A Comprehensive Guide To Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Call Tracking

Did you know that the majority of businesses get leads via phone compared to web? Actually lion’s share of the organizations deals with large number of customers by phone, thus PPC Call Tracking is the right tool to support their business. A lot of companies like pest controllers, solar panel installers, dentists, etc. get maximum inquiries through phone than from web contact forms. Therefore it would not be false if said that for such businesses, call tracking is inevitability. PPC Call Tracking & Routing is ideal for in-house as well as professional & prime search engine marketing firms.

What is PPC Call Tracking & Routing?

Companies spending a huge part of their budget behind different marketing strategies, sometime it’s quite crucial PPC Call Trackingfor them to distinguish between performing & non-performing strategies. The cloud based PPC Call tracking is s new idea through which businesses can determine which channel is an ideal approach to generate business. There are diverse medium of advertisements like TV, radio, magazine, social media, newspaper etc. The superior cloud based call tracking system is assigned an exclusive number to each marketing strategy & gauge which strategy generates better ROI. PPC Call tracking/routing supports businesses in making decision, “Where to invest maximum to extract the profit?”

Reasons Why Your Business Requires PPC Call Tracking & Routing?

In this dynamically connected digital landscape, it’s all too common for us to disregard that a substantial amount of business is still done on the phone.

Inbound phone calls are very valuable for merchandizing. These calls signify that a prospective customer is further along the purchasing process, and the sales cycle tends to be much curtailed. Finding out how these leads were generated is the real challenge. That’s where PPC call tracking comes in the picture.

  1. Phone Leads Do Matter: The lead generation campaigns for multifarious and costly transactions are more likely to generate a greater telephone response. If a prospective customer clicks on a PPC advertisement, but still decides to call the company and discuss the requirement. This scenario would be considered as conversion.
  2. Determine Your Actual ROI: Usually these offline conversions aren’t associated to your PPC Campaigns. If you provide a phone number on your website and receive telephone sales enquiry, then it’s highly possible that a number of your conversions doesn’t show in your AdWords reports. This leaves you clueless when measuring your ROI. Implementing PPC call tracking helps you accurately determine the ROI for specific campaigns.
  3. Stop Wasting Your Marketing Fiscal Estimates: Marketing is no more a blind game. Call tracking demonstrates you the correct keywords and phrases that convert. A comprehensive report enables you to estimate whether you are spending your marketing budget on the right keywords.
  4. Manage Your Conversion Tracking Efficiently: Add the demanding missing telephone data to your marketing analytics by integrating your call tracking data with Google Analytics. Get an essential insight on how website visitors and callers stumble on your business.

How Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Call Tracking is Useful?

Checkout the Key Advantages of PPC Call Tracking:

  • Find out the keywords that convert the most
  • Avail comprehensive call tracking report
  • Listen to phone call recordings
  • Check how regularly your phone is answered
  • Offers Real-time visibility
  • Automate time consuming operational tasks

Do you wish to improve marketing strategy with PPC Call Tracking & Routing services? Then contact LeadsRain a leading call center solutions provider today.


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