IVR Experience

Leadsrain  IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Studio delivers experiences high call quality by allowing you to easily create logical navigation , fast, and completely free of menus and options of the phone system . Simple call flow to incredibly powerful links for web applications and other tools , IVR Studio simplifies business integration and increasing flexibility. IVR solution offers point Leadsrain ‘s and click call flow design , easy installation and low cost. Based on internet standard , Leadsrain  IVR Studio is extensible and allows for integration with existing sites and custom developed Java classes , which enables independent developers to extend Leadsrain  IVR solution to meet unique business needs. As with all programs of Leadsrain , buy once and for life. Since there are no monthly fees or pay per call , you can get a higher return on investment ( ROI) and lower total cost of ownership ( TCO ) . Cost saving self – allows users to get answers to standard questions easily, and in seconds , without the need for an operator or agent. Finding the right agent – automatically capture relevant information and direct calls to the appropriate agent to handle their call. 24/7 customer service – allowing customers to get the information they need, when they need it . The application runs its Leadsrain  IVR , even when you are not , or important calls can be transferred to your cell phone. Automated outbound IVR – fully integrated with Leadsrain  Auto Broadcast By Phone . Interactive applications fully automated outbound calls to generate sales leads and keep in touch with your customers.


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