Set up a Call Centers to increase your Productivity

In today’s world of increasing number of products and services with improved communication skills , companies have a need to be able to interact with people who have questions about the variety of products and services they offer. This need led to the development of call centers. A call center is a facility that allows both incoming and outgoing calls. If this is a call center support normally have incoming calls, but in the case of a call center sales, you can also allow outgoing calls. The way it works is simple – when you dial a number UAN (Universal Access Number) , your call is redirected to one of the many call agents present in the call center . If all agents are busy, then he could be in line – as soon as an agent becomes free is connected to him / her.

Any employer entering the call center business should be aware that you are entering as a commodity business. For this it is essential to have the necessary infrastructure in place, the core team to drive the business and agents call around 10 or more fully trained and capable. The approach should be based on high-end quality and experienced people to lead this intensive business. Accent Neutralization and training in various situations should be necessary, because the business is in real time and cannot happen again after a call is in bad shape.

The requirements for the establishment of a call center are:

1. Get the free phone number and a multi- channel interface – it will not be too hard, as any telecommunications provider will provide a toll free number and a telephone number through which you can receive multiple calls at the same time.

2. Get an internet connection broadband – You need to purchase an SDSL connection or line of leasing which provides connectivity from one end to another.

3. Become an IPPABX (Internet Protocol Private Automatic Branch Exchange) – These devices provide routing services and distribution at each end. Normally IPPABX offers the ability to connect directly to a telephone line to start receiving calls, but if not, then you might have to do with a VOIP gateway, which actually makes phone calls in IP format.

4. Installation of all documents necessary for the agent computer – You cannot support your client unless all customer data is available for call agents. For that, you have to develop a CRM software (Customer Relationship Management), which provides all the information needed to deal with a customer. Good CRM software will also allow the employer to keep a record of the actions of agents and call recording.

Again, there are two main parts in a call center are ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) and IVR (voice recognition Intelligence).

ACD- ACD handles the routing of calls to call center agents typically will tell the system to which group of people will direct the call to the base some information.

IVR -It allows you to collect information from callers to use to direct calls, so that a caller can choose whether it is an existing client to check the status of an order or a new customer wishing to enter one.

Whether external customers or just make more efficient its internal system, call center certainly is helpful for your organization.

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