Month: December 2013

How to stop automated dialer calls that answered?

Auto Dialers do not know when to give up. These machines can call again and again, lead to the person being called mad. Some telephone companies offer a way to block the number of calls, even if you do not know what is. Check with your phone company to see if it offers Selective Call Rejection. Most phone companies offer. See the company website or call the customer service line of the company. You can find the number on the website of the company or on your invoice.


1 Wait for the auto dialer to call you, if you know the number you are calling. If you already know the number, you do not have to wait for my call.

2 Pick up your telephone receiver and listen for dial tone. If you are on a wireless phone, there will be a dial tone. Only proceed to the next step.

3 Dial ” * 60″ on your telephone keypad. If you are on a wireless phone, press the “SEND” or “Flash” to start the call button. Corded phones are dialed automatically.

4 Click the option to enable Selective Call Rejection. Usually it is the “3” button.

5 Select the option to add the last caller to the list if you do not know the number. Select the option to add a number you do not know the number. Follow the instructions to add the number to the list of blocked callers.