Uses of Cloud based Predictive Dialer

A hosted predictive dialer, also known as the seat of predictive dialing system is a system of computer telephony, which works on a number of arithmetic algorithms and makes a list of preset phone numbers, answered the call transfer only the person the caller. The predictive dialer is the best solution for contact centers and call centers that deal in the sales and marketing process as it automatically filters out unproductive calls and busy signals, answering machines, no answers, fax tone and disconnected numbers and provide only answered calls to agents. Overall, it is a perfect solution for tasks such as telemarketing, market research, appointment confirmation tracking survey, collecting payments, sales and more.

In addition, hosted predictive dialers are much more versatile than conventional automatic dialers. Auto Dialer dials generally conventional and transfers it to the agents, however, is not able to filter calls resulting in unnecessary waste of time that will ultimately lead to lower productivity. Hosted predictive dialer system , on the other hand , will filter unproductive calls , and set their base algorithms, predict the next call , and the availability of the agent to answer the call . Moreover, by determining the number of lines available, agents available, and the average duration of calls can be adjusted call flow accordingly. This automatic adjustment provides a high level of efficiency in call center work. This further leads to improved productivity since agents could spend more time talking to customers instead of dealing with voicemail, fax tone or busy signals.

Process behind Hosted predictive dialer system

The call centers general information on the store phone numbers in the network server. Hosted predictive dialer and desktops making calls from agents connect to the network server that contains the list of phone numbers. A SIP application associated with the marker is installed on all desktops. With this SIP application, agents are provided with predictive calls. It automatically predicts and filters the voicemail, busy signal, no answer, the fax tone, etc. and then transfers the call to the available agent in the line available. As the agent receives the call, the SIP application will display the relevant information about the customer. Thus, the agent can start the conversation accordingly.

The marking pattern is maintained in automatically adjusting the marker system by determining the average number of rings, call duration, the availability of agents, and so on. This helps the call center to improve their calling activity and productivity and business efficiency.

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