Month: August 2013

How Voice Broadcasting works for the Enterprise?

Voice broadcasting began in 1990 and is a mass communication technique. In this technique you can send voice messages to large numbers of people. Voice communication has become a great asset for companies. This technology is used to customize the recipients of the message, when receiving the message. Voice broadcasting is useful for small and medium businesses and is very easy to increase customers and increase sales.

The advantage of using voice transmission is no need to hire people for this job, simply create a program that can be operated with a button click and then send messages to people. Technique is quite easy and saves a lot of money. In the case of calls are answered rescheduled program automatically calls the audio broadcasting system.

Today automated voice transmission is generally used because it is quite easy to use. Automatic transmission is the program that allows sending messages in the voice of a person to customers. Broadcast messages are sent through the automated voice of a trained person. This technology helps you build a strong relationship with clients and business partners.

A voice message is more convincing if it is a strong action listeners want to hear the message again. Each word should be clear that it is necessary to avoid confusion. Try to capture the listener’s attention as it can be useful for you to increase your business. Do not irritate people through the message. The message voice broadcasting should be brief and to the point, save yours as well as the customer’s time.

A variety of broadcasting systems on the market. These services are available in the base per minute and the average price of a few dollars per minute. This is just the average price, you can find lower rates and higher than this average rate, but be careful that the cheapest service may not be the best.

The voice transmission system also generates leads. Potential customers may not be as good as receptive. The advantage of the cables is that the number of potential customers that can be reached with the transmission system is much more than that can get people to call their own. There are plenty of tricks that are commonly used by people. Even message small voice broadcasting and it may be useful to you.

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Voice Broadcasting Service for Phone Dialer

Phone Dialer services online can be a great benefit to organizations using live agents to place outgoing calls. Surveys indicate that online phone dialers can improve call productivity by over 40% and allow callers to complete hundreds of more calls per day.

If you are in a business that requires you to make a lot of calls out every day, it is very possible that you are always looking for ways to maximize your time and efforts. Traditionally, predictive markers have been used to meet these requirements. These predictive dialing systems place many outgoing calls simultaneously. If the call is answered by a live person instead of an answering machine, a light flashes and indicates that a person has been reached. In turn, ask an operator (at the end of the caller) to connect to the call and start talking.

However, there is a problem called “dead air” that occurs when the calling end operators are still busy talking on a previous call and cannot reach the person who just answered the call quickly enough or at all. This is called “call abandonment.” Because it has become so annoying to the people receiving the call, federal laws have been passed that limited the number of abandoned calls that can be made.

If you own a call center or a company that makes a lot of outbound calls daily, this will be a concern for you. However, there are alternatives. There Phone Dialer services online that can provide the volume of calls you need, but also can eliminate the problems of abandoned calls.

The actual operation of a online phone dialer is performed from the desktop and eliminates the need for costly telephone lines can be very high monthly cost. You do not need any hardware or software.

The procedure is quite simple and straightforward. You go online and log into your account and then charge the phone list to use. You click on a number and the system marks. If the recipient answers, you talk to them. If the call goes to voice mail or an answering machine, just click and make the system leave a recorded message.

But here’s the beauty of the system: while the system is leaving the message and you can go ahead and start dialing and talking to the next number on your list. Not only do you avoid repeating the same messages for answering machines all day (80% of phones in the U.S. are answered by the answering machine during the day), but you never have to waste time waiting for the message complete. When the message has stopped, which has to do one or two contacts?

It is important to remember to leave a message for a contact is much more advantageous than just hang. If you are hanging 8 out of 10 times marking, you are wasting a lot of time. Better to put that effort to good use and write a thoughtful message, that contact can listen at your convenience.

 Moreover, the idea of ​​having a direct agent call in the first place is to navigate through phone trees and receptionists to reach the appropriate contact phone. If it takes 3 minutes to get to the phone right only to be greeted by voice mail, it is better to leave a message.

This is particularly useful in certain applications where the law says that any recorded message can only be sent after receiving the consent of the called party. For example, in California, it is necessary for political calls.

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Grow your business next level by using Voice Broadcasting

Have you ever tried voice transmission to grow your business? If not, let me tell you a little about this innovative and revenue-boosting small mass marketing tool. It’s powerful, personal, and effective and can be just what you need to take your business to the next level.

This is a way for you to deliver your own custom message to thousands – yes, thousands – in just a matter of minutes. Sounds difficult and perhaps a bit exaggerated, right? Well, it’s not. Voice broadcasting is as simple as 1-2-3, and when you follow these 3 easy steps, your message can actually be delivered to thousands in just the time to speak a few words and pressing a couple of buttons.

Have you already interested? Well, here are the basics of how the voice transmission. First, pre-record a message you would like potential customers to listen. This message can be whatever you want it to be. You could introduce a new product, about the services or products your company offers, announce the opening of a new store or any message they want out of their market.

Then choose a list of phone numbers from a specific list – The phone numbers of potential customers who might already be looking for or be interested in what you offer – and upload them to the service provider of voice transmission. Then select the time you want the message to be delivered. That’s it! 1-2-3 and you’re done. Now you can sit and relax while the message is delivered to its target group at the selected time.

Sounds good right? Well, it is. If you have never tried the voice, then you’ve been missing. Voice broadcasting is a simple, fast and highly effective way to get the message about your business so you can start making more money!

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Need of Virtual PBX Service

Today more and more businesses are using virtual PBX service for your business instead of a physical phone system. Taking into account all the features and benefits of a hosted PBX service, it certainly makes sense to use a hosted phone service instead of a real one. A virtual phone system can add more functionality to the system of communication that will help you do business in the most modern and smarter. Traditional phone systems are gradually disappearing, while more and more companies are opting to go virtual. Today is the time and age for virtual PBX service and we will discuss its advantages over a traditional PBX system:


Undoubtedly, it can be concluded that virtual PBX service is more profitable, especially when compared with a traditional PBX. No need any hardware, software or installation. It also does not need any dedicated telephone connection. Can be used with any existing telephone connections – cell phone, office phone or home phone. It is hosted by a service provider, much like a website, but you can manage yourself according to your needs.

No space

As its name suggests, is a virtual PBX service. Just have a physical existence. You do not need a room full of people who are working just to make sure that the plant works well. You save a huge cost and also help in saving workspace, which can be very important, especially for a small business that operates from a small office. Moreover, it also eliminates the need for a fax machine that would occupy considerable space in any office. With a virtual PBX, you can send and receive faxes without a fax machine.

Virtual Fax

A very important feature of a virtual PBX service – which lets you send and receive faxes through an online interface that eliminates the need for a fax machine in a modern office. Virtual fax or online fax is fast and convenient than regular fax and profitable at the same time. Do you need a scanner, telephone connection or bundles of documents for sending and receiving faxes. Can be used with any device with an Internet connection as a tablet, smartphone, etc. allows you to send and receive faxes from anywhere and at any time.

Virtual Office Assistant

The virtual office assistant is another important characteristic of a virtual PBX service. It welcomes all your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The auto attendant or automated receptionist also lets you edit its content according to the hours of operation, season and festival or need for re-recording at any time they need. The automated attendant functions without human intervention and can be absolutely sure about the calls received after hours or during weekends. It is also possible to format the plant so that calls to phone numbers according to the default date and time.

Some facilities

Other important features of a virtual PBX service include voicemail, advanced call forwarding, and the ability to use features such as Do Not Disturb. It also allows the use of a toll free number to make a business more attractive to current and potential customers.

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Get more Business with Hosted Toll Free Number

The toll-free trend started years back in time when big business companies used to have these numbers for customer convenience. At that time, large firms have the identity of ‘800 ‘and customers do not have to think twice before opting for their products or services. It was because they thought that a company that is willing to spend a handsome amount in the resolution of customer inquiries for free is definitely dedicated to providing a smooth call quality.

The use of toll free numbers has definitely added a new facet of business communication. Through the years, technology has changed and today, 800 numbers are accessible to nearly all business owners, whether small, medium or large. Using these numbers, along with Hosted PBX systems has made the last call functionality even reach small business enterprises at a reduced price.

Hosted PBX services are readily available to any business organization as there is no equipment or hardware that is required to be installed on customer premises. This reduces capital costs deriving from the installation and management of a massive system. Commercial companies that use these services only have to pay a small monthly income and can have all the phone system features luxurious business that are generally in the premises of large business organizations.

With the use of small business PBX functionality organizations can club unlimited with 800 numbers. This number can be connected to the back-end to different telephone extensions connected to this system organized. Calls can be sent directly to a user’s cell phone or any other phone if you are on your desktop. Several other features such as Call Park, call forwarding, call hunting, simultaneous ringing and many others can be used by paying a small fee.

Toll free number has proven to be a powerful tool for marketing purposes. This issue encourages customers to call and have all your questions answered. Having an efficient sales system and support team at the other end of this phone modern channel can help achieve maximum lead conversions. This is the opportunity for the company to establish a healthy relationship with customers and make them feel that the company is dedicated to satisfying its customers.

There have been several studies that have shown that a company plans a toll free number is likely to generate 30% better response compared to not using the number. This number is a direct blow to the customer psychology. When an 8xx number flashing on a business website, customers prefer to call these business organizations. This is also an established company is valued more professionally, compared to those who do not have this number.

The hierarchy of toll free numbers is very essential in projecting an image of the company. A phone number 800 company projects the image of a business organization operating in their functional domain for a long period of time. The last series as 888, 877, 866, 855, etc., have been released after the previous series began to decline. FCC is about to launch the 844 series because the 866 is about to cross the threshold and enter the depletion zone. This is the rate at which business organizations are adopting the use of this number is expected to increase in the future.

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Hosted PBX Services for Virtual Office Telecommunications

Hosted PBX services offer a world of virtual office telecommunications that bring even the smallest of businesses in a new era of technology that was previously only available to large corporations. These services provide a sophisticated phone system for all sizes and all types of online business and configured. Purchased by subscription, they are cheap and can be bought and manage all online.

They require very little setup time and help all size businesses to establish a presence for the company immediately. Your individualized system can greet callers, directing them to the appropriate extensions or voice them about options for transferring your call. Calls can also be routed to a number outside of the office. Most systems can be managed remotely through a web interface and helps in the voice mail system.

Hosted PBX service is like having your own receptionist 24/7, 365 days a year, and yes, even 366 days in the leap year! You have all heard calling big business, “Press One for Sales”, two for customer service, to schedule an appointment. “This type of service can put any small business in the big leagues faster. This system makes the caller believe they have reached a well established business, which is great for business!

Small businesses across America are thanking the modern age PBX services for its efficiency in handling new customers. The technological advances in personalized direct route for the caller do not have to leave a message on voice mail general staff or answering service. Help customers feel that personal connection and promote business. It also helps customers feel they can leave a message and know it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s going where it needs to be with quick call and call forwarding, available on systems hosted PBX service.

For some companies have saved more than 50% of their previous systems, other comments about how wonderful it is no lack of calls, customers feel more comfortable. For external agents or agents with disabilities who work from home, automatic call forwarding offers a viable alternative to a receptionist especially after working hours.

With Hosted PBX services can reduce costs, streamline operations and improve customer relationships. Toll free numbers and other special services are available, so be sure to consult with providers in your area.

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Hosted PBX Services

Today, customers are judging business organizations based on methodologies that support interaction. This is causing organizations focus on 24×7 business availability. This idea was first conceived years ago when business firms on the threshold of entering the era of global business. Around the clock availability was a key requirement for perfection attends customer calls that fall in different time zones.

How the age of Hosted PBX services was leads to? At that time, the only systems business phone remained only luxury business organizations. It was at this time that these organizations were able to frame the “Business Big Picture” for themselves in the minds of your customers. To achieve that level of success, even small business organizations were inclined towards the use of these systems. However, capital spending in the creation and maintenance of the commercial IP PBX was quite massive and usually are not included in the budget. Even if they could set the channel, operating expenses add up to a hefty amount.

Hosted PBX systems are not in the true “systems” of meaning that organizations need to keep up in place of the office and manage all its functionality. More specifically, these services are delivered through a remote server. Almost all hardware is in place of the service and all connections are made by them. The user is given fair access to failover web based software. This interface is used to manage all system configurations.

Mobility is a big plus offering PBX services for small business use. The end user only requirement is a compatible mobile phone or PC with internet connection, usually 3G or Wi-Fi. For PC, soft phone can be used to call. For mobile phone, mobile dialer can be downloaded, configured and used to make and receive calls. These mobile devices with the cloud have made it possible for small business organizations to attach the label “24×7” with their toll free number.

Soft switch is used to configure the system. Adjustments can be made to efficiently manage calls at different times of day. Although changes are fixed office for 7 or 8 hours, your employees may be available to attend customer calls at any time. While using mobile extensions, extension numbers can be prioritized in diverse settings. These can be set through the search calls, ringing or simultaneous rotation and the call can be directed to employees in the form specified.

If you have an office with landline business, then call forwarding feature can be used to provide a clock customer support. The incoming call to an extension of the small business PBX can be forwarded to the mobile phone number or home when regular shifts are over. This increases the chances of attending customer calls, even when employees are not at their desks. Therefore calls can be answered in a mobile mode thus promoting round the clock business availability.

If incoming traffic is too high and all extensions are busy, the call can be placed in a queue. Music on hold tends to hold any longer. If during that time, he intends to leave the call, you can still leave a voice mail consultation. If the caller does not leave a message, call log was maintained for missed calls. These leads may be called again in a later time point. Therefore, the various functions provided PBX services can help even small business organizations in projecting a large image and in the fulfillment of the promise or 24×7.

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