Month: November 2014

Know All About Cloud Predictive Dialer

If you are a call center business owner, you will always be on hunt for ground-breaking ways to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your call center by utilizing any presently available solutions. Proportionately a cloud predictive dialer is more reliable technology obtainable in the market today that can amplify your call center output. It proffers numerous potent features that can augment your call center functionality. This software plays a significant role in the call center’s operation as it facilitates agents perform resourcefully with a great velocity.

How Do Predictive Dialers Functions?

KAt regular intervals, call centers for polls and marketing have a lot of agents lolling out minutes each hour waiting for the dialing software to connect them to the next call.  Nevertheless, as they deal only with one number at a time, the regular dialer may be the most fruitless aspect of your call center operation. By espousing a cloud predictive dialing system, not only do you uphold the meticulousness of a single number dialer but you add predictive analysis routines designed to trim down the wasted minutes an agent sits inactive.

Let’s in-depth understand what cloud Predictive dialer is and how it operates….

To put it straight, a predictive dialer is a telephone control system that automatically calls a list of telephone numbers in a string, eliminating busy signals, no-answers, disconnected numbers and answering machines while envisaging at what point a live caller will be able to deal with the next.  Such cloud based dialer surpasses the traditional auto dialer software by utilizing algorithms to evaluate the call statistics and productivity of the call center agents to forecast when the next agent will be available and as a result fine-tuning the pace it calls probable customers. Eventually, the aim is to decrease idle time of the call center agents and hit more sales.

Which business/industry uses cloud predictive dialer majorly?

The cloud based Predictive dialers are generally used in telemarketing, market research, verification/confirmation agencies’, payment collection agency and service center’s following ups. Besides, some lead qualification agents use cloud predictive dialers to maximize the amount of time they can spend on the phone with leads during outbound sales prospecting. Vendors of predictive dialer systems such as LeadsRain claim that such software to the highest degree boosts the caller’s productivity. Various business industries such as Finance & banking, Legal sector, Insurance, Corporate & Government sector, Telecom sector and many more are adopting cloud predictive dialers contact center solution.

Now get to know the usefulness of the cloud based Predictive dialers for your call center business

 How Efficient Are Predictive Dialers for Campaign Strategy and Management?

Upsurge your Contact Center operational effectiveness with the cloud Predictive Dialer by automating your dialing processes with a host of potency synergist.  In realism, the move towards cloud-based Predictive dialer is mostly due to their elevated adaptability, rapid deployment, cost-effectiveness, and smaller technology progression.

 Predictive Dialer enables you to

  • Enhance your contact center performance and productivity by totally automating the outbound dialing processes
  • Implement skill-based dialing for intended outbound campaigns.
  • Reduce Agent Idle Time
  • Facilitate Robust Call Pacing

What Are The Glitches of Cloud Predictive Dialers?

Everything has some or the other drawback, no doubt about it. But what matters is that drawback should not be adverse. Though there are a number of reported drawbacks to using predictive dialers as inside sales permissive software but they aren’t too unfavorable.   Like, for instance if the software is inadequately set up then the full potential can be of mere waste. And, the data for the predictive dialer should always be complete, if not then the timing would not be in synchronization and there can be problem in connecting the calls. Besides, a Predictive dialer is a scheduled call, if the software already connects a potential consumer but the representative isn’t aware then miscommunications can take place, leading into churn of customer. Thus it is advisable to thoroughly check the software to make sure that it is running without bugs.

However, in case of cloud predictive dialer the pros exceed the cons. Ultimately, if you wish to grease the wheel of your contact center business and propel sales, then this dialer is the right choice.