Strength and Limitation of Hosted PBX System

If you are interested in improving the efficiency of your phone system company and also save on costs, the simple answer is to opt for a Cloud PBX. The term “cloud” simply means that the resources, equipment and expertise necessary for technology are not placed in your locality. Instead, the service is normally provided to you via the Internet by a remote service provider.

Your service provider assumes full responsibility for monitoring and maintaining the service and left free to concentrate on your business. Your provider also has enterprise-level hardware and software, redundant equipment as expected and outside the co- location facilities to ensure reliability. In view of its complexity and the many other benefits, more and more business houses are turning to cloud PBX.

Cloud PBX will save a lot of upfront capital expenditure and you do not have to worry about maintenance. Cloud PBX provides all key features , including those found in traditional PBX – Operator / Business automated greetings , call routing / call management , caller ID , call logs , voice mail and more.

Service providers are able to accommodate a large number of telephone systems. All set for the system is characterized by the service provider and applied to your account. You do not have to invest in expensive hardware that is difficult to install and expensive to maintain.

In addition to many other benefits, the three major advantages of Hosted PBX are – scalability, flexibility and mobility.

Scalability – As the numbers of telephones in the network are no longer restricted to certain parts obsolete call switching equipment, adding an additional connection is just a matter of connecting a phone over broadband connection and seeing that boot. It connects via the Internet to your PBX in the cloud, and can be fully active almost immediately.

Flexibility – not only supply phone add one more easily, but you can also add new phones anywhere and connect seamlessly to the existing telephone network. Since the entire service is managed via the Internet, there can be no restriction on the geographical distribution of your system. For example, you may be based in Boston, a remote office in Florida, and direct your customer San Francisco – and all these places will operate efficiently through the same cloud PBX system.

Mobility – Since commercial operations went global, people travel around a lot. It is the purpose of receiving an incoming call on the desk phone in your office when you are hundreds of miles away. Because the call is routed through the service provider for the Internet, it automatically checks the list of phone numbers you have provided online for your extension and keep hunting until it lands on your phone calls phone.

The only possible downside of cloud PBX is if you opt for a service provider that is reputed and reliable. Communication is essential for any company, and therefore you should be very careful in selecting the right service provider that appreciates your business and sensitive to your communication needs. The service provider must provide uninterrupted service 24×7. In addition, you must have a reliable Internet connection since all the phone system depends vilely Internet for connectivity.

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