Things to Consider Before Finalizing Contact Center Outsourcing

The outsourcing of customer-focused services and part of the work is more a necessity than a trend now. It is a very important decision, which could have an eternal impact on their work operations, reputation, market share and profitability. So, are ten tips for you to ponder to consider before closing in finding the right call center outsourcing partner for you.

1) Experience and expertise: The trend of specialized service providers call centers has been a long time. Seeing the times of increased competitiveness and progress, BPOs have become centers of multi-specialty contact one stop shop for all your business needs, however you need to know that they have the ability, infrastructure and human resources to do so. Along with that should have proven track record to back up their claims and promises. Check their references and talk to their past and present to learn more about their customer service policies.

2) Price: Whenever a policy compare prices with other suppliers in the number of agents, call charges, the technology deployed and configured. Ask your supplier if prices are based on actual usage. Always be sure to check out the SLA and read between the lines before signing. Just for the sake of the prices do not compromise with the quality of services and brand image.

3) Location: The offshore location may even be of great value. For example, many companies are attracted to offshore destination of India due to its geographical advantage and therefore able to offer client-centered services and support 24/7 basis. In addition, all call centers are based in National Capital Region, facilitating transport and infrastructure.

4) Infrastructure: A robust infrastructure that ensures robust performance. Make a point to have a record in telephone systems, spare parts, computers and software that is used there.

5) Customer Support Executive: Look, the type of training provided to them. Language skills, social skills and attitudes must be first class but nice. Also, check the retention behavior of the agents there. If most of the BPO agents leave in less than a year, do not select it.

6) Follow-up: A reputed call center that provides outsourcing call center would send monthly report on single track Excel so that you can know and evaluate the performance with respect to the duration of calls, calls per hour, average speed to answer a call and the rate of customer satisfaction.

7) Monitoring: Call centers thrive on the quality and to maintain this, always perform call monitoring agents occasionally. You should be able to control them as well.

8) Call volume: Your call center should be able to handle any pressure and call volumes.

9) Requirements: Must have the resources to handle all your needs related to customers scripting, multi-language support or assistance 24/7.

10) Account Management: The project manager assigned to you should be able to handle all projects with ease.

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