Some Points for Voice Broadcasting Techniques

Voice broadcasting can be a very effective marketing tool for smart marketers to deliver a sales pitch, call a customer list, or as an event reminder for a last minute rally. Voice broadcasting is available in a variety of different ways should be explored to suit marketing needs. Here are some of the ways available today.

1. Typical services voice broadcasting can offer thousands of pre-recorded voice messages to multiple recipients. Systems can usually detect if the line was answered by a person or an answering machine. This accuracy is in the neighborhood of about 85-95%. With this technology, a different message is played to a live person and an entirely different message played to an answering machine.

2. Voice broadcasting Mail delivery is strictly a pre-recorded message directly to voicemail of a recipient. If a live person answers the call, the message will be played. This method is best for event notifications, product updates, reminders and some lead generation. Mail Voice broadcasting is available in both B2B and B2C.

3. Voice casting is a new form of voice broadcasting. This type of voice transmission is known as a delivery system voicemail no ring. The recipient’s phone will not ring, while a message is delivered to your mailbox. Best used for consumer marketing.

4. Voice Messaging is a new type of voice message delivery administered by a live call center. Typical systems voice broadcasting work best if you call the hotline to reach the intended recipient. Voice transmission systems cannot handle extensions, receptionists or dial by name phone menus. Voice messaging receptionists fills the gap by management, extension numbers and phone menus to deliver your message accurately to voicemail. Voice messaging is primarily a B2B call center service, but can also handle B2C formats.

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