Which one is better Contact Tracking Number or Regular 800 Number?

How a call tracking number does is better than a regular 800 number is best answered with an explanation of how a tracking system works. It’s more than counting the number of calls received and reducing the cost of each call. Tracking software is part of a very sophisticated marketing methodology that links the results directly to the costs and gives advertising agencies and figures of campaign effectiveness in real time precise customers make decisions marketing budget. Regular 800 numbers cannot achieve a fraction of what makes one of these numbers when dialing by a consumer.

Tracking numbers of telephone calls allows conversion tracking online dating resulting from Ad Words pay per click, introducing a specific web address in address box of the browser, clicking on a link on a partner site or any other SEO activity. This is achieved by placing a small amount of code that goes into each page that generates a phone number different contact that is linked and recording with the keyword active or marketing campaign. When the number of contacts that are channeled through call tracking service is used and a record is created in a central database that all contact with the source keyword and advertising correlates before the call is forwarded to regular phone numbers customers. Campaign level reports can be generated for review or can be integrated into analysis packages such as Google Analytics or Omniture Site Catalyst. This process monitors telephone directly to the marketing campaign specific line that generated the contact. Effectiveness of each online marketing activity can be compiled efficiently without any additional human effort. Ineffective marketing efforts can be identified and eliminated quickly.

By using the services of Call Tracking no need to pay for a bank of phone numbers. Deleting unused inventory of phone numbers and only pay for a number when it generates the click, feel the savings immediately. The charge is minimum when combined with the cost per click improving ROI accurate figures. The flexibility can be programmed into the code to create local numbers for campaigns or to track other geographically targeted advertising sources such as radio or TV marketing.

Overstock.com, Drugstore.com, Nikon and eHarmony are just some of the major companies that use call tracking services to effectively manage their customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction when consumers call contact centers. The same central database created by the marketing activities of call tracking software can be accessed by customer service representatives when the client calls with a problem about a product or company. It is used as an incident management system to record all customer service representatives’ customer activity can solve problems in the context of a simple phone call by using the knowledge base call tracking.


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