Automatic Calls by using Interactive Voice Response System

You must have come across automatic calls from people trying to sell their products. In conventional times, telemarketing trend gave a person who used to dial the number and call personally. However, the new and vastly improved system IVR is more effective and in seconds marketing tone pre-recorded numerous numbers is sent using the system robust network. IVRS also known as interactive voice response has contributed significantly in the field of advertising and marketing.

In fact, IVR technology has transcended several areas such as health, banking, education, real estate, and politics. IVRS solve the cost problem telemarketing resources. For example, in the early days of the caller uses to call the potential client (s) manually and considering that a call took 5 minutes and then the resource could report only 100 customers a day. However, the potential customer data is filtered through the computer and after the prerecorded phone call spread to thousands of people at the same instant. Therefore, with the relevant information IVRS spreads thousands of leads and hence the advantages associated IVRS can be easily extracted.

IVRS not only contributes to the marketing or promotional campaign but the technology is also used to communicate the message in case of any disaster. In this way, people are informed about the policies and therefore help to loss of life and property as well. The system IVR clinic also is a system of innovative technology that has helped hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to market themselves effectively. IVRS technology used by automatic dialers that work Auto dialer alerts and notifications, Auto dialer messages (SMS), IVR -based phone calls and incoming calls.

The full result is an effect IVR technology integrated automatic dialers, IVR and technology equipment and computer telephony integration (CTI) . Automatic markers in the IVRS involve three services including incoming, outgoing calls and messages in bulk. So start sending automated calls to increase the number of customers and sales. Give your business the effective marketing support requires both interactive voice responses.

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