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Voice Over Internet Protocol Facility in International Market

In today’s global technology change, much depends on the way we do everything possible and easy to make faster and effective communication. Choosing a good tool equipment in a call center industry is something that will give the highest priority. If you want your call center business to be on top of the competition then you have to check the type of tools for you to stay in this business.

This article will discuss about VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), its importance and how your work to your contact center industry. Many still do not have enough idea of ​​how this technology helps in maintaining the quality of calls abroad. I have to say that the company I work for is known to be expert in providing information elements for any type of services as an offshore business. Based on the article written by Beau Rudd, CEO of unique interaction, outlined the straight definition of VoIP. Mr Rudd is a magician on stage call center and had been working in call center at age 17. Admit I am no more or less “knowledgeable” about this technology and how this work, but the idea Mr Rudd helps me a lot to fully understand this technology.

There is no doubt that Philippines is one of the leaders in using VoIP services, as the country is known to be key leaders in outsourcing. The call center owners are very particular when it comes to the money they spent for your business to succeed. Venturing call center is a serious matter. This is not just spending money and losing it sloppily. Best solutions to customer concerns is a way to show your clients that they are important.

What is VoIP?

Let me start by first defining VoIP – is the ability of an IP network to carry telephone voice signals as IP packets according to the International Telecommunication Union Standardization Sector (ITU-T) specification H.323. VoIP enables a router to transmit telephone and fax calls over the internet without loss of functionality, reliability, or voice quality. Another translation of this term is a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls. The voice data is sent in packets instead of using traditional POTS circuits. One of the advantages of VoIP is that the telephone calls over the Internet do not incur a surcharge beyond what the user is paying for Internet access, much in the same way that the user does not pay for shipping individual Internet through emails.


Most telecommunications companies in the Philippines are using VoIP to streamline their networks by routing phone calls a circuit breaker and an IP gateway. Once the call is received by a gateway on the other side of the call, it is decompressed, reassembled and sent to a local circuit switch. Today, more and more companies including call centers are installing VoIP system. IP telephony makes sense, both in terms of economy and infrastructure needs. With VoIP, you can make a call connectivity anywhere you have broadband. Since the IP phones transmit their information via the Internet, can be administered by the provider anywhere there is a connection.

Mr Rudd, on the other hand, revealed that his company offers attractive package for any interested investors to venture into a call center. He said that VoIP is one of the backbone of the contact center industry, and ensuring that many software developers think that this service has a great future in helping the industry survive the possible changes of technologies in future. He stressed that his predictive dialer, you have to ability to:

Perform real-time monitoring of its agents Make outgoing, incoming, and the combined campaigns Click predictive, progressive dialing and power Make remote monitoring  Is filled and / or on demand recording. 

Please call barging, conference and transfer of internal / external calls

  • CRM 
  • IVR 
  • Voicemail 
  • Call Conferencing 

His own phone extension
Your own free phone number for your account

The effect of having a quality service to increase sales and no complaints from clients who became his business partners, when the company began to outsource so far. VoIP will help you save a lot of money especially in phone calls to the U.S. inland. The benefits of this service is that international charges and long distance VoIP are much cheaper.

Depending on the package or service you select, you will get either unlimited or a certain number of minutes for North America (U.S. and Canada) for long distance calls. It simply means that all international calls are much lower VoIP than traditional phone companies, although the differences between providers are vast.

It is expected that in the next few years this technology will continue to provide a big impact for offshore business in the Philippines and elsewhere.

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Automated Voice Calling and Messaging Facility

Businesses today rely on aggressive marketing and advertising. Therefore, innovative business houses and entrepreneurs are always busy looking for new and beneficial ideas to address current and potential customers. One of the latest developments in the way of innovative customer contact is automated voice calls and messaging. This new technological tool is producing superior results in collections, customer service and marketing.

In recent decades, the programs contact the customer have progressed through numerous innovations-from post higher rate of previous telemarketing campaigns driven by predictive dialers to transmit emails times. For many (B2C) business-to-consumer, these approaches have produced effective results through a series of customer-facing activities, including collections, customer service and marketing. Such customer contact programs leads to increased volume of e-mail spam, and consumer demand self-service, however, are decreasing their impact and leaving many companies grasping for new approaches.

Companies frustrated with these traditional strategies have changed to better and more efficient to deal with customers so. They are now taking advantage of one of the latest innovations in customer contact – automated voice calls and messaging. Thousands of companies have demonstrated the value of automated voice calls and messages to help grow revenue, deepen customer relationships, improve customer service and insurance payments more quickly and efficiently at a much lower cost per contact. This ability to do more with less is accelerating its adoption.

Marketing and Advertising industry analysts predict that by 2009 the market for voice messaging will trigger $ 360 billion to $ 3 billion, far outpacing the growth of any other way of dating in popular use today. Companies that have not introduced voice messaging into the mix customer contact are at risk of suffering a competitive disadvantage and erosion of the customer base.

What is automated voice messaging?

Automated voice messaging is delivering prerecorded outgoing phone to a target audience, as their customer base, prospects with whom you have a relationship, or a group of debtors. The calls are scripted and recorded with professional voice talent and can be customized in a variety of ways. For example, text to speech technology provides the name and surname of customization with the actual results of voice.

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Money Saving Benefits of Contact Center Services

Conference call services for businesses offer another form of communication within the company.

Many companies like call centers, are investing in art telephony technology and putting your energy into creating elaborate parodies designed to capitalize on customer and intra-business communication excellent service. But really, there’s one thing that can make or break a Call Center, agents, and lots of them. Without the proper amount of change agents, or even the right types of specialist customer called to duty on particular projects, call centers may fall by the waist side and go floating abroad, where many phone banks have been relocated in the last decade. Investing in call center scheduling software for your business. While some software developers are providing strong pricetags of this type of software, managing a phone bank more efficient with the help of planning software call center does not have to break the bank.

Portage Communications Incorporated is the self-produced “call center software for maximum productivity.” It is a title they expect to keep your ultimate answer to the madness of planning software call center AgentTime Scheduler. Dubbed as “the economic scheduling agent solution,” Portage AgentTime Scheduler offers many attractive benefits for call center supervisors of small call centers to medium size. To begin, create schedules conveniently AgentTime agents, using the list of programmed definitions database, programming preferences of the mediator, and shift agents.

AgentTime Scheduler works as one of the conference call services with Call Center Assistant Designer, and Software SimACD staffing. The Call Center Designer component alerts planning software call center call center managers mathematics of how many agents are needed, as well as the number of incoming lines will be open during the weekday. While SimACD software, on the other hand, they created a dummy test by computer how smoothly operations shall be implemented with a number of agents “handling” the estimated number of incoming open lines-this gives supervisors a better idea of what number agents are needed during the shift in question. Schedules and then can be easily modified and customized schedules to accommodate fifteen minute break, lunch and dinner is never a problem. Center Scheduling Software AgentTime Call starts in less than five thousand dollars for a call center twenty-five or fewer employees.

The EDP Software Company established Call Center Scheduling Software SchedulePro especially for all those call center supervisors very frustrated with slaving over hours of call center agents each week. The EDP people want to save a little time and you can keep your money in your pockets, SchedulePro is a software program planning automated call center excellence rate is demonstrated in the fall of eighty percent in the programming time call center managers experience after making the switch to SchedulePro.

SchedulePro keeps a monitor on staffing, they want to ensure that you have all the agents stationed butts in the seats needed. SchedulePro even help you find a stuffed programmed when one of his agents said aloud.

· The ability to define different shifts

· Track employee sick and vacation

· Printing rosters and management reports

· Dispose of the time card with the printed portions hours SchedulePro

Left Bank Solutions works with companies around the world to develop software oriented “optimizing workforce.” In its quest to provide optimal customer left, bank of the river is the brain behind the Monet proud line programming software for call center call centers small and medium level. There are three systems to choose programming Monet. They are the Monet Workforce Management System, the money anywhere, and OnDemand, the newest addition to the family Monet WFM left bank.

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Autodialing and Smart Autodialing

Autodialing is the automatic dialing (hence the term) a list of phone numbers using a device called an autodialer. The autodialer calls through a list of phone numbers one by one, allowing dialing much faster than human fingers alone. An auto dialer can be a separate electronic device, but these days many auto-dialers are actually computers with special software.

A type of auto dialer is what is known as a smart autodialer. As the name suggests, these devices are more sophisticated than traditional autodialers in a smart autodialer can interact with the person or device at the other end of the phone. When a smart auto dialer places calls to be answered, is first detected if it is connected to a human being or another machine. If the latter, you can write a personalized message to encourage the person to return the call. A smart autodialer can detect keypad tones, so it is able to give a list of options for a person on the other end of the phone call. This allows the receiver to confirm the call or press a key to talk to a live person. A smart auto dialer can also be programmed to automatically perform this transfer without the recipient a key is pressed.

Many of the features of a smart auto dialer are made ​​possible by a text to speech engine. This is what allows you to leave voice messages or “talk” with a human interviewee. The device can be programmed with a message template containing the variables that can be replaced with specific values ​​to create a personalized message. For example, the auto dialer can replace a variable name with the name of the caller on a specific call.

In addition, a smart auto dialer can many more capabilities, including automatic redial to a busy signal, programming and automatic reprogramming capabilities, and the ability to check the Federal Do Not Call Registry before making a call. Records in real time of each call is stored in a simple spreadsheet with the name and number of each party called if the call has been confirmed by the White Party, and the state of each call. This makes it easy to keep track of the calls that have been successfully completed, which needs to be rescheduled, and so on.

Traditional autodialers require expensive equipment to operate. This is no longer true, in large part because computers are becoming more powerful and many of the hardware features are implemented in software. A smart autodialer available in the market is spreading Autodialer by Voicent Phone. Only autodialer software, a voice modem and computer is required.

Autodialers revolutionized the field of telemarketing. By incorporating intelligent technology of these devices, the field was revolutionized again. Autodialers can improve their business by eliminating cold calling and improve their bottom line.

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Double your Productivity by using Predictive Dialer

Software predictive dialing can have a significant impact on the productivity of individual staff call centers and productivity of the company as a whole.

Predictive dialer is used to control the speed at which the phone numbers dialed. The software uses a series of algorithms and data collected from previous calls made ​​by the call center to determine how many calls you need to place and measure time according to the availability of call center agents.

More calls are marked by the software which agents at work in the call center. The predictive dialer places calls enough to ensure maximum productivity. They called the exact amount of phone numbers in order to ensure that there will be a new unanswered call ready to be taken by each member of staff when they finish their current call without customers who respond to calls they have to wait before they are connected to an agent. The software has to figure out how many calls you places you are likely to be answered so that also has to monitor the activity of employees of the call center in order to estimate how long it will take for them to complete their calls in progress.

Using predictive dialer applications This ensures that productivity is maximized. The staff spend their time talking to customers instead of making calls. Never have to dial a number or wait for the phone to ring to see if anyone will respond. The call center staff only deal calls answered satisfactorily. This means they are using their time more productively as possible.

The predictive dialer solutions also ensures that there is as little as possible between the end of a call, and the beginning of another. No staff member call center should have to sit waiting for a new call to work. Ensure that call center agents do not sit idle means you can take as many calls as possible.

Software predictive dialing can ensure that each member of the sales team is making the most productive use of your time. The overall productivity of the company also increased because you are paying your staff to talk to customers and not to make calls or sit and wait for a new client to talk to. Employees are working hard and this means that the company is getting the best possible value for money.

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