When outbound, automated solutions as a predictive marker choice, be careful to look closely under the hood in the offers of different suppliers, and delve into the detailed lists of characteristics for a true comparison, and make sure that the product you actually decide not meet your needs.

A key work in this area of ​​predictive dialing for centers outgoing phone calls, Doug Samuelson showed that predictive dialer can contact center agents to keep busy and drastically reduce the number of outbound calls that are abandoned because the lack of an available operator who presented to edit call. Simulation research and empirical evidence shows that predictive dialer, the amount of time an agent spends reduce standby – agent idle time – 20 minutes in an hour, two or three minutes. This is a six-fold improvement. So who would not want to change your contact center out to have this powerful technology?

Not so fast, here are some important points you should consider when evaluating your options.

1. Hardware or cloud-based: In the days of the original investigation of Doug Samuelson, hardware-based marker glommed ignition switch, was the state of the art. Nobody does not have to use this. Contact center solutions based on the cloud with integrated predictive dialer, additional election procedures, such as to support preview, state of the art.

2.Hybrid Deployments: That said, many contact centers struggling with a complete relocation of the contact center in the cloud, in part because they spent so much training and mentality of technology in their facilities, and partly because safety are concerned. Consider providers, public / private hybrid cloud deployments predictive dialer migrates to the cloud to offer, but for safety, provide hybrid operating capacity. This may provide an effective solution to bridge the entire cloud.

3. Lists and List Management: Can you update the lists in real time, or you have to stop campaigning to add to your list of prospects? Can you bubble “hot lines” to the top of the list in real time? Can campaigns several lists to be built? Is able to use a specific list in several campaigns, or is it just a list, a campaign? Ideal solution that should maximum flexibility.

4. Dynamic: Your business is fluid, should not your predictive dialer solution and contact center that will be just as flexible? You should be able to start and stop campaigns and allocate resources in the way.

5. Regulatory: predictive marker for help, government regulations, such as the Consumer Protection Act Telephone is responsible. Should monitor and enforce abortion rates, and help ensure a set of calls hours to ensure that their agents call contacts at appropriate times in your time zone. There is also the possibility to import lists of Do-Not-Call and manage and update an internal DNC list.

Add-ons 6.Efficiency: It is known that Predictive Dialer, by increasing efficiency improving agent talk time, but what if you are in a conversation? Systems State-of-the-art allow agents to messages that are still running, while the agent moves to play at the next pre-recorded call.

Call Presentation 7.Skills-based: based on skills for incoming calls routing well established, but a modern predictive dialers can perform a similar function, but requested a search database for the match, to determine the skills of agents to the right and appropriate means for representing the call in the case of a response in vivo.

8. Algorithms: The product provides an actual prediction algorithm, or do not you pretend? If the estimation algorithm includes the success rate to help plant the predictive dialer in the early stages of a campaign for calls to the optimum speed for the fastest available ramp agent?

These eight points are location, with us, simple automatic dialing, or even the “election Blister” (both the manual option that agents develop corns …) to launch an updated predictive dialer to improve performance. Remember, however, that there is no way to avoid a deep dive into feature comparisons listed, as there are many providers that offer predictive dialing solution which aim to ensure rich claim, but are not in a position to complete, a set of features that really help you move your business forward.

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