Get more Business with Hosted Toll Free Number

The toll-free trend started years back in time when big business companies used to have these numbers for customer convenience. At that time, large firms have the identity of ‘800 ‘and customers do not have to think twice before opting for their products or services. It was because they thought that a company that is willing to spend a handsome amount in the resolution of customer inquiries for free is definitely dedicated to providing a smooth call quality.

The use of toll free numbers has definitely added a new facet of business communication. Through the years, technology has changed and today, 800 numbers are accessible to nearly all business owners, whether small, medium or large. Using these numbers, along with Hosted PBX systems has made the last call functionality even reach small business enterprises at a reduced price.

Hosted PBX services are readily available to any business organization as there is no equipment or hardware that is required to be installed on customer premises. This reduces capital costs deriving from the installation and management of a massive system. Commercial companies that use these services only have to pay a small monthly income and can have all the phone system features luxurious business that are generally in the premises of large business organizations.

With the use of small business PBX functionality organizations can club unlimited with 800 numbers. This number can be connected to the back-end to different telephone extensions connected to this system organized. Calls can be sent directly to a user’s cell phone or any other phone if you are on your desktop. Several other features such as Call Park, call forwarding, call hunting, simultaneous ringing and many others can be used by paying a small fee.

Toll free number has proven to be a powerful tool for marketing purposes. This issue encourages customers to call and have all your questions answered. Having an efficient sales system and support team at the other end of this phone modern channel can help achieve maximum lead conversions. This is the opportunity for the company to establish a healthy relationship with customers and make them feel that the company is dedicated to satisfying its customers.

There have been several studies that have shown that a company plans a toll free number is likely to generate 30% better response compared to not using the number. This number is a direct blow to the customer psychology. When an 8xx number flashing on a business website, customers prefer to call these business organizations. This is also an established company is valued more professionally, compared to those who do not have this number.

The hierarchy of toll free numbers is very essential in projecting an image of the company. A phone number 800 company projects the image of a business organization operating in their functional domain for a long period of time. The last series as 888, 877, 866, 855, etc., have been released after the previous series began to decline. FCC is about to launch the 844 series because the 866 is about to cross the threshold and enter the depletion zone. This is the rate at which business organizations are adopting the use of this number is expected to increase in the future.

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