Contact Center Management

As the web offers progressive alternative methods of management, more call centers move further from the shape of the brick – and – mortar traditional business is done. The Internet allows an infinite amount of data storage and software access to virtually anywhere in the world and as a result, call center agents can easily employ call center based at home.

However, these changes affect more than just the geographic location of employees. Suddenly, remote agents are representing their employers completely out of sight and sound of a manager. The transition to this new era of the common practices of call center requires a new management approach that was once handled under one roof and face to face. So how effectively monitor and help their remote agents?

Now that the agents are able to work remotely, the call center management has to find new ways to properly train their employees. Any company that employs remote agents must have effective coaching and development plan. With more and more agents working from remote locations, it seems impractical and too expensive to take them to headquarters for instructions. However, an e- learning program can provide a useful method of training more cost effective and efficient agents. When it comes to e -learning, call center management can quickly deliver training and ensure a secure IP connection. At the end of the session of e-learning agent, administrators can view the progress of their agents.

Considering the fact that there could be hundreds of kilometers from an agent from the coach, it’s hard to have a meeting in the office. However, at a conference of the web camera is a great alternative, as it allows a face to face conversation. Another, practice quick workout session could do with a conference web desktop sharing which allows the employee to see a manager they walk through any kind of process computer.

Just remember to avoid holding a meeting at the home of his remote agent. If you come knocking, they will begin to walk – no employee should ever feel that they need to organize their boss. So keep a good relationship with your remote agent and refrain from invading your personal space.

With meetings in the homes of the question, you may wonder how you are supposed to ensure that the workplace of his agent distance is sufficient for effective customer service. To ensure that the background noise is not a problem during a call, you can arrange for sessions call tracking. Beyond monitoring, be sure to talk with your remote agent the importance of working in a quiet environment to play an important role in maintaining a company’s reputation. A bad decision could lead to a dissatisfied customer.

If it detects that one of its remote agents not seem to work efficiently, you may consider implementing screen recording. This allows management to identify the reason for unproductive labor. Efficiency is key to any call center and any business should welcome ways to improve efficiency. Screen recording is a good replacement for the traditional skills side by side monitoring that were lost when call centers began to expand beyond one place.

Finally, how call centers offer remote agents with the help they need during a call? Traditionally, agents could raise your hand or push a button and have a manager at your side for help. But now, remote agents in remote locations and out of the hands – on immediate assistance. And it is important to have a way for agents to receive an immediate response in case of need. Be sure to provide a chat room or an enterprise instant messaging service to give your agent help needed.

As you can see, the transition to this new era comes with the risk of losing efficiency. However, if you have a management plan effective remote agent call centers need to worry. With the right methods, remote agents do not have to be sacrifice productivity.

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