Cloud based Auto Dialer Software for Call Center Database

Call database software controller is used to integrate the information stored in the database to provide easy access to agents and call center customers. The software assists in reducing the number of calls directed to the call center, with the use of alternative channels enabled by software.

The self-help function allows customers to directly access the database for answers to repetitive questions. This reduces the workload of the agents and allows them to focus on priority issues such as handling inquiries that require human interaction. The software uses a knowledge base, based on customer interactions. It provides customers with relevant and timely responses to your questions. The information stored in the database is also used to respond to customer inquiries via e-mail, live chat and phone calls.

The response component of e-mail management software is designed with workflow processes that enable sophisticated agents can provide a rapid and effective response to customer inquiries. Analyzes incoming queries and suggests automatic replies to common. Enables automatic routing of multiple channel queries, based on agent skill sets, customer history and agent availability. Capture every transaction of a client, to create a detailed profile of the customer.

This helps in generating questionnaires depending on the customer profile, which is used to monitor and control the levels of customer satisfaction, learn about new product designs and learn about the preferences and buying habits of customers. The software enables on demand and closed incident surveys, web survey links, custom mailing lists and complete survey administration monitoring, including notification of workflow and punctuation survey response.

Using database software call center has increased in recent years due to increased call traffic in call centers across the country. Research has shown that customer satisfaction increases dramatically, after installing the database software.

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