Why Call Center use Speech Reorganization Technology?

In the not too distant future, you will be able to sit in a chair, relax and order your computer to do various tasks for you, without touching anything. Advanced voice recognition technology is increasingly efficient and one day will be an integral part of all technology. You may wonder what about SIRI or products like Dragon Naturally Speaking? While these are good examples of evolution from the technology, if you have used any of the products you know you have flaws. Although by no means perfect, advances in voice recognition are very impressive. Many Fortune 500 companies use these functions through IVR services has likely spoken at & interacted. The call center industry has really been the first to embrace the technology of regulation of expression and integrate it into their way of business.

There are two types of voice recognition software and each is designed for different purposes. Recognition software for speaker-dependent voice is one of the most useful applications. This application is used to convert speech to text legible. Recognition software speaker-dependent voice is embedded with various word processors and email programs. You can activate the voice recognition software to speak into the microphone. This allows you to enter the Speech Engine spoken words into a word processor. The method in which you speak and pronounce words engages your rate of speech, tone of voice and inflection will be recognized by the software. These are factors that differ for each person; Voice recognition programs therefore required speaker dependent training to understand their speech. The user has to read a few pages in the program preinstalled scripts to familiarize the software with your voice. When finished with the implementation, the software is ready to follow your verbal commands.

You can say commands like “Open Word”, and the team will open the word processor for you. You can tell your computer what you want to write to the file and say the word “save” to save the file. Their email programs expect to open their verbal and writing emails to you order. To ensure accuracy, it is necessary to modify the document manually after the speech engine does its work.

Recognition software is speaker-independent voice other programs automatic speech recognition which are commonly used in IVR applications and have more type of answering service. Programs Recognition Speaker Independent Voice not requires any training but is less efficient than the speaker dependent applications. You can record words in these applications and program speaker dependent applications to perform particular tasks if someone started an action based on visits to the recorded words. Take the example of calling a company and asking the computer to transfer the call to a person to say their name (sometimes called a dial directory). Once you say the name, the speech engine passes through the records and sees if that person works in the organization. If the record matches, the call is transferred to the person. This entire process is performed IVR recognition programs using separate speaker’s voice.

Voice recognition programs are not new to the market, but these applications were not precise enough to be useful. Accuracy and speed are the two parameters that voice recognition programs are judged by. Today’s speech recognition trained in understanding the words you say, not the meaning of those words. Therefore, if you cannot pronounce the words as they are recorded in the system; these programs do not recognize what you are saying. Therefore, if you want to speak to an operator and used the term “agent” in place, if the word “agent” was not associated with the word “owner”, the call could not be transferred.

The speed at which you speak is a key factor in the use of these applications. You have to wait until the program recognizes that his first word before saying the following. Today, several companies have introduced voice recognition programs that are able to understand the human voice with commendable accuracy.

This technology, although surprising, is still in its infancy. Future advances in speech recognition will become a powerful tool with unlimited potential.

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