Hosted PBX Features Integrate Your Communication Channel

Using the cloud created when small and medium business organizations could not access some of the latest advances in technology. Today the release of most of the business is maintenance. In this race, when small and medium enterprises are not equipped with the most modern infrastructure, which are out of league business. The introduction of hosted PBX systems in the business sector has been used to a great change in the form, brought to communicate with small and medium enterprises. The phone features the modern enterprise is able to integrate all channel business activities on a single platform, the river passes in each direction.

The point of great benefit to any organization lies in the number of leads generated and if any business enterprise is not capable of converting into an agreement due to inefficient phone system, companies can be at stake. Hosted PBX provides a wide range of features, almost all business activities in a way that each step has a backup and thus the potential loss of business opportunities can be minimized to integrate. These features include:

Unlimited extensions: What more traditional phone lines, virtual PBX allows the use of multiple extensions on a single line, so the most likely answer a business calls. If more extensions to miss opportunities to reduce important calls and you can use to service their customers in a better way.

Call Hunting: Using this feature of Hosted PBX services ensures that calls are distributed to a series of numbers over a certain period. The priority of the numbers or the call duration can be easily adjusted in the system. One way to escape the call to this function the user to disconnect the connection if not quickly detected.

Simultaneous Ring: To resolve the above problem, the concept developed simultaneous ring. This function ensures that the call has reached the maximum number of opportunities to respond to the loss of prevent.

Voicemail: Calls that go unanswered can choice. The caller can leave a voice message so they can be contacted at a later date. Call waiting, do not disturb, and other functions, unsupervised where the call has saved voicemail messages using hosted PBX.

There are several other features, free calls between extensions , geographic integration , interactive voice response , direct inward dialing , toll free number , etc belong PBX small business is a cost effective and scalable system to be like the perfect fit for medium – size seems robust communication interface without physical configuration in the office can arrive your place. You can easily integrate your business with the help of functions that all business offices to connect centrally. Apart from these, the cloud offers a number of advantages including mobility, VoIP – based active agent, to communicate, and other cost savings. Thus, even small and medium businesses can integrate their effective communication channel with this system.

Expertise in Real PBX VOIP ’ McGinity Becky ’ is a specialist small business PBX system. The Real PBX is a pioneer in the delivery of hosted PBX, voice quality, enterprise-class customer service in real time, your system scalable business office provides office and more. Services enterprise-class VoIP PBX functions are provided, including the toll-free number.


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