Basic Information about Call Tracking and Interface

Phones were invented, people have invented and services and products that go hand in hand with the phone innovate. The phone has also changed the way we did business and made our economy a global economy. One of these services created by innovative minds in the late 90s was followed by call.

Call monitoring is a service that keeps track of all the calls and all the details of those calls that arrive on certain phone numbers. Mainly toll free numbers or eight hundred numbers are used for these services. The service usually provides a user interface based on the web where customers can log in and see all the details of incoming calls they got and even listen to recordings of phone calls in MP3 format. This helps for quality and training.

The main advantage of this service is communication and the ability to use and follow the multiples of 800, 877, 888, or 866 numbers. An account can have as few as 1 or thousands of numbers without tracking unique toll. This allows the company to use the service to assign a different number to each marketing campaign and each website and know where all calls come. This is crucial because the advertiser can determine which campaigns work and which ones are not. This shift of marketing dollars to what works will be more then cover the cost of the service.

The call tracking interface which is usually based on the Web provides many reports and graphs that can help the company using the service to monitor all the details and data and make informed decisions based on detailed analyzes. Some of the reports and graphs are available; calls per hour, the length of calls, duration per hour calls, calls by campaign, the campaign calls per hour, calls by the state, calls short durations by state, the number of call back by campaign lengths average call, loud call to the time, time zone, called at the time, etc. These reports are seriously trying to justify advertising expenditures to a board of directors or an investor.

The interface call tracking is also essential when spending a lot of money on advertising. If you drop a 50000 pieces mailer, you need to know who called and when. This is because your cost per call could be as high as $ 80 to $ 100. Thus, each call is $ 100. Therefore, each dropped call or missed call is a total loss. Know who called and when is crucial to maximize the results of any advertising campaign.

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