Cloud based Hosted PBX VoIP Service

In the highly competitive business world, you cannot afford missed calls. To suit the global needs of different companies, many service providers are offering VoIP PBX hosted service. With added features and functionality, virtual PBX phone system can support your business and efficiently manage multiple incoming calls.

Hosted VoIP phone system PBX is configured with a number of features including auto attendant, voice mail, call conferencing, find me follow me call forwarding, voice to email, fax, fax to email, automatic distribution calls, message alerts, music on hold, and many more.

To efficiently manage multiple calls with Advanced Hosted PBX System

By equipping your business establishment with an advanced virtual PBX telephone system, callers can be provided with better communication interface. When you call your business office, callers will not receive busy signals conventional connection. Callers are greeted by the auto attendant with appropriate salutation messages.

For call forwarding, you are presented with menu options such as dial by name, dial by extension, among others. Calls are routed to the exact extensions according to the menu option selected by the caller, and without any delay. Thus, the system avoids the need for additional labor in his office to answer calls.

Use unlimited features at reasonable charges

Unlimited features of virtual PBX phone system VoIP can be used without having to purchase or maintain expensive PBX hardware in your business office. It’s a good idea to look for service providers offering hosted VoIP PBX service excellent plans and the best prices. The necessary equipment is maintained by the service providers in your site and services are offered through a hosted server with broadband Internet or telephone connections at reasonable monthly charges.

VoIP PBX system features voicemail, fax to email, call forwarding, and many other features. Access Direct is one of the largest providers of hosted PBX phone system.

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