Cloud based Predictive Dialer System

These days, several banks and call centers are there who want to call your customers for various purposes, such as sales. If you too are looking for some ways to make the tedious job of calling customers with ease, then the best way is to use predictive dialer. If you have not used this type of system before that there is nothing to worry about. Here you can find a deeper insight into this type of system.

What is Predictive Dialer?

This automatic batch dials telephone numbers entered on it. In general, this type of system is place in call centers where agents are supposed to call a large number of people and selling products and services.

Difference between Auto Dialer and Predictive dialer

This automatic system has been launched recently in the market and the above agents used auto dialer only. If you have been thinking that these two systems are equal, then you might be going wrong. Auto dialer simply dials numbers automatically when the agent is awaiting a response from the other party. However, the predictive dialer is smarter and more advanced. This system uses different types of algorithms to determine which would be available to answer calls and dial numbers of only those customers.

The advantage of using the system

You must be thinking what is so special about this system and what should be used in it. The best part of using this system is that it dismisses calls that are busy, offline, available, and no response. Because of this, the agents do not have to wait for these calls and they can accomplish their work easily.

Research has shown that by using system agents can spend good amount of time communicating with their customers instead of waiting for customers to pick up calls.

How to use the system?

If I was confused how to use the system, then I would be happy to know that it is simple. Simply load the list of numbers in the system and customer related data. The system maintains a constant ratio between the number of markers and clients and make sure that the process is carried out correctly.

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