Autodialing and Smart Autodialing

Autodialing is the automatic dialing (hence the term) a list of phone numbers using a device called an autodialer. The autodialer calls through a list of phone numbers one by one, allowing dialing much faster than human fingers alone. An auto dialer can be a separate electronic device, but these days many auto-dialers are actually computers with special software.

A type of auto dialer is what is known as a smart autodialer. As the name suggests, these devices are more sophisticated than traditional autodialers in a smart autodialer can interact with the person or device at the other end of the phone. When a smart auto dialer places calls to be answered, is first detected if it is connected to a human being or another machine. If the latter, you can write a personalized message to encourage the person to return the call. A smart autodialer can detect keypad tones, so it is able to give a list of options for a person on the other end of the phone call. This allows the receiver to confirm the call or press a key to talk to a live person. A smart auto dialer can also be programmed to automatically perform this transfer without the recipient a key is pressed.

Many of the features of a smart auto dialer are made ​​possible by a text to speech engine. This is what allows you to leave voice messages or “talk” with a human interviewee. The device can be programmed with a message template containing the variables that can be replaced with specific values ​​to create a personalized message. For example, the auto dialer can replace a variable name with the name of the caller on a specific call.

In addition, a smart auto dialer can many more capabilities, including automatic redial to a busy signal, programming and automatic reprogramming capabilities, and the ability to check the Federal Do Not Call Registry before making a call. Records in real time of each call is stored in a simple spreadsheet with the name and number of each party called if the call has been confirmed by the White Party, and the state of each call. This makes it easy to keep track of the calls that have been successfully completed, which needs to be rescheduled, and so on.

Traditional autodialers require expensive equipment to operate. This is no longer true, in large part because computers are becoming more powerful and many of the hardware features are implemented in software. A smart autodialer available in the market is spreading Autodialer by Voicent Phone. Only autodialer software, a voice modem and computer is required.

Autodialers revolutionized the field of telemarketing. By incorporating intelligent technology of these devices, the field was revolutionized again. Autodialers can improve their business by eliminating cold calling and improve their bottom line.

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