Hard and Soft Predictive Dialers

A Cloud IVR, predictive dialer is used by call centers and telemarketing to get their time agents spend on the phone talking to potential clients instead of dialing numbers or waiting to connect to a live person. They use a software algorithm that tries to predict when the next agent is finished with the current call for them to make a new call. Because you cannot collect many phone calls up or go to an answering machine, the predictive dialer software starts dialing before the agent is the telephone. When calculating the number of marks you need to do before a live person answers can start dialing, while the agent is on the call. The goal is to connect all agents with a new live call as soon as you hang your conversation.

There are several different types of predictive dialing solutions on the market:

Soft dialers;

Hard dialers;

Smart predictive dialers;

A soft marker is just a software program. It requires no expensive telecom hardware, making it less expensive than a hard marker. Furthermore, because the power of computers today, a marker has the same smooth, and often even more functions than a marker drive. Things like analyzing call progress and the automatic classification of calls are common features.

Modern soft dialers can dial via SIP VoIP protocol, which allows a cheaper way to call through the traditional TDM network.

Dialer’s drives are hardware-based markers using specialized hardware for detecting dedicated telephone calls answered by the answering machine and determine the progress of the call. This detection is often more precise than with a soft marker, however, the cost of ownership and maintenance is much higher than with a soft marker.

Predictive dialer’s automatic dialing intelligent integrated automated voice messages. Like the regular predictive markers, but also has voicemail and busy signal detection. However, when the score intelligently detects a live person, who first played a voice message explaining the nature of the call and that caused the call to choose whether to speak to a live agent or not. This requires more intelligence smart dialing the regular marker.

The advantage of a smart predictive dialer is that agents talk to customers more interested, thereby increasing its effectiveness. When playing the voice message automatically, the called party can show that they are interested without taking the time to a live agent.

However, some people do not like the automatic voice message and abandon the call, so that the response of the campaign is less than a predictive dialer regularly. This is a trade-off of time against the list agent response.


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