Different Telecom Technologies in Call Distribution

LeadsRain.com employs many different technologies today. There are five different technologies used to provide the telemarketing company services needed to conduct its activities in the most efficient manner possible.

1. Automatic – An auto dialer is an electronic device that can automatically dial telephone numbers to connect the telemarketing agent perspective. After the call, the auto dialer can announce verbal messages or transmit data such as SMS messages to the called party.

A great advantage for auto dialers today is the ability to detect whether a living human being has responded or voice mail machine / voice mail did. The auto dialer can perform different actions depending on the response. For example, when a living human being has responded, it could be connected to a live telemarketing agent. However, if voice mail or an answering machine answers, the auto dialer can leave a voice message instead.

2. Automatic Call Distributor – The Automatic Call Distributor or ACD is a device or system that is going to distribute incoming calls to a specific group of terminals that employs a telemarketer. The system consists of hardware for the terminals and switches, phone lines, and software for the routing strategy. These may include instructions to route calls to certain parts of the country to specific groups or so-called specific product telemarketing agents specializing in these products.

3. Customer Relationship Management – Customer Relations or CRM is a widely implemented strategy for managing telemarketing companies to customers and potential buyers. Uses technology to organize, automate and synchronize business practices.

4. Predictive Dialer – A predictive dialer is a computerized system similar to an automatic dialer that automatically dials batches of telephone numbers in order to connect to the telemarketing agents with potential customers. However, unlike the auto dialer, predictive dialer uses a variety of algorithms to predict both the availability of agents and called party telemarketing responds by adjusting the number of calls made in real time.

5. Private Branch Exchange – A Private Branch Exchange or PBX is a telephone exchange that serves primarily to a large company such as a telemarketing company that has hundreds or even thousands of telephone extensions in the company. PBXs make connections among the internal telephones and connect to the external telephone network.

As you can see, telemarketing companies are highly dependent on technology to make their business as efficient as possible like any other business today.

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