How to Track Contact Center Software?

Call center monitoring software allows call center managers to have a complete record of all calls and other transactions in which the agents and call center customers. The software has simple to use and allows agents, including recently hired to track their interactions with customers.

The main screen of the software system is divided into several smaller aircraft for reporting and display of different elements like the map of calls, call logging, call details, call allocation and call log. The agents enter the caller’s information in the dialog boxes designated to assign calls to a particular agent. You can create multiple tasks in a single call, each with its own beginning, recognition and resolution of dates and times.

The software has the ability to create so-called lead and publish a bulletin board to be accessed by other agents. Lead calls are usually used to represent a widespread problem or major issue in relation to all agents as the indignation of the network. This feature allows agents to link subsequent calls for the same problem in the call of lead and finally close all calls at once, when the problem is resolved.

Some of these software systems do not have an automatic notification system calls generated must be manually assigned to an agent or group of agents. Allows agents to find and organize calls several predefined caller groups such as active calls and calls my active quests backward. The classification of incoming calls in different groups, allows a high level of control over the navigation of individual entries of calls and other group processes.

The software is compatible with almost all CRM software used in call centers and can be accessed remotely through a network connection and a web browser. All these features have become popular among call centers.

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