Cloud Texting Service for Marketing and Polling

Texting services online are now available to marketing programs and sounding text “in the cloud”. The term “in the cloud” simply refers to the fact that there is no software or hardware required and managing your texting program is web-based. You just log into your online account and send and receive text messages.

Sending works in a unidirectional or bidirectional configuration. For example, you can use your SMS service online unidirectional using the broadcast feature text, also known as text blasting; send a text message to multiple recipients. On the other hand, you can also use the service to receive text messages and send automated responses, making it a two-way form of communication.

A common example of two-way communication is text couponing for a marketing campaign. Let’s say you owned a car dealership and you are preparing a series of television commercials. To promote your sale, you tell your listeners TV to send the word WHEELS to your address 81888. Text (the “wheels” of keywords can be uppercase or lowercase, it does not matter.) When people see your ad, they grab their cell phones and text the word “wheels” to 81888. Instantly, they receive a text back that says, “Come in and take a test drive in the next 48 hours and the package of urgency of a free driver.”They will also receive a message asking them if they want to receive future messages from you. If they wish, they can opt-in to put on your list. This is a great way to build a list of prospects.

Applications for SMS online help in a marketing campaign or surveys are unlimited and there are literally thousands of ways this incredible technology can be harnessed. We are at the dawn of a new era of communication and now, with the advent of cell phones and new QWERTY keyboards on smart phones, texting has become commonplace. In fact, when using their cell phones, people are now texting more than talking and 85% of the American population now has a personal cell phone.

This opened the floodgates of opportunity for manufacturers and entrepreneurs to capitalize on SMS technology creative organization without having to invest in programs hardware or expensive software. The “backbone” of the infrastructure of text messaging has already been completed and is ready for use by anyone who wants to implement a campaign for text alerts, notifications and reminders. Coupons texting will grow in popularity and there is a big emphasis on the use of SMS for office purposes.

Polls text was seen regularly in TV shows reality to allow the public to participate in the selection of the best singers and dancers. However, it will be just the beginning for applications to vote. Soon you will begin to see ballot concerts and sports centers, leaving fans and customers to select the songs and the players featured. And you will see more widespread use of online voting text on television stations and radio stations, asking people to influence a variety of social and political issues. Unlike reality shows today, where you have to wait a day or more to hear the results, text voting will provide instant real-time and the public will be able to watch the votes being text compilation results in minutes or even seconds.

Texting has been and will continue to be ubiquitous in our culture, and those who use the technology will be on the border of ever-increasing technology gives us opportunities.

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