Different Ways to Looking Contact Centers

Today’s call center is not something about phone, it is a separate company that … no, it MUST be able to generate sales. It must provide company with fresh ideas, companies need to help get new clients and it needs to work 24 hours a day, live – answer must be accessible within a few seconds. Finally, the response of the operator customer needs to solve problems immediately, customers who wanted to cancel service need to save and need to generate revenue.

There are different ways of looking at call center – User View – , customer and management’s point of view. Customer desires to solve the problem. Operators’ task is to solve the problem, actually operator task is to find accurate information quickly and they are easy to follow with customers in a way to. What is management? These people, things will always work. So what is the best thing that center managers can call? How to efficiently manage call center? The Balanced Scorecard approach is the best answer to these questions.

Balanced Scorecard is nothing but the concept. It is not a software tool, it is not a database, it is not an ERP system. Think. Above Balanced Scorecard as a combination of metrics and the rules of the metric management

The most important rule for the management of measurement data, it is to put them in the correct order. Metrics must represent actual transactions (calls, operators, income and expenses), metrics must be grouped. It is not a good idea to create too many metrics, and there must be a golden number of metrics for your business. Let’s think about call centers in the form of balanced scorecard and in terms of the metrics.

The Balanced Scorecard concept proposes to describe four perspectives to any business. Let’s talk via the main perspectives and metrics with these perspectives.

Financial perspective. The key idea here is “Call centers need to generate revenue.” It is a good idea to measure the revenue per successful call and the cost of the call. Financial perspective will give you an idea about conversion rate. Make more and more calls are not a good target. Good goal is: “Make 20 % more calls, hold conversion rate about 4% and keep our costs flat.”

Balanced Scorecard is about measurement. So if you have some metrics, describe the way you measure it, enter the target values ​​that you want to reach.

The next perspective internal process perspective. As the call in the call center handled? Do you segment your incoming customers in any way? What is the average call handling time? Are your call center services 24 hours a day?

Learning and growth perspective. Coaching is what call center is efficient. Team leader must spend time on coaching, manage must measure and control this time. Team leaders need different coaching methods, such as remote listening, use, share practices with agents, role-playing exercises. It is a good idea to measure these activities. Today, call center management systems provides efficient technical background for a call center coaching is what makes all of these software systems work.

Finally, do not forget customers. From a customer perspective, consider measuring reaction time quality, customer frequency and loose first- call resolution rate. It sounds simple, but these key indicators will help to re- think call center and make it better developed.

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