Call center today is not something about phone calls, which is an independent business that cannot generate income. It should provide the company with fresh ideas, should help the company get new customers and business objectives archive, you work 24 hours a day, live the answer must be accessible within seconds. Finally, the operator’s response should resolve customer problems immediately; you must save the customers who wanted to cancel the service and should generate revenue. There are various views on the call center – view point, viewpoint and customer viewpoint management operator. Client wishes to solve the problem. Operator’s job is to solve the problem, actually operator’s job is to find the right information quickly and provide its customers an easy way to follow the path. What about management? These people always make things work correctly. So what is best to call center manager will do? How to efficiently manage call center? The scorecard is the best answer to these questions. Balanced Scorecard is nothing but the concept. It is a software tool, is not a database, it is not an ERP system. Think of Balanced Scorecard as a combination of metrics and metric management standards. The fundamental rule of management metrics is put them in the correct order. The metrics should represent real business (calls, operators, costs and revenues), measurements should be grouped. Bad idea to create too many metrics and should be a number of gold that fit your business metrics. Think call center in terms of Balanced Scorecard and in terms of the metric. The concept of Balanced Scorecard suggests four perspectives used to describe any type of business. We will discuss the prospects and key metrics associated with these perspectives. Financial perspective. The key idea here is “call center must generate revenue.” It’s a good idea to measure revenue per completed call and the cost of the call. Financial Perspectives will give you an idea about the conversion rate. Make more and more calls are not a good goal. Good goal is: “Do 20 % more calls, keeping the conversion rate of about 4% and keep our costs flat.” Balanced Scorecard concept is about measuring. So when you have some metrics, describe how you will measure them, specify the target you want to achieve values. The following point of view is the perspective of the internal process. How the phones call with his hand in the call center? Do you somehow segment your incoming customers? What is the average call handling time? Is your call center service available 24 hours a day? The learning and growth perspective. Coaching is what makes call center work efficiently. The team leader must spend time in coaching, management must measure and control this time. The team leader should use different training methods, such as remote listening, sharing practices with agents, role-playing exercises. It’s a good idea to measure these activities. Today management systems call center provides technical training for efficient call center, coaching is what makes all this work software systems. Finally, do not forget the customers. From the customer’s perspective into account the quality measurement of response time, customer release rate and resolution rate in the first call. It sounds simple, but these key indicators will help you re-think call center and make it a better performance. Call -Center should generate sales; you have to save customers and should return investments. The key concept is to measure and control the performance of call center metrics call center and the concept of Balanced Scorecard. What tool do you use to manage your metrics? Anything you like, in this case, any spreadsheet software works better than a thousand dollars – business systems. If you are interested in call center metrics and measure business performance with Balanced Scorecard try Sam Miller web –site. For more information about how Cloud based Auto Dialer, Voice Broadcasting SoftwareCall Center SoftwareCloud based Auto Dialer and Hosted IVR may work for your small business, visit the

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