquiries. It records various campaigns such as paid search, direct mail, expo and other relative campaigns but complexity increases when it comes to catering to huge number of calls. Session level tracking is the phenomenal service that cut through clutter. The gamut of this service is so immensely accurate to the extent that it reflects the details of ad-group, campaign and even keyword when certain visitor contacts. The hack behind this level of absoluteness is the ‘dynamic number insertion’ system which allocates distinct number to each visitor which route through the keywords, campaign and website.

Voice broadcasting has become synonymous for bulk advertising as it swiftly delivers the massage of marketers to the massive crowd within minutes in the form of voice or text. Along with communication it archives enormous data that can beoptimized for future perspective. It proves immensely useful when marketers want to advertise their products (especially new product launch) and they seek to cover huge market in a short while.

Now that we have talked about services, one thing which marketers needs to embrace is that to achieve desired outcome, the blend of services must be deployed in accordance with need of the firm as well as the size and type of prospective customers.