Call Center Software Finance Industry

As a marketing company we often advise clients to create new businesses. Several months ago one of our customers said they were starting a collection agency. The business plan called for initial operations to begin with 10 agents that will focus on making collection calls.

Our client requested that we investigate call center software for the collections industry. In doing our research we wanted to ensure that the software selected agency would be appropriate for your existing collection, as well as future growth. Scalability was important.

We immediately removed all software systems call center that had high costs and equipment configuration. In order to maximize our clients return on investment was imperative to find a web-based system that minimizes the high installation costs and expensive equipment.

Next we removed all software call center that did not include a robust predictive dialer. By robust we mean a predictive marker we have tested and we determined would maximize the time of the agents on the phone and minimize the waiting time for dialing people (which would almost certainly crash if waiting too long). We were surprised how many of the systems we tested had poor predictive dialing features.

We continue to reduce the list of options for call center software based on a variety of factors, including whether the system had the VoIP technology, whether or not the system allowed for effective planning and management of calls, etc. We also wanted a system allowing for call recording options, customizable forms and reports strong in order to ensure that our client was able to maximize your ROI.

After completing our research we recommend the client to Safe Soft Solutions offer the best call center software for the collections industry. We suggest that the client try the free trial. After two days of system testing our client agreed that the system was perfect for both your current needs and anticipated needs.


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